Producing superhero and comic book based movies.

Having a number of discussions regarding comic book and superhero movies with friends online and in real life, one topic has perpetually popped up time and time again.


Specifically, why can't the movie studios make a concerted effort to produce these movies, well, a bit quicker?

Something one of my brothers points out to me is the fact that the Lord of the Rings trilogy should be a template for the movie studios to produce the superhero movies in a like manner. I have to agree. I mean, why the heck not?

Some will say "you have to get the actors in line", "other projects are being handled". OK, fine, but if the studios are willing to spend so much money on the actors and all else involved, why not make use of that money and take the same approach as the Lord of the Rings? Film the movies back to back.

My opinion is to film at least 2 more Avengers movies after Thor and Captain America are finished, then release them one year apart. Same could go for any potential DC/Warner Bros. movies.

Is it a bad idea? Would the movies feel "rushed"?

Just curious what anyone may think about it.

Posted by HarlequinKiss

That would be amazing. I don't know much about the filming of The Lord of the Rings, but it seems like maybe the crew knew how to manage time really well. It's hard to stay excited about a sequel when years and years go by hearing nothing about it.

Posted by Decept-O

@HarlequinKiss: I have to agree. I have read---and it is just rumor---that Avengers 2 won't get produced until 2015. Hopefully that is not true!

Posted by HarlequinKiss

@Decept-O: Yeah, that's what I heard too. So heart breaking. But then again, the connecting movies are being made in the meantime. Maybe that's the reason behind it?

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In all honestly, my opinion. Comic book based movies, should really be animated. Sure some live action Superhero movies have worked out well...but animated just seems more to fit the bill, being that comics are an art and animation is art only animation moves. Plus with animation, you don't really need to have actors do much of anything other then do voice overs.

Posted by ratman19

@Wolfrazer: there wouldnt be as much hype surrounding superheroes if the movies were animated. and the movies wouldnt make as much money since its animated and people would think its a kids movie.

Posted by Wolfrazer
@ratman19:  True, even so though. They could also show its more for a general audience in the trailers and other things for it, but ya..a shame though seems to fit the bill better then live action.
Posted by Decept-O

@HarlequinKiss: I have read the Cap sequel is being filmed or nearing completion but I don't have all the facts off-hand so I apologize. I do know the Thor sequel will start production soon, but still, I can't see how these movies would place Avengers 2 back so far. Then again, the whole "2015" date could also be a rumor!

@Wolfrazer: I enjoyed a number of the animated superhero movies but honestly, I, like a number of comic book fans, want live-action movies of "our" characters on the big screen. Granted, a lot of CGI usage was involved with the FX and even specifically for Hulk in Avengers, but a nice melding of live-action and CGI is great. I understand what you're saying, but really, that is a minority opinion because look how well The Avengers did as well as the Batman movies. Let's hope more of the same success can happen for other characters. Flash and Wonder Woman would be the "bee's knees" if they ever got rolling. One can hope.....

Posted by Wolfrazer
@Decept-O:  Yes they did do well, and not saying that live action can't work. Its just for some heroes, they would seem better animated then live action. Not to say they wouldn't be good as live action, but you know.
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@Wolfrazer: I always preferred the animated movies, but only if the animation is very well. I can't wait to see a high budget 2D animated superhero movie on the big screen :'D I have to say, my favorite Batman movies are animated. I know Batman could work as live-action but nobody with the right vision has picked him up yet.