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Awesome! Gotta love your brush marker sketches. Keep up the great job bro!

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This is great work. Alive and frenzied. Very loose, but still controlled. Well done!

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@chalkshark: Thanks for those very kind words and wonderful observation. That's what I aim to try with the brush markers so thanks for recognizing it.

@tomlikesfries: Thank you very much. Glad you like them when I do them.

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Nice!!! So glad you drew another in this style ^____^

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Looks good. :) Are the shoulder horns an idea of yours or are they from a Batman design I'm unfamiliar with?

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@v_scarlotte_rose: Great question! I have seen a few artists depict Batman's shoulders on his cape as having "points" of sorts. I took that and exaggerated it.

@bumpyboo: Thank you. Glad you like that I did.

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I bet Joker would look great in this abstract style you've got.

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@battle_forum_junkie: Thanks! Actually I DID do a Joker several months ago in this style but it didn't receive much attention. Perhaps I should try again.

I do appreciate that suggestion quite a bit. Thanks for taking time to check this out and offer input.

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Don't mention it, man. :)

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Awesome sketch bro!

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Cool. Are you going to finish it?

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That's actually really awesome!

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