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MMM Lucretia!!!

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@thatlyn_yoaeg_ill_rymmin - My thoughts exactly. I didn't want to repeat what you already wrote so I just added my lil take. I love Batman, but in this fight he's out of his depth with the amount of skills and abilities Iron Fist can do with his Chi

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I gotta give this to Danny! I am a die hard Batman fan! Always have been, and always will be. I've known about Iron Fist my entire time I've been reading comics. It wasn't until recently with the Immortal Iron Fist series that I truly became interested, and since then he's taken off and become a mainstay of the Marvel U along with his best friend and brother in arms Luke Cage. But the fight would play out pretty much in Danny's favor if you ask me. Bruce may be a preeminent martial artist in the DCU and held his own and even beaten a lot of skilled martial artists, but they don't have the Iron Fist, and they can't manipulate chi the way Danny can.

The myriad uses of the Iron Fist that Danny gleaned from the Book of Iron Fist allows him to tap into his chi and perform some amazing feats, many of which can offset Bruce's gadgets. Taking those off the table a hand to hand fight with iron Fist is not going to be easy even for the greatest warriors. If he isn't holding back (like sparring) he's lethal, and his chi actually enhances his normal abilities like agility, speed, strength, etc. His senses are heightened due to training and meditation, and he knows martial arts styles and techniques that haven't been seen except by a small few. Bruce would hold his own, and definitely get some good hits in, but eventually he'd begin to tire, and Danny could tap into his chi to regain some endurance and over power Bruce. And that's not using the Iron Fist strike. It would be a long, drawn out, and brutal fight, but in the end, it would be the Iron Fist standing over the bloody body of The Batman. And he would honor his opponent by taking him home, patching him up, and offering him a business proposition of opening up a Dragon Dojo in Gotham under Bruce's ownership.

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YES! YES!! YES!!!! Now do a spin-off! He's really , really good in the part. And I'd love an adaption of Miles Morales Spidey! I really hope they do this as a series after the final season of Ultimate, or at least revisit him a few times. For a series I'd start with the Death of Spider-Man and go from there.

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I want this as an ongoing right now!!!

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@ Nice. I can't believe it took this long. I actually thought they were going to do this a while back when Bendis wrote Mighty Avengers and Doom dropped the Venom bomb on NYC. But this makes sense now that Flash is a part of the team and in space. Sucks he won't be part of Spider-verse but ah well. Hopefully we'll get a new Toxin mini after this too and see what Eddie has been up to since being re-bonded with a symbiote. Sad they had to make the one symbiote that wasn't completely murderous turn, well, murderous.

@crackdown - NICE!!!!!

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I really like what the MCU is doing. They make changes, but they work, and they pay homage to what came before so it's not just a f*ck you we're doing what we want! I am really liking the anlge they're taking with this.

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Dick was a very different batman, but a good one nonetheless. He's definitely currently the best suited for it, physically, mentally, and emotionally. as well as skill wise. That said, Terry is my choice. but it's a very different situation. Terry does a great job of carrying ong the legacy, and still making it his own. While Dick was and always will be forever in the Shadow of the Bat! Terry doesn't have to live up to what Bruce has done, as by that time it's all legends and stories again. Dick had to step into Bruce's shoes, and that alone made it difficult. Add in Damien and his issues are on a whole other level. Gotta take care of little bro, while making sure Dad would be proud. Luckily he had Alfred, and Terry has Bruce. I would have to say Dick for the current timeline, but Terry far and away was the best at making the legacy work for him, and it truly showed in that final fight between he and Joker in "Return of the Joker!"

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