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Kayle had the disturbing job of taking care of the fallen ninja. Sakura had prepared for her survival removing her stomach before her final move. After the violent surgery she made an attempt on the speedster that'd been posing such an issue in the Tokyo takeover. He was to fast though, his movements created a heat that eradicated her existence. There was nothing after her attempt because for the flower of flesh and blood nothing of her was left. Her organ that remained sat on a table tubes flowing into it in a sickening way most doctors would be apauled by. What those tubes delivered was even more haunting.

The fluids being pumped into the organ was a grinded paste of corpses. Kayle had to go through the gross act of recovering and grinding the dead. As this pored in however the figure once belonging to the organ began to grow back. Organs before bones and muscle before flesh. The mess made of the room was abysmal foul and gory an unnatural rebirth that shouldn't ever come to pass.

With in a few hours though the ninja of the nameless clan had screamed as she awoke from her should be death. Her naked figure quick to grab a towel as well as move off the blood soaked metal she'd laid on. "I hate speedsters" the ninja professed in annoyance, they were the one catagory of people she couldn't get a drop on.

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@ravenna: the good news! I find this awesome and if wanted you has a sister. My alt(old main @614azrael) is daughter of Vlad Tepes aka Dracula

The bad news...gota go through Empire Claim sir I'm pretty sure

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Much to Sakura's displeasure even the grand portal oriented plan failed to perform the necessary steps to remove the mutant speedster. If he'd have gone into the stadium he'd have actually fallen for the trap. What was designed to help edge him into the stadium however backfired. There was a moment of failure in his performance that also showed that no blade of hers would do. Her metal rivaled those in use but did not surpass them. That fact followed by his speed meant she could not win in a standard confrontation. And his speed was just enough to surpass any following portal based traps. She'd need to improvise. What could be assured however was that he was a physical combatant giving Sakura one final idea.

Firstly she touched the flat of her chest and created an internal rift allowing her to extract her stomach. Passing it to a ninja who then teleported away from the fight. It hurt like hell, left mass internal bleeding and meant that within a minute at best Sakura would be dead. However the flower of flesh and blood had removed the one organ the clan would need to resurrect her. She'd return to the land of the living regardless of how successful her next move was. That said the next move was her last. She followed the impromptu surgery with the creation of a second portal beneath her skin. A slight coral shimmer accented her physique and yet again the pain was excruciating. It didn't matter however as soon it would be over.

Teleporting with a characteristic blink sound Rose sought to jab her sai into the temples of the apex of acceleration. Her blades were sharp and rivaled his armor her movements were clean a testimony of exceptional skill. She didn't care however if this hit or miss however. It was a plan to simply encourage reaction. Her threat didn't seem one to run from a fight, one to let someone get the drop on him. It was safe to bet he'd lash out at her. And upon impact her skin was set to teleport her and whatever touched her to the stadium now at the ocean floor. There was no way for the flower of flesh and blood to escape being hit so she counted on that being her one move.

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@rafael_romeiro: this post will prob be short and my last or second to last but I'll be throwing something down soon. It's about to the point of last rounds vs Tenjin and Akira's so got to make those final moves lol

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@rafael_romeiro: didn't deliver quite as crisp as I had wanted but loved the idea of it. It felt like something a mutant portal ninja simply would do. Not play fair or cross swords, but use her mutation in this case portals to try and find the simple end solution

<.< she might have to bite someone though teleporting buildings ain't easy

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@_envy_: @vinnie_tahoe: @alpha_dog: @rafael_romeiro:

Much to Rose's disappointment two of the targets escaped her grasp. She did have to give them credit for pulling off the landing despite the pressures they were under. She'd attend to them soon, first however the one who didn't seem likely to stick the landing. He was coming at her fast it could have been a game ender. She'd be hit by the high speed hound and be a crumpled mess. The issue was teleportation came easy. She saw a man about to tackle her, she thought move, and sure enough she'd teleported away. The alpha dog met only concrete a grand move it was but not efficient. And a ninja shoot be fallen by a trivial back fire, but Sakura wasn't going to let an obvious healer get back up. She could see the cuts from shurikan healing hitting the ground from a thousand feet up wasn't going to be the end.

Her solution was simple, she cast a portal that led to a near by roof, and a portal that led to a near by car. The other end to portal one the roof moved for the Dog's feet. The second moved for the hounds head. They moved to redirect the hound on the ground but the portals were planned to be stopped at the mid section and the throat. Then closed. The fantastic part about a portal used to cut was the material didn't matter. It could be anything that went through the portal when it closed matter was simply placed in two locations durability had nothing to do with it.

She teleported away commanding her fellow clan to meet up with her briefly at an armory and scoop up as many grenades as they could. They arrived by one of the thirty eight nameless who was just keeping an eye on the building the two other air drops had landed. Yet again the plan was simple, a spear of jade light was thrown, it pierced the roof. Admittedly this gave the duo some time to react but not long. For soon the portal opened from the spear. On the other end was the thirty eight dropping grenades. The top level of the building would soon be filled with detonations. Sakura simply hoped that this and the incoming rockets would do as she and her clan would teleport away. Hopefully they were not followed through the brief portal because what the flower of flesh and blood was about to exert herself in a way that would leave her wide open for a counter.

The trail of plasma and burning ozone was easy to follow to the stadium. If the nameless ones had any special metaphysical technique they hadn't shown it. By all accounts so far Sakura was far out of her league in power scale. In a fair fight Sakura was dead. But so many forgot in this age ninja were not about honorary combat so much as stealth and efficiency. She wasn't here to play fair she was here to win. And sometimes in a world of large machines of war and grand displays of skill and daunting power output elegant simplicity was the solution. Two portals opened outside the stadium, a brief flash suffocated from most eyes from all the other chaos. And for someone in the stadium likely missed entirely.

What came from the two portals was an array of spears and throwing stars of glittering light. It wasn't much compared to the move performed in the air before. It was enough however to encompass the perimeter of the stadium. The blades of light opened to create one grand portal that swallowed the building. And rooted it deep along the ocean floor in the pacific. As a move it was simple, she teleported something to the bottom of the ocean. Crushing depths and possible drowning. Her opponent was likely faster then her thought so she had to think outside the box.

However the DecayingRose had temporarily exhausted herself teleporting a stadium was no small feat. Should her targets from before have followed her or the blitzing mutant escaped her move she might be in trouble. It mattered not however resilience was in Sakura's nature.

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@_vex_: @rafael_romeiro:

Post coming thy way ^_^ I'd of tagged the other two but there not on this page xP

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@dwronin: I wasn't on Lioness as much as I'd like at the time but damn it fools I'm a CoD to ^.~

Glad to see ya back

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@vinnie_tahoe: it's more then rockets to the face :D

And it's not nuking you...I can though if you want <3