Another Cat Blog Post

Concentrating on typing on my laptop, I didn't notice my cat Max had wandered into the room and jumped onto my ersatz drawing table. Max likes to get on the table once in awhile and "fish" underneath the drawing board, looking for pencils, pens and markers which might be there so he can scoot them around. He also LOVES my eraser. If I leave it on the table and don't put it in a storage container, he will jump up, grab it with his teeth, plop back on the floor and then "chase" it by scooting it across the floor.

This time, however, he was just watching me. I turned around and there he was, his head propped on the drawing board. He was watching me and started to doze off, so I grabbed my digital camera and took a few pics. Here are the results.


A Poison Ivy inked sketch

Here's a basic inked sketch featuring Poison Ivy, a character I seem to be drawing more and more of these days. Not that I mind. Not certain but I think I will do a colored one of this art as well.

Basic black ink and colored ink on 8.5" x 11" plain white card stock. (sold)