The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter XII.

(story copyright E.N. Boyd)

The metal men were arranged in a triangular wedge formation. The one at the apex yelled out in a metallic voice, "Strike!", and pointed at the assembled heroes who had just filed out of the ranch house onto the front yard. Doc Strong had moved back to the horse corral and seemed intent on watching.Captain Flag was the first hero to get hit with a laser beam, but it didn't seem to affect him. "What is that, and what are you?", he yelled out.

"Your enemies!", the leader of the metal men yelled out. "Hit the one wearing the flag first, he's the most powerful.", he added, pointing at Captain Flag.

Captain Flag's red, white and blue costume and the American flag emblazoned on his chest stood out against the desert sun. The laser beam the metal man had shot at him hit his chest but his costume remained intact.

"When you attack the flag, you have to deal with us!", Liberator replied. Liberator stretched out his arms, and a force field went up around him and the other heroes. He then aimed at the leader of the metal men and shot a bolt of concussive force against him, knocking him off his feet which sent him flying back 25 feet.

"Whoa, Liberator, that was quick. Thanks for the assist.", Captain Flag said. Liberator looked at Captain Flag and nodded.

"You can drop the force field, Liberator. You're used to protecting soldiers and civilians, but I think all of us can handle ourselves and these bucket heads.", Red Hawk said.

"OK. Heard you, force field dropped.", Liberator said, and pulled his arms back, which seemed to affect the force field and it remained only around his own body.

"I agree with Red Hawk. Now let's get these jokers!", Man O' Metal said. Immediately his body became metallic and he ran at the nearest metal man. "Metal on metal. Let's see which one is stronger!", he yelled out, and swung at the metal man who had turned in Man O' Metal's direction. His fist connected with the metal man, and it knocked him down. Man O' Metal jumped on top of the fallen metal man and punched him in the helmet. When he did, however, his fist went right through the helmet and into the ground.

"They're not human! They're automaton, I scanned them with my vision.", Captain Flag yelled out to the group, all of whom had begun to run at the metal men.

"No doubt, Captain. I just punched this one's face off!", Man O' Metal yelled out. Man O' Metal picked up the fallen automaton and threw it at the nearest automaton who had begun to run at Man O' Metal, shooting a laser from a wrist gauntlet. The laser beam also bounced off Man O' Metal's shoulder but not before burning a hole in it. After he threw the automaton, he clutched his shoulder in pain. "Damn!", he yelled.

Captain Flag ran at two of the automatons and picked them up as he jumped and flew up into the sky. Captain Flag ripped the automatons apart as he threw them into the upper atmosphere, their robotic bodies disintegrating as the G-forces hit their metallic shells.

Red Hawk got in a stance and yelled out, "Tlanuwa!".

Where the man Red Hawk had previously stood, a giant Red Hawk now appeared. It screeched, extended its wings and flew up into the sky. Liberator looked at Red Hawk as did the other heroes. "Wow.", Liberator said.

As Red Hawk met the sky, Blue Lady had teleported and grabbed a robot unawares. As her blue mist dissipated, the robot could be seen, half of its body merged into the ground, the upper half sticking up from the desert floor, its arms flailing about, and sparks shooting as Blue Lady reached into the head of the robot, phasing her hand through, and yanked out several wires and cables.

Red Hawk swooped down from the sky and picked up one of the robots with his giant talons, and flew back into the sky. He reached down with his beak and yanked the robot's head off and spit it on the ground and dropped the robot into some brush, the body breaking apart on impact.

Torpedo Man had run into the group of robots and began punching and kicking them, taking out two of the robots with one swift punch before they could raise their wrist gauntlet lasers in his direction.

Nyoka had also run into the group of metal men, and picked one of them up, raised it over her head, and brought it down upon her raised knee which shattered the metal man in two, sending wires and electronic parts on the ground as sparks erupted from its head.

Captain Flag flew back down to the group as they all gathered around, looking at the metal carnage that lay strewn about the ranch. "That appears to be the last of them.", Red Hawk said, landing his giant red hawk body on the ground. He transformed back to his human form as a red mist appeared about him.

"I believe so. I mean. What the heck? Who or what are these things? I've seen some automatons at a World's Fair once, but nothing like this.", Liberator said,

"I can explain that.", Doc Strong said, leaning against the horse corral railing. He was petting a mare as it ate a carrot from his hand.

"Doc! What the? Where were you? I forgot about you.", Man O' Metal said.

"Yes, Doctor Strong. Explain.", Captain Flag said, standing with his arms folded against his chest.

To Be Continued.

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