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I want this as an ongoing right now!!!

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@ Nice. I can't believe it took this long. I actually thought they were going to do this a while back when Bendis wrote Mighty Avengers and Doom dropped the Venom bomb on NYC. But this makes sense now that Flash is a part of the team and in space. Sucks he won't be part of Spider-verse but ah well. Hopefully we'll get a new Toxin mini after this too and see what Eddie has been up to since being re-bonded with a symbiote. Sad they had to make the one symbiote that wasn't completely murderous turn, well, murderous.

@crackdown - NICE!!!!!

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I really like what the MCU is doing. They make changes, but they work, and they pay homage to what came before so it's not just a f*ck you we're doing what we want! I am really liking the anlge they're taking with this.

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Dick was a very different batman, but a good one nonetheless. He's definitely currently the best suited for it, physically, mentally, and emotionally. as well as skill wise. That said, Terry is my choice. but it's a very different situation. Terry does a great job of carrying ong the legacy, and still making it his own. While Dick was and always will be forever in the Shadow of the Bat! Terry doesn't have to live up to what Bruce has done, as by that time it's all legends and stories again. Dick had to step into Bruce's shoes, and that alone made it difficult. Add in Damien and his issues are on a whole other level. Gotta take care of little bro, while making sure Dad would be proud. Luckily he had Alfred, and Terry has Bruce. I would have to say Dick for the current timeline, but Terry far and away was the best at making the legacy work for him, and it truly showed in that final fight between he and Joker in "Return of the Joker!"

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Nore was awesome and I was so happy he made it into Shattered Dimensions. Isanove's art fits perfectly. Can't wait for this.

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LMAO!! I know right! They'd just be floating there together over the planet. Plus he'd know Thor and the Hulk are down there too and be just like you said "You know what, I'm good! It's not even worth it anymore."

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I'm just happy Blue Marvel is getting some stuff too. They have these all powerful characters and are scared to do anything with them. Hyperion and Adam should team up lol.

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