The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter IV.

(story copyright E.N. Boyd)

The Freedom Guard Files. Introduction.

The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter I.

The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter II.

The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter III.

Hovering above the heads of the men, the Blue Lady's light blue colored cape flapped lightly in the desert air as the group made their way to the ranch house.

Captain Flag, Liberator and Torpedo Man could have flown as well but they seemed intent on walking the distance to the ranch house. Perhaps they had things on their mind. Man O' Metal noticed the heat of the desert sun seemed to have an effect on his skin, even in his "normal" form. He could see it glinting in the light, something that usually happens only when he activates his metal form power. It was something that Liberator also noticed.

"Well, Man O' Metal, looks like you're gleaming a bit. Also, Torpedo Man has a bit of a sheen to his skin as well. Are you fellas going to be OK in this desert heat?", he asked.

"I will admit I've not encountered this type of heat or intense sunlight before. I am OK but it does seem like my skin is glowing a bit already.", Man O' Metal replied. One thing the group had already learned, Man O' Metal was matter of fact with his words and attitude but he was also a humble man despite his intense strength and impervious metal skin. "I am acclimating best I can.", Torpedo Man replied. "While I am not in my usual environment my body is compensating. Yet I admit I won't be able to handle the intense heat terribly long unless I am submerged in water within a few days.", he replied, looking at Liberator as they walked, climbing down a path which soon took them to the ranch house and the horse and cattle pens.

"OK. Well, Torpedo, " Blue Lady said, hovering just above their heads, "you will be able to immerse yourself in water soon enough. ", she stated and then suddenly disappeared, a thin blue wisp of smoke appearing above their heads. "I don't know if I like it when she does that.", Captain Flag said.

.The men approached the horse pen and the Captain immediately took to a mare who'd lowered her head as she walked up to the fence. Flag extended his hand and very lightly patted the horse on its head, and stroked the girl, scratching her cheeks. "There's a good girl. Bet you are happy to see some people. Also bet you need some food and water.", he said.

A man and a woman emerged from the ranch house. "Not to worry, Captain. We've already taken care of that.", the woman said. Standing at 6' 6", the woman had long flowing strawberry blonde hair, and a physique unlike anything the men had seen on a woman before. They all stopped in their tracks and stared at the statuesque woman.

"Yes, well taken care of I assure you. My wife Nyoka wouldn't let me sleep long unless the animals had been taken care of. Men, welcome to your temporary new home. I believe we all have important matters to discuss. Blue Lady is already inside making supper, so bring your duffel bags and papers and let's get down to business.", the man wearing the red cowboy shirt and black cowboy hat said, motioning for them to come to the house.


The early afternoon sun beat its heat down on the walls of the Grand Canyon. However, inside a recessed cave high on a canyon wall, a red shimmering light appears again. It fluctuates, disappears, then appears again. Objects pop out of the light and roll on the cave floor. Then the light fluctuates yet again, disappears then reappears. This time, a man emerges, clad in a bronze colored balloon shaped suit. It is Doc Strong. He hits the cave floor.

He hits the ground, arms spread out and his face in the red clay soil. He moans lightly and rolls over, and props himself up. "Odd.", he says out loud to no one. "So I am returned again.", he says, looking around him. He manages to stand up, and looks at the ground and sees a few objects. He walks over to them. He can see two helmets. One of which he recognizes as being from his own D.E.E.P. suit, the one he'd left behind when he'd jumped into the glowing red light....yesterday?...he thought. He still had no bearing on time but as he walked over to the helmet he could see another helmet, oddly similar to his own. It was facing out to the cave entrance, on its side, having rolled against a rock, propped at an angle. He bent down, picked it up, turned the helmet around and he could see writing on the helmet's visor: " Jump out cave. 1950. Doc.".

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