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@wut: Air intake systems have enough of a suction to cause any sufficient obstruction to become wedged. Using the frozen meats of the BK, Gorgon can stuff the air intakes with Whoppers. Auspex can detect all it wants but the Marine can't do crap about it as it is out of his reach. Space Marine Armor is poorly designed. You haven't read anything about it happening because anything outside of "hit that guy hard" is not a consideration. Gorgon loves to use out of the box thinking to achieve his goals. It isn't his best way to win, just the easiest way for him to win. If he respected this mook in armor, he might engage him in an actual fight but Gorgon won't need to do so here.

Maybe you don't quite get who Reed Richards is because apparently you think he is a toymaker. Being able to understand these plans would be like handing you something written in a dead language and then asking you to read it with nothing to help you translate it. You'd spend years and years to be able to even decipher what anything means much less the content of it. Being able to look at it and then decipher its meaning with no explanation or help, is impressive. Are you really trying to say that Space Marine armor is MORE advanced than Iron Man Armor? Are you suggesting that anything that the Imperium uses tech-wise is beyond Iron Man? Furthermore, Space Marine Armor is basically more advanced version of our current Space Suits. It isn't some incredibly complex item that would baffle anyone. All suits like it, going to back to old timey diving suits, have had back mounted air systems and had a blind spot. Space Marine Armor is not something that would confuse a military man today much less someone who was running freaking AIM.

What's more, the Brotherhood of Steel would have no problem with MJOLNIR armor though operating it would take massive modifications as you need a minimum of enhanced human stats to operate it. Most BoS tech didn't come with a manual or instructions, they still figured it out. But that is off topic.

Speed Blitzing is unnecessary as the Gorgon has no reason to put anything more into this fight then he has to.

I don't think you get my meaning, Wolverine is durable because of his adamantium skeleton being unbreakable whereas Gorgon achieves this through literal magic. He killed himself and was resurrected by the Hand which imbued him with significant improvements in stats and his ridiculously good healing factor. The punch knocked him back but he was still in fighting order having scared off the entire team of Secret Warriors. A team, by the way, that would annihilate this lone Space Marine.

The tactics of the world at large plays a huge factor in this battle in terms of expectation. WH40K has been stagnated for centuries, they have not developed any new tactics for years and even though they are good at the ones they employ it makes them predictable and susceptible to out of the box thinking. If all you do is fight a guy who uses Hapkido all the time, it doesn't mean you are a good fighter just good at fighting guys using Hapkido. Someone who comes at you from a completely different angle is going to mess you up. Space Marines are too specialized to be able to deal with out of the box tactics, all his experience is useless here.

I thought only the joints were made of Ceramite but most of the armored plates where indeed adamantium. If this is not the case, then Gorgon stomps even harder because Godkiller should be able to kill him. If Gorgon had been equipped with the Adamantium Claws he had during his stint on the Dark Avengers, this wouldn't even be a battle.

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The Trapster is the perfect anti-brick. His glue has allowed him to take down the Thing on multiple occasions. If he really wanted to go around killing bricks, he would dominate them.

Spider-man is also ideal assuming he goes for webbing rather than fisticuffs. He can isolate them and use their own strength against them like he does against the Rhino.

How is Captain America not on anyone's list. His Shield is an ideal weapon and defense against bricks. Many people don't understand that the shield, being partially vibranium, can absorb energy and redirect it.

Bullseye could potentially be a good choice given the right gear. His accuracy has allowed him to pierce hardened materials before.

Also, Xenomorphs are probably perfect assuming the brick's durability isn't capable of dealing with their acid blood.

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@wut: Who says that he is holding on the entire time? He won't even try to do that but it is a giant easily exploitable blindspot. Gorgon would likely lure him over to the BK and stuff his system with Whoppers.

It wasn't just a single plan but multiple plans that came from the secret stash of stuff that Reed Richards was scared to build. These weren't the little baubles he builds for his adventures, these were world enders. Being able to read the plan alone is a feat of intelligence beyond your average Space Marine. The Gorgon was able to deduce where both Wolverine and Elektra's TP blockers were in mere moments while fighting them both and disable them. The Gorgon lives in a world were Iron Men are commonplace so that "tin can" isn't anything to him. Did I also forget to mention that he has superhuman senses? He'll sniff out the source of all that musty breath and then think maybe I take that out?

The Speedster was actively trying to tag him and he sliced off both her arms before she could reach him. Deathstroke was running on PURE PIS when he tags the Flash.

