The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter IX.

(story copyright E.N.Boyd)

"Well. That is indeed quite a bit to deal with but I assume my future self knows something I presently do not. Therefore it appears I will have to make ready for this mission. I would also assume one of the message boxes contains more information.", Doc Strong said, removing the blanket, and placing his legs over the side of the bed. "By the way, where is my D.E.E,P, suit and who dressed me?", he added.

"That would be me, Doc.", Blue Lady replied.

"Um, well, I was without clothing and all...", Doc stated, looking at Blue.

"OK, Doc, that is interesting. You're a Doctor and yet you're telling me you have some modesty issues?", Blue asked, smiling, her hands on her hips.

The group of heroes standing in the bedroom laughed.

"Well, not to worry, Doc, I actually used my bluebird ring to remove your "deep" suit as you call it and also clothed you, pretty much in split-second fashion. I didn't see anything I've not seen before.", Blue replied.

"Yeah, I bet.", Man O' Metal said, giving Blue a grin.

Blue looked at Man O' Metal and smiled. "Oh, nice zing, Sparky. You got me there. Was wondering when you'd step up to the plate and knock one out.", she answered.

"OK, you two.", Captain Flag said. "Can someone get Doc the message boxes?", he asked. Nyoka nodded her head, and left the bedroom, ducking as she left, her tall strawberry blonde hair just missing the frame.

"Don't worry, Doc, we have that space man suit in the storage shack for now. We weren't sure what to do with it. That is some get up. Is it a diver's bell?", Torpedo Man asked.

"Um, well, yes and no. It would take some time to explain. I'm bit of an inventor and used it to explore areas that were otherwise too difficult to investigate.".

"I see.", Torpedo Man replied.

"I am surprised by all this on many levels. I am curious how my ranch has remained here all these years and apparently in my name. Yet I am more surprised all of you do believe I am telling the truth about my wife and Paulie.", Doc said, standing up.

"Well, regarding the ranch, the US Government has been maintaining your ranch since your "death". I can discuss all that later.", Blue answered.

"Here you go, Doc.", Nyoka said, handing the man the message boxes, small devices which were far more advanced than any of them yet realized. Doc Strong accepted them and looked at them briefly.

"Well, Doc, if Captain Flag says you're telling the truth, then you're telling the truth. With the story being a bit of a mystery, it does add up. I think we just question if you're fit enough to go on this mission so soon. What do you say, Liberator? You're also a Physician and checked him out. Is Doc Strong...strong lead us on this mystery mission?".

Liberator replied. "Yes, he is. In fact, other than being a bit dehydrated, he seems to be fully recuperated, and I didn't have to use any of my healing force field to help out. He is fit for action.", Liberator replied.

"OK. That is good. As we all know, the files said to wait to read the orders when Blue Lady gives the go-ahead. I would assume that time has arrived, Blue?".

"I would say so, Captain. Men..and woman...let's go to the living room and open the order packets from the President.", Blue said.

The group left the bedroom and filed into the living room. Some sat on the couch, a few in the chairs but Nyoka, Red Hawk and Doc Strong remained standing. Doc Strong held the message boxes while Blue handed him the sealed orders. They opened the sealed orders and read them.

Doc rubbed his chin as he read, and Red Hawk was the first to speak up.

"Well. It appears we have a job to do. I think this will be something totally new for all of us.", he said.

"Yes, I agree.", Captain Flag said. "I mean, Super-American was the only one of us to really encounter any other super powered humans, dealing with Baron Doom and his anti-men. All of our collective missions during the War, we dealt with soldiers and tanks and weapons. It would be expected we'd encounter others like us soon. Just didn't think we'd have to deal with them our own country of the USA.", he added.

To Be Continued.


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