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@Warsman said:
" @dreadmaster:  Kids these days, I swear... "
You can say that again. :P
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@Warsman:  Mere curiosity, Warsman. But I am blessed to see you once more. It is always an honor to come upon you. But my good friend I must bid you adieu. The universe beckons for me. May we meet again in such merry spirits. She bowed Warsman out of respect.
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 She watches Werner and Spinny and has to hide a smirk from forming on her face. She watched silently as Werner bows to her and Zadaire finds herself sighing. Don't do that. I am not royalty or anyone of import for you to have to bow down to. As he rises she steps forward. There's another reason why I came as well. Her arms came around his neck and she leaned forward. Her lips pressed against his in a rough kiss that lasted for a few moments. When she finally pulled back, a great smirk adorned her face. I owed you one, Mr. Von Doom. And made her exit, she headed for the door thinking the evening had gone exactly as planned and perhaps a little better.

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@Solenoid Spin:  I've come for a short visit. And no, no pizza. Ask your fearless leader to get you some. I'm sure he can manage.
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@Solenoid Spin:Chuckles, finding the insane man to be entertaining.
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@Solenoid Spin: I'll call you Spinny from now on.
@dreadmaster:Zadaire gazes as the darkness exudes from the Zenn Lavian. It encircles her and soon she sees as it floats inches for her. She wasn't sure what it was or why she had the want to accept it but if there's one thing she knew it was to always trust her instincts. She extended her hand and watched as the darkness rested upon the palm of her hand before disappearing deep within her. She felt the strangest sensation and turned to look at Werner.  Well that was different... But I fear this will be a short visit. She started to get to her feet.
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@Solenoid Spin: And it seems my suspicions are correct. And who is it that I am making an acquaintance with?
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@Solenoid Spin:  She makes a face and turns to find Solenoid far too close to her. She moves slightly forward and eyes the insane man. Something tells me you're the crazed member of the team I've heard so much about.
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@dreadmaster:Turning back to Werner she shot him a sheepish smile before sitting herself in one of the nearby chairs. She looked at him and stretched. This was one of the rare moments where she felt a bit more relaxed than usual and she wondered how long that would last. Intruders are everywhere. Though I can't talk much. I'm currently an intruder upon your team's base. She looked around the room silently.
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@Warsman:  She squinted her eyes for a moment and watches Warsman's actions with interest. It wasn't until he spoke that she realized she recognized the voice. Warsman? What.... She shook her head. Somethings were better left unsaid. It's good to see you again. I still hold the gift you give me close to me. She turned to show him the beautiful sword that was strapped to her back, a sword that he himself had given her not too long ago.