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@dwronin: I wasn't on Lioness as much as I'd like at the time but damn it fools I'm a CoD to ^.~

Glad to see ya back

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@vinnie_tahoe: it's more then rockets to the face :D

And it's not nuking you...I can though if you want <3

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@alpha_dog: @vinnie_tahoe: @alpha_dog:

Shadow portals lined the city and Rose had her own portals as well. Traversal for her and her thirty eight ninja was simple. She'd chosen a collection of her finest but that wasn't saying much as any of the Nameless was a deadly force. They had a heading now as three men came from a plane the A.I of the princess of bullets gave a calculated position of likely landing as distance closed adjustment came easy. They could see them now and so it began a storm nobody wished to be involved in.

It was a few yards away but essentially flanking from north east west and south. From each side was nine ninja who with ease tossed five shurikan of a metal that rivaled Vibranium, on the ground Rose and the final two sent another five. The sky glittered with silver almost beautiful as the night sky for a brief moment as a hundred ninety five stars slashed through the air. The ninjas fell through another portal before risk of crossfire could come. Leading to a second volley from north west, north east, south west and south east. And finally the fleet of ninja were teleported above where a pure shower of ninja stars would rain down. It was a vile crossfire but Rose wasn't done she wanted a hell of a display of force. If a ninja is seen then the witnesses shouldn't live.

By the time they were about to touch ground what was the probability of gliders or parachutes intact? After a series of explosions designed to shatter bunkers and lit the sky ablaze for a brief moment? After a trinity of silver blades pierced the night? After a shower of downward blades from the comfortable distance of yards from falling targets two of them known for favoring close proximity? The thirty eight landed and vanished some in buildings some teleporting to other regions of the battlefield. Rose though waited till landing was assured.

A portal opens where the three mutants should be landing right as they'd be touching ground. Where did the rift open? A thousand feet above the earth once more. It was another simple move teleportation portals a natural mutant ability. The complexity was in the previous layers of attacks. There was little chance the trio could make a comfortable second landing. Rose had devised a portal that'd make a second landing rather necessary. She wanted death to be delivered and she wasn't going to be patient about seeing these three to the door to meet said end.

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@akira_overdrive: not gona lie I'm hoping he slips past Rose and can throw down with Kayle. Buuuut as I sat at work yesterday I felt Alpha and his buddies were totally who Rose would go after :D so second post be a coming

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I hate mobile! I'd of loved to of put a pic or something grrr

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Tokyo Skytree was the central broadcast station of Sumida. It stood as the tallest building in the world reaching into the heavens and reinforced to stand against the worlds seismic efforts of ruin. It reached two thousand eighty feet into the air. And as this was a take over geographically chosen strong points was ideal no place was more fitting a command center then this remarkable building and as such Sakura and her company would claim it for her allies. The opperation was simple in execution, and resistance pitiful.

Some people were around the building working or visiting as not everyone cares for the games. Most do however and so the company was thin. It was also a building known for it's restaurant and view not as a military favored structure. Besides a few brave idiots nobody would be getting in the way. The only disappointment was that those about to die were the simple byproduct of bad timing.

Resting by Rose was twenty nine javelin of radient coral light. A dying rose was held by each of her ninja and on that flower was a thorn of similar light. The spear was one gate the thorn the other, the technique sometimes was good for making doors in this case it was for intrusion. Closing her eyes and memorizing the layout of the building the spears launch forward. Some unfortunate individuals are struck by the blade. As a portal opens those hit become a shower of vermillion. Ripped apart and scattered about in an unrecognizable pattern.

With each spear opening comes a bright flash, blinding and disruptive to all those on the floor. For a brief moment the sky tree lit up on every floor it'd of been beautiful to those who witnessed. Few did though as the flash was sudden and so many eyes were on the explosions the Olympics and the start of an uprising upon the land of the rising sun. What followed inside the tower was the opposite of beautiful, carnal bloody and yet just as quick as the light. Every floor at least had one if not two of the nameless assassins that was Sakura's clan. With a speed that had them blurring between shadow they raced through the floor they were on. Arterial spray was set free like fountains from any unfortunate soul standing not as one with the invading force.

