Synn, Ms.Victory, and Stardust from Femforce

Here's the deal. I am happy with the colors but sadly, I really went too heavy in areas with the inks, especially the tips of the hair on Synn ( left) and Ms. Victory ( center). On Stardust ( right), I outlined her proportions too heavy with inks as well. Still learning as I go.

This is a sort of "dimensional" warp that is Synn is doing, and explains why the characters are at odd angles and for the streaks of gray, stars and cosmic details. Stardust, when she flies, leaves a streak of "stars" in her wake.


Pan and Dancing Sprites

This is a stylized piece I did not too long ago featuring the Greek Mythological character Pan playing his flute while some Sprites dance to the music.

I am well aware there are plenty of "errors" but I enjoyed doing this. I hope someone else may like it.