Gorgon's regenerative healing factor makes him as resistant to 50 ton punches as Wolverine. It isn't PIS it is how it works. It is literally magic.

Bolters are designed to go through armor before exploding which means that when the Gorgon hits it with his sword it will change path before exploding. Why don't you know this?

Good at what they do? You mean regurgitate the same tired old tactics year after year, century after century? The fact that their tech is so old that most people have no idea how it works tells me that tactics haven't changed for quite awhile. This happens when you forcibly stagnate your culture.

Space Marine Armor is made of adamantium. Or have I been overplaying its durability?

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@wut: The Catalespean Node does not save against Oxygen Deprivation. Even the Haemastamen will not keep them from going more than 10 minutes or so without oxygen. The Multi-lung only filters out toxins.

Do you know who Reed Richards is? We are talking about a guy who has made things that even Necrons would be in awe of. Gorgon didn't just read it, he understood it. If I handed you anything that Reed Richards had ever designed, you'd need your entire lifetime to be able to understand a small portion of it. This is like handing a computer to a Goldfish and the Goldfish being able to check its email.

Do you not think that Gorgon is not faster? Gorgon has sliced a bullet in half. He has dismembered a speedster. He's killed a god. He is so fast that he was able to cover the distance between his position out of Wolverine's scent/hearing range and Wolverine before Wolverine even heard or smelled him. Every shot that comes out of that Bolter is going to be dodged or deflected. Do you know what a 50 tonner's punch to a human being would do? It should also have turned him to thick red paste but he survived and kept fighting and eventually forced a retreat when he sliced though a speedster's arms. The only thing that doesn't make this a curbstomp is the Space Marine's armor. You take it away and he dies before he realizes what happened. Durability is the Space Marine's only saving grace.

You seem to be coming into this without actually reading anything that was posted.

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@sightlessreality: Battle Computer isn't really gear though as he is effectively a cyborg. The one you can buy is being inserted into your team member.

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Midnighter is going to get DQed, he is one of those hax characters that people talk about.

@ssj_god: You are making the claim that a dullard like Hal is a genius. Talent =/= Genius, Hal is a talented Green Lantern not a genius Green Lantern. If he was a genius we'd see more than boxing gloves and airplanes coming from his ring.

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@ssj_god: Hal is not a genius, being great at something does not make you a genius. Hal doesn't generally win a battle by outthinking his foe, he wins through willpower, determination, and luck. None of those things are the hallmarks of genius. Genius generally takes understanding, forethought, or innovation. Hal does none of this. He doesn't understand the mechanism that makes his ring work, just that it does. He doesn't plan crap and he certainly does not innovate. He does nothing that would make him a genius. When he comes up with a new way to use a Green Lantern Ring, you'd have something but that'll never happen. Hal ain't a genius.

Roger Federer is a genius because of this statement, "When asked about string tensions, Federer stated 'this depends on how warm the days are and with what kind of balls I play and against who I play. So you can see – it depends on several factors and not just the surface; the feeling I have is most important.'" He goes into every game not just planning what moves he'll make but also how tight the strings on his racket need to be. He understands the relationship between how hot it is and how his racket performs under those conditions. You get me a quote from Hal doing something similar and we'll talk. Sometimes being great at something is just talent not genius.

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@jacthripper: As long as Tao doesn't have any face to face time with other teams he is okay. His ability to manipulate people is on the level of Fantomex's Misdirection and there is no real counter to it. It isn't just words he uses, his whole being can be made to manipulate people. Just remember any "planning" he does must ultimately come from you. He worries me.

Forge is worrisome but so long as he is limited to what he has built in the past, he should be fine.

Madison Jeffries is fine to use so long as his powers can't be used to effect enemy combatants bought gear.

Anyways here is my potential team:

Lockheed (Hired by SWORD, Linguistic Genius)

Spiral (Works for Hire, Cybernetics Genius, No Magic unless given Magic?)

Mr. Negative (Works for Hire, Criminal Genius)

Sage (Works for Hire, Technological Genius, No TP unless given TP?)

I will PM you my gear pending approval.

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@jacthripper: Now should I give Spiral a magic Item she would be okay to use magic then, right? Same thin with TP?

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This is a clever way of doing a higher level tourney. I know you didn't come up with it but some items have weird prices.

Team thus far:

Lockheed of the X-men (Linguistic Genius, hired by SWORD to spy on X-Men)

Spiral (Cybernetics Genius, Works for hire, She is also magical but rarely uses it in combat)

Someone Else

Someone Else