At the center of each rooms most popular seat was a rose withering away both haunting and yet beautiful. All but the twenty ninth floor where the rose herself had struck. She left the bodies where they were, she'd kept the broadcast room considerably clean despite the dozen corpses. Bowing at the elevator she welcomed Tenjin's men as they entered and began to set up. No more then a few minutes later the resurrecting machine of war had entered his command station. When heading for the window and setting foot on the roof one could find the flower of flesh and blood sat comfortably on the ledge.

"Two playmates at the moment. Ones running this way, to soon to say who he's quick though obviously. Akira has the other, pretty thing but I predict more power over substance. Has some nice tricks though." She was eager to fight for the new vision for her home land but as of yet it was to soon to strike. A true ninja doesn't look for minutes of battle. They strike fast hard and sudden at the vulnerable and that was the method the flower of flesh and blood favored.

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@tenjin: going to tie myself in to your post hope you don't mind :) didn't see someone to target yet so intro it is.

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Everyone has a somewhat distinct way they walk and move some are more obvious then others but the fact remained there was distinction. One might even be able to use that to uncover an imposter or shape shifter. It also was key to stealth Sakura took pride in her step not even a paranoid hound would here her feet fall. Tenjin moved like a maelstrom it wasn't to the Rose standard.

"Pawns are just as necessary as a knight. Of course a pawn is easier to let go." She said no more on weakness in the ranks. She did however take pride knowing she'd serve beside her own. She sure as hell didn't want to stand beside the street gang made wanabe ninjas. Or the rusty old Yakuza. That wasn't to say all were frail but for those familiar to the arts of assassination and war one could pick the cannons from the fodder.

"Cold? We could provide an example if you'd favor." The ninja at her side stood ready, a good look in his eyes told of fear though. Rose wasn't someone her followers wished to cross or spar with. Her matches were to death only. If someone couldn't recover that was their problem. As for Rose it never mattered how dirty or honorable or skilled the opposition was she always stood up at the end. She fed on the very carnage of conflict. "Your goddess will shall be are own so long as we stand among you."

(>.> canibal ninjas are creepy ninjas. Maybe I'll make that a genuine theme of there's)

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@shadowswordmaster: @timesiphon: got to also be assertive however. From experience if you just go in you might not get the activity you want or at all. You've got to be willing to start shit lol.

Saw an opening with Con just jumped in

Saw Doom was just like well that'd snag Alianette's attention.

Got to be assertive

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@tenjin: @akira_overdrive:

Sakura would carry any secrets of her clan likely to the grave. Her people only have a master and a student. Their ranks were thin to others but in many cases fiercer. Each soul was sharp a ninja worth being called one. To see them in mass was death or formality.

Nameless was her clan, they were ghosts unfindable and silent. There were many clans and legends Sakura had no association with such. Their history was told in blood and blood alone. Known only for the lives they claimed and their lack of any trail to follow. From it's nameless routes they also profited from the ability to merge with clans should they wish. Now was one of the rare times the nameless would join another. Seeking to learn from the Blood Spider Clan and return Japan to a region befitting of it's past.

Sakura could have seen many ways to make a grand entry. Tributes in blood was always a fine presentation. An emergence of thirty ninjas would be a fine show of rank and force. Neither of those was fitting however instead the wnchanting jade eyes rested on a spot perforce Tenjin within the Wildcardz estate. From her point she couldn't see if Akira there as well. Closing her eyes she vanished opening to find herself in the building. A gesture at a man in the office and he fell behind her. How many followers the nameless had designed to be an unknown. The way Sakura carried herself suggested more to her then she'd ever told the living. Appearence wise she was just a ninja in crimson, prettier perhaps then most ninja but didn't read special. If she walked into a crowd she'd likely disappear. Her eyes and walk said she was among the finest of her clan, but she also appeared ready to simply vanish if need be. "Where do you want us come insurgency?" Her voice soft as satin she'd easly be mistaken as soft spoken and timid if she desired. She didn't say much else as that wasn't the way of the ghost like clan.

(Kinda rusty with her and kinda thinking maybe I should expand on the clan some lol. Mysterious is fine but mayhaps I shouldn't be so lazy and leave it blank. Anywho said I'd drop her in so I did :3)