Me No Likey: Characters I Hate

This is a list of comic book characters I simply cannot tolerate, and question their very existence. I know it is the job of writers to come up with characters you love to hate, because they are really good villains, heroes or supporting characters.

This list however does not include those types of characters to me. Instead these are ones that make me think, "Ugh. What were they thinking?!"

Will continue to update.

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Posted by MightyBiffer

I would like to have seen Jean Grey on this list!  She is an over used plot device and how many times has she played with Wolverine's emotions - I would love you but Scott is here.  Oh I hate her! i hate her i hate her i hate her......
Posted by Decept-O
OH, that is a good choice!  I am with you on that one.  I tend to forget about her for all lists because like you said, she gets overused and I've ignored her every time.   You know I WILL add her,  your suggestion is great.
Posted by Eyz

I'm so tired of Norman :/
And Granny or Beta Ray Bill..where they really necessary to begin with...? sigh...

Posted by Decept-O
Yes, I am very tired of Norman as well.  With Beta Ray Bill, the character was something different, I guess, but to me, it never made any sense.  An alien..goat...or whatever it is with Thor's power?  O...K...  
But to me, Granny Goodness.----*gah*------
Posted by Revival

Could you put Scott Summers on here? That man irritaes my soul. All he does is cry about Jean. Good such an annoying couple.
Posted by Decept-O
Sorry but I've always been a fan of Cyclops.  I know he can be annoying but he's a leader.  He may not have the greatest choices concerning women, but he's an effective leader and a character I've always liked even if he's a bit "stuffy" at times. 
Posted by BumpyBoo

I may not agree with all of this, but I do love a good hate list ^_^

Moderator Online
Posted by Decept-O

@bumpyboo: Thanks. I may be too harsh regarding Jean Grey. Will be adding more hate to the list soon.

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@decept_o: Fin Fang Foom is a silly character.