The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter X.

(story copyright E.N.Boyd)

"At 0600 hours, we are to leave tomorrow morning and make way to the State of Illinois. Blue will teleport all of us there. Hmm...we will be in the heart of Chicago.", Captain Flag said. "Doc, the orders also state you need to be in private and play the messages while we are to open our duffel bags and then do some practice maneuvers this evening here in the desert." he added.

"Yes, it appears to be that way. Well, OK, I guess I will retreat to the bedroom while all of you do your thing. I will meet you again in awhile.", Doc Strong said, holding the small boxes in his hand, thumbing them in an odd fashion, Man O' Metal noticed. He appeared nervous. Doc left for the room and the group gathered the duffel bags in the living room.

They each opened them and several comments immediately were made.

"What in Blue Blazes?", Man O' Metal was the first to comment. He pulled out what appeared to be a costume. In fact, each member of the Freedom Guard pulled out a costume, specifically designed and tailor made.

"How do you like this get-up? I thought Blue Lady was the only one to wear a costume due to her magic ring. Didn't think I'd have to be dancing around in one.", Man O' Metal said. " I mean, each of us, we wore battle dress uniforms and gear during the War. I know Torpedo Man just had his skivvies, but he was Navy and from the undersea tribe so that was expected. Yet I don't know, I mean, how will I operate wearing this?", he commented.

"Hold the costume up, Sparky.", Blue said.

Man O' Metal held it up for her to see.

"Liberator, please encase the rest of us in your force field for a moment.", Blue Lady said,."Except for Sparky and Captain Flag.".

"Huh? OK.", Liberator said. A slight pressure change was felt in the room as Liberator concentrated and his force field wrapped around the group.

"Captain Flag, if you would please.", Blue said.

"Gotcha.", Captain replied. He looked at the costume that Man O' Metal held up, drew in a breath, and shot a thin stream of fire out of his mouth at Man O' Metal's costume. Man O' Metal's body immediately converted to metal long before the flame reached him, his powers instinctively kicking in. The clothes he was currently wearing...with exception to his fireproof underwear...immediately burned off.

"Hey! What gives, Captain?", Man O' Metal asked.

The costume Man O' Metal was holding up could be seen, smoldering lightly, but none the worse for wear.

"Look at the costume, Sparky!", Blue said.

Man O' Metal turned the costume around and looked at it, noticing it wasn't damaged. "Well I'll be.", he said, smiling.

Nyoka spoke up. "Will you please put some clothes on?", she asked, and the group laughed.

"Hardy Har. Looks like I have no choice but to wear these duds. An eye catching design. Guess we will be in the public's eye if these designs are any indication.", Man O' Metal added, as he put the costume on. "Nice fit.", he added, posing in a muscle man competitive pose, stretching his arms out and then getting into a boxing stance. He flexed his fingers inside the gloves and then made some punches in the air. "Seems to adjust with my movements.", he added.

The costume was cobalt blue in design and even darker blue for the pants. The gloves were yellow. "Check out the colors. What do you guys think?", he asked.

"I'd say it will be an improvement when you put the mask on.", Blue said, pointing at the duffel bag.

Man O' Metal looked at the bag, and fished inside, pulling out a mask. He looked at it while the group picked out their costumes, looking at them. He shrugged his shoulders and put it on his face. His hands went to the top of his head and he felt the yellow colored Mohawk shaped fin. "Look, Red Hawk, I'm a Mohawk!", he said.

Red Hawk looked at Man O' Metal. One eyebrow raised, he gave Man O' Metal a once over, then said, "I eat Mohawks for breakfast. Better watch out...Sparky.", he said, smiling.

The group laughed yet again.

"I think it safe to say we should all go to the bedrooms and get dressed in these..costumes. It will be a far cry from wearing our Military uniforms but the times, I guess we have to adapt.", Torpedo Man said.

"Yes, it is time.", Doc Strong said, as he emerged from his bedroom. Standing next to him was a man, dressed in brown khaki pants and a black shirt. The group all turned to look and saw two men. They both looked identical to one another.

"I agree with myself. It is time.", the other Doc Strong replied.

To Be Continued.


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