The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter I.

The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter I. (Story, names, and characters as they appear here copyright E.N.Boyd)

The assembled men each stood up almost instantly when General Emmet had asked, " Gentlemen I am asking you on behalf of the President of the United States of America and for the safety and protection of this country, will you accept orders to form a group together to pursue these enemies both foreign and domestic?", and gave the General a salute. "Yes, Sir!" each had replied virtually in unison.

It was a reaction the General had expected but not quite with such enthusiasm. He'd just asked these former war heroes to sacrifice their new lives to start over to serve the country in a capacity that would be difficult to describe. They were the country's one hope against the multitude of super powered criminals who'd begun to spring up in other countries and the USA as well.

"Well, men and should I say heroes, your service will be appreciated to say the very least. Thank You.", the General saluted the men in response, and the Liberator, Torpedo Man, Man O' Metal and Captain Flag returned the salute and dropped their hands to their respective sides. "At ease and sit down." the General instructed.

"I know you're going to have a number of questions but I've prepared for them. In fact to aid me in that effort I'd like to introduce to you someone I believe will be instrumental to your new roles." The General pushed the button on the com-link box, and said, "Amanda, let her in.".

A side door opened to the meeting room, and in walked a woman whose curves and looks were even more stunning than they'd appeared in the newspaper photographs.

"Men, I believe you may already know this young lady but in her costumed identity. Allow me to introduce the Blue Lady.".

Again, each of the men stood up and in fact, the Liberator walked over to a chair, pulled it out and the woman smiled at him and sat down, straightening out her dress, and removed her hat which had a blue bird lapel in its rim. She brushed her blonde hair to one side and nodded at the General. "Nice to see you again, General.", she said. The General nodded back at her and Man O' Metal could swear he saw a bit of a smile appear on the corner of the General's mouth.

Captain Flag said, "No disrespect to the Blue Lady, but are we to be a Military or civilian operation? I don't understand, General.", he stated.

The General replied, "I will get to that, Captain. You are both but neither. In fact you exist but don't exist. The media does not know of what we will be doing, at least for awhile. It will be difficult to keep things quiet regarding the American public but eventually they will learn of the existence of our group. You will be answering to me as well as the President, naturally, but your roles will not be specified as they were when you were enlisted men and Officers. Instead, you will have special clearances and special functions not only matching the President and other members of Congress but in some instances, you will super-cede them. Within reason, of course.", he replied matter-of-fact, looking at each man in the eye. "I will allow the Blue Lady to give you each info about herself but if you've read the newspapers, heard on the radio or have seen on that new device the television, that she is an American civilian and for lack of a better term, a super heroine. That will be in a bit but I just have some added matters to discuss with each of you."

The meeting continued for another hour with the General, who laid out some plans he'd set up for the men in terms of where they'd operate from, communications, their supplies, needs, and other trivial matters which the General and some of his men had already arranged and prepared.

"Now, men, I will leave you to the company of the Blue Lady. I appreciate your volunteerism for what this country will need down the road. I am honored to be in your presence and wish you all safety and God speed in your missions as the Freedom Guard.", the General said as he rose. He saluted the men again, who returned the salute. The General tipped his officer's hat to the Blue Lady who nodded in response, her hands folded on her lap. The General exited the room.

"Well, men, I am honored to be here.", the Blue Lady said. "My real name is Marie Sinclair Hughes. Quite a mouthful I realize but my parents wanted to honor my Grandfather so my middle name is his last name. Trivial matters I realize but I don't know else to say at the moment.", she said, fidgeting with her hat.

To see this sharply dressed and demure acting woman behave with apparent reservation bothered Torpedo Man. "Blue Lady...err.. Ms. Hughes, um. well don't feel bad I think we all are in a bit awe of this situation as well as your presence.", he said.

"I echo T-Man's comment.", the Liberator said. "Why?", Ms. Hughes asked, "is it because I am a woman?", she asked.

"No, not at all.", Torpedo Man replied. "Well, just a little but we've all seen your actions in the newspaper photos and on TV. When you walked through the wall of the bank and apprehended the Gold Gang single handled I was impressed. Having you on the team will be different but much valued. Plus, forgive me, Ms. Hughes, but you are also quite the looker!", he stated. Captain Flag punched Torpedo Man lightly on his arm. "Watch it, pal!", he joked, smiling.

The group all started laughing, and a conversation began between the four men and one woman, and soon they left the meeting room of the Pentagon and the next day would see the official formation and first mission for the Freedom Guard!


The Grand Canyon. A cave set deep inside a canyon wall, the man inside the bronze suit stirs, moaning. His helmet is facing the ground and his limbs are spread eagle as well. The bronze suit is tarnished with soot and steaming. The man in the suit begins to stir and rolls onto his back. He looks up and sees the roof of the cave. "NO!" he yells and the echo reverberates throughout the cave and out into the dark of the canyon night.

Posted by moviegeek17

Cool opening chapter man, just out of curiosity i didn't quite catch what time period this was set in, is it set in the 1940's?

Other than that great work man, i really like your descriptions and your dialogue is solid

Posted by Decept-O

@moviegeek17: Just at the end of World War II. I mention the specific year and time frame in the following chapters.

Thanks, glad you like the descriptions and dialogue, I appreciate it. Hope you can spare time to read the other ones.

Posted by PowerHerc

It took me a long time to finally check this out, but I'm glad I finally did. It's good.

Let me know if you add to it. :)