More Creepy Art

Some creepy and horror themed art I have done recently.

The female Spawn art was for a good friend of mine. The others are random except for the "undead Mer-Woman creature" which was for a Character Creation contest.


Domino Lady Colored

Previously posted my Domino Lady art, and it was primarily black and white with just a little color. I decided to add more color to the piece.


The Blue Flame

Here is a quick brush slightly abstract style piece I did recently. While a bit of a stretch perhaps but this could be considered a rendition of the public domain character The Blue Flame.


More Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a fun character to draw, whether it is with pencil, inks or color. I take it as an opportunity to try and convey different approaches to her. So here are a few more recent attempts drawing her, although I am not happy regarding how the colors turned out, as the markers I used just didn't lay down well on the paper. Had I used different paper the ink would have laid down better and not "bled."


S.H.E. Team Characters Art

Please consider visiting my Facebook page featuring my creator owned and published comic book team, the Super Heroine Elite Team, AKA the S.H.E. Team. S.H.E. Team is copyright and trademarks of Eric N. Boyd.

Who are these characters? You've got Commandette Comet and Lady Valor. There are other characters. I am collaborating with published comic book artist Rock Baker to help publish the S.H.E. Team Character File comic. The concept sketches ashcan comic is out now, published by Cheapo Comics.


Alizarin Crimson Vs. Nightveil ( Femforce ) Original Art

Here's a recent inked sketch I did featuring the villainess Alizarin Crimson battling the super heroine Nightveil from AC Comics' Femforce.

Wanted to do a sketch featuring these two characters but just never got it down "right". I think I finally did a relatively OK piece this time.

Even if you don't know these characters at all I just hope you like the Good Girl Art I did.