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@muyjingo: Firstly, yes that was my point. Clearly he isn't the 127 martial arts version but in his own universe comparitively one of the best. And live action Batman has been plagued with the mobility problem. Even Affleck a few weeks ago had a bad injury.

Secondly, I brought that up because that specific version (TAS only) was agile, but what do you prefer, a non agile fighter who gets results or agile fighter who struggles to?

Thirdly, to note that's not my blog anyway, but a razor is sharp, it can't "sound sharp". If you sound like a razor then do you not think that should be compared to the sound a razor device makes? Rather than it's properties (being sharp).

You know, you don't need to say "firstly" each time you reply. Just an observation.

His universe is meant to be close to our universe. In our universe, even mid level martial artists would put him to shame. His fighting in the suit was pathetic, and at the other end of the spectrum of both animated and comic book incarnations of the character in terms of ability.

TAS Batman didn't struggle, except maybe in the early seasons. He was better in every single regard over. He takes on characters like Clayface and Killer Croc, not sure why you want to insist he struggles.

You are referring to an electronic razor, right? I don't think any Batman author, ever, thought that is what his voice should sound like. When a voice is described as razor like, I think it is just a way of describing it as sharp by using an object known to be extremely sharp.

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Croc pushed over a tree in "Sideshow".

Everyone in BtAS, including common thugs and Gotham Police are waaay above Baleman.

Fighting choreography tn TDK trilogy may not be perfect and filming technique could be better in earlier movies but this was right direction; "you're skilled but this is not a dance". And yes I think that Bale was overall best Bruce and Batman on big screen - minus the voice.

As for Batman TAS... he is far less skilled than Baleman and he have far less impressive feats. The only skilled oponent he ever defeated was Kyodai Ken, rest of the time he is struggling with regular mobsters and henchmen. For example; in the beginning of "Feat of clay" he struggled with three of Roland's Daggett man, in "Almost Got 'Im" he is physically incapacitated by few of Two-Face's goons, same happened in "The Worry Men", only this time it was Mad's Hatter helpers... And I could go on, and on... So, what is so impressive about animated Batman?

Batman take down Ras AKA Liam Neeson.

Batman Destroy The League of Shadows Twice.

Take down a SWAT team.

Even when he was pretty old and hurt beat Bane.

Find out The Joker plans.

Fixed The Bat.

He was in control of the whole clean energy for Gotham.

He does surveillance on judges and other public officials to give the DA's office leverage to prosecute mobsters.

He does the forensics on the bullet in the TDK.

He also knows the nature of the Arkham escapee that Harvey plays Russian roulette with.

He also develops a city wide surveillance system using cell phones.

In TDK he used irradiated bills to help track down and trace the mob's money.

When the money-man in TDK ran off with the money anyway Bats developed an ingenious plan to capture Money Man by involving both new technology (the cell-phone scanner that Lucius left behind in the building in Hong Kong) and old tech (the CIA plane thing... Sky Hook?).

In TDKR he lifted prints from the safe Selena broke into.

In TDKR he employed deduction to discover the whereabouts of Bane.

In BB he did a lot of surveillance to observe his enemies before he even had a proper uniform.

People underrate BaleMan.

People also often forgets, modern Martial Arts movies follow a more self defense style in them or more MMA style in them.

Less dancing.

Its dirty, messy, dark, gritty and brutal, sometimes its even ugly.

Even the whole concept of rules and misunderstanding what honor actually means, is getting out of the picture.

Also this video is an FU to the elbow hits haters.

The Raid was a huge example of how fight scenes work, not only the choreography but as a whole.

Every character has an style, their styles tells you something about their characters, their scenes made the movie story move forward, there is a reason why the moves happen, there is a feel in the fight scenes that is either personal, they are outnumbered or many other emotions this scenes make you feel.

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@deathpoolthet1000: Ok. But why do you have to have two different kind of fans?

Again, my English is probably not good enough or maybe I'm just not clear enough, but my point is:

Since when is there such a clear schism between DC and Marvel fans?

I can assure you it was not the case in the 80s.

@saint_wildcard: and if you remember I received at least two gold medals for my own contribution...


A little dark miracle called the Internetz.

It amps everything to 11.

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@bullpr: @voodoopenguin: Yeah, somebody actually did a thread congratulating Man of Steel (which I love) for still causing fan debates a year later.

You're good. No denial.

@deathpoolthet1000: so for you, what I found in this forum is just an amplification/deformation induced by internet. Possible too.

Day 1, Talking about MoS and TDK vs Every Marvel Movie
Day 2, When people attack the other, the other defend the other part in such a weird romantic way.
Day 3, When it notice there is something weird about their relationship.

This is how i describe the DC and Marvel fanboys relationship.

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Batman Earth 1.


The Goddamn Batman.

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Because he used to be a Private Detective called Richard Dickinson.

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The characters of Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Squirrel Girl, the Doctor, John Constantine, and Batman.

They are all living embodiments of a writer being like "I don't really know what to do next, so f*** it, might as well have him/her *insert some ridiculous feat that literally shouldn't be possible given their skillset*. I'm sure nobody will mind, I'll just explain it with some unnecessarily convoluted explanation, or the exact opposite where I don't explain it at all."

To an extent Wally West, Sentry, and several other characters as well, but the ones above are the main perpetrators.