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I'll be sure to save you a spot because you contributed.

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I haven't forgotten about your tourney but I think nickthedevil may have. I posted the last post in our thread and he has yet to reply.

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Sorry guys, I was hit by the FBI Moneypak Virus and it downed my computer for quite awhile. Thankfully I was able to kill it (Hopefully I got it all) and not lose any of my data.

That is a point you could argue should someone be carrying an armory with them against you.

I am considering including full descriptions of what is available for each item so that the list is like maybe a 10 minute scroll. :)

So Nightfighter can only maintain that level of strength for a small amount of time? Like Speed Bursts but for strength? That sounds reasonable if it is limited.

But the Suggestion phase is officially over, I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and hopefully you will check back when I get the list sorted and fully priced.

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It has been added to the list but honestly buying a strength upgrade would make it potentially superfluous. I'll go ahead and just add Cole's cryokinesis rather than separate his powers.

Somehow I missed your post in my last one and I apologize for that. Everything looks fine except for Count Vertigo's helmet which is just too powerful.

Lexa and Steath are fine but NightFighter seems like nothing more than a peak human Mr. Furious. What are the feats for the guy he was facing?

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Somehow you copied the list twice in your post. As for your new suggestions I will definitely need more information on Lexa, Nightfighter, and Stealth. Macguyver/Stark/Kord/Irons is out due to PIS because I want you to come up with a strategy not just say that they can pull a doomsday device out of their ass. What can Soul Taker do aside from sword stuff? I will likely use classic Beast. Also, I need more information on Manhattan Guardian's shield, I thought it was a just a normal ballistic shield.

I am cool with all of that though I can't see any real use for the Advanced Backpack here.

I did not include any of the Skyrim stuff because you hadn't gotten back to me then. Disarm is okay so long as it is something that must be targeted. Canary Cry can already do all that Unrelenting Force can do and more so we'll just keep the Canary Cry. Aura Whisper sounds like a bad idea since there are multiple super senses already available. Boiling Point is cool but I'll only include a camel pack with water for free. The Skull of Corruption is out because I don't like the idea of duplicating yourself. The Lasso of Truth is out because it is something that scares the crap out Wonder Woman. Good suggestions though, thanks.

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That is a good catch Beatboks, I'll indicate that in the final list.

Anything else that anyone wants to suggest?

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It isn't an oft-used word. I only found out about it through the last tourney I ran.

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I may fill in some more obvious gaps in the list with suggestions from the previous list if I see an imbalance or a need like for instance the Kevlar Vest that you suggested.

Inordosity means you effectively have no scent. Agent Zero also has this power.

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I am personally more of a fan of Donyell but Dwayne's gear is good. The Skateboard will likely be separate from his suit though. I somehow missed seeing the Wasp's powers on your list and I'll have to DQ that on account of Size Manipulation being banned.

Will do though I'll spell it out as CGI means something completely different to most people. :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. A good amount of what you have suggested has already been added to the list and I have no issues with what isn't there already. Though which Night Thrasher were you thinking? Donyell or Dwayne?

All that seems fine for the Question but realize that it will likely cost you a pretty penny. As for the choice-based skills, if you choose someone who is not top tier then it is because they have something you want that someone else does not which makes the cost worth it for you. It is meant to provide you flexibility with whatever build you are running. Skills are going to be cheaper this time around to encourage people to buy them.