Fairies and an Elfin Queen

The first Fairy sketch, I got a bit tired and didn't ink the bottom portion of her body very well, and I didn't draw her legs quite in the right position. I could have done a lot better with the hair as well.

The second Fairy sketch, I did a "color block", meaning I drew using only markers, and didn't sketch this out with pencil or inks at all. Done in a "quick brush" fashion, using brush and regular tip art markers. Slightly abstract to a degree.

The last sketch is an Elfin Queen. I tried to mix up the greenery with different shades of green but it didn't turn out the way I wanted.

Thought I'd post something different.


Abstract Catwoman and Puss In Boots

Here's another of my abstract style Catwoman pieces I did and a pinup version of Puss In Boots. The latter I did a bit quickly and should have drawn her hat more carefully and I went too heavy with the ink brush. I should have taken more time and inked it a bit lighter.

Thought I'd post these if anyone wants to check 'em out. Thanks.


More Creepy Art

Some creepy and horror themed art I have done recently.

The female Spawn art was for a good friend of mine. The others are random except for the "undead Mer-Woman creature" which was for a Character Creation contest.