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@Decept-O: nice

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Really cool as usual. The last one is great :)

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@Decept-O: Looks great. What medium are you using to color with? It looks like color pencils, but I'm probably wrong....
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@The Poet: Thank You!

@michaelthemighty17: Thanks again!

@tomlikesfries: Thanks! Glad you like it.

@judasnixon: No, using color markers and tech pens and a Premier .005 ink pen as well. I WANT to get better effects, and actually plan on using some new colored pencils I acquired. Just trying out some markers for now. Thanks for asking. Glad you like it and thanks for taking time to check these out and to comment.

Thanks for all the kind words from everyone.

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I like them. Nope nope, I love them!

Very vibrant colors!

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@SC: Thank You Very Much! Glad you love the colors. Still trying to get the hang of the coloring so thanks.

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These are awesome! Just two pointers that will hopefully help in the future... Women's hips should always be wider then the chest area otherwise that tends to make them a little too manly.

The other is that your hairline starts a little too close to the eyebrows... Give them a bit larger forehead. Other than that... I think these are amazing! I really love the poses and the fact that you can draw hands and feet so well. Plus, in the case of Poison Ivy, those eyes man!!! Woah!