Freaky Deaky

This is a list comprised of characters, good, evil, and otherworldly, who are to some degree or another surreal, bizarre, or just plain...weird.   Either in appearance, powers, or their own modus operandi, they all have something have in common, and that is they are a bit Freaky Deaky!  Will continue to update.

List items

Posted by Decept-O

Arm Fall-Off Boy is #30; he was partially the inspiration for this list as I was searching Legion characters.  So I beat you to it--with one arm!  Bwa Ha Ha! 


Thanks for all the other suggestions; oh yeah, how could I forget Kite-Man?  Ambush Bug is kinda cool to me and not Freaky Deaky, per se, but I think he'd qualify here. 


Great great suggestions, thanks!  I know there are more but will check out your list of characters!