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@Aztek the Lost:  Here I thought I was evil.  *ouch*
@MrDirector786:  That sounds quite lovely!
@ The Psyentist:  Latveria might be a bit chilly but think about it,  all the citizens under Dr. Doom's control, they'd probably bend over backwards to ensure you have a lovley time or Doom will put 'em all on a pike!  He's got to keep his country's economy strong and is counting on those tourist dollars!

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Where would you like to vacation or take a holiday as those outside the U.S.A. say?  I am talking about a FICTIONAL location, be it in a comic book universe, a sci-fi book, fantasy, horror, movie, etc.  There are plenty of fictional cities, countries, planets, and I'm just curious which would be the best to visit if it actually existed.

I understand Latveria is lovely this time of year.  Think I could find myself some female minions for some R & R, but don't tell Dr. Doom!

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I ain't afraid of no ghost. 

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Any little tidbits about IM2 are great and already this is causing some discussion.  Wonder if it is the biggest green screen ever for a movie or has there been another movie with a bigger one?  Maybe Iron Man is going to stop the dam from bursting?  I do think however as others stated it might be for a flying scene, but whatever it is, me likey.  Me likey a wot.

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*rolls eyes*

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I'll say it again.  The Ghost Rider movie wasn't great but it wasn't all that bad.   They took bits and pieces of the Ghost Rider stories, not unlike they did with Spider-Man, X-Men,, etc. and made the movie its own entity.  I don't think it was that bad although I do agree with G'Bandit regarding how some of the villains were destroyed. 

At least Cage is onto something in terms of Ghost Rider being more Horror oriented, that is GR's genre as it is.  The first movie laid the ground work, move on and introduce some major bad ass villains, FX, action and Horror elements.   Not so much a reboot or anything just a sequel that is done with a bit more care than the first movie.

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Thanks for that info.  Cole did some great pin-up art in his time besides just being the creator of Plastic Man.  Will check this out.

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@Captain Cascader said:
"Sounds like an interesting read/movie if that's indeed true. I don't know much about Shuster, but it wouldn't surprise me. A lot of comics of that era had at least a side relation to the repression of sex. Wonder Woman comes to mind. "

William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, a psychologist and inventor of the electronic lie detector machine, was known to be involved in the arena of BDSM.   Also this can be seen in the Golden Age Wonder Woman comics and covers where Wondie is often illustrated as being bound and gagged, a common theme amongst pin-up type good girl art of the day.  Heck it still is being portrayed.  The Golden Lasso--hhhmmm...  I digress. 

It makes me wonder why a movie focusing on this aspect is being proposed.  I mean, perhaps a mention of it in a TV documentary or something but a full-fledged movie? 
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@Dex said:
"I think if anything we need a billy mays manga/comic"

Now THAT'S funny!
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I agree with you 100% Babs.  I mean, the TV show may have been slightly cheesy and all but at least it had action, adventure, and Martial Arts by the legendary Bruce Lee.  The fact no Martial Arts are required and the fact Mr. Chow bowed out (wisely) stinks.

I was initially disappointed to learn Rogen  was involved now my disappointment has been increased exponentially.  How is it even remotely possible to screw up the Green Hornet?  Seriously? 

It's a known fact Rogen is an admitted dope smoker.  Looks like all that weed has clouded his judgment.  Granted some humor in a Green Hornet movie will be nice but seriously, to camp it up and make it a possible stoner type comedy really blows chunks.  Major frikkin' chunks.  Let's all disrespect Bruce Lee some more.   Mr. Chow did the right thing too bad he won't be involved.