A very very upsetting experience....

 As most of you know I'm Native American.
Well around this time of the year I start getting really dark.
So I was at the library today picking up some books and this group of 3 teenage boys (2 white 1 black) come up and start calling me racial slurs and such.
They told me to go open a casino, go back to my reservation, and other things of this sort. 
But the one thing that really struck a nerve with me was as I was leaving one of them walked up and smacked my books out of my hands. 
I calmly bent down picked them back up and then the kid had the nerve to do it again. 
Once again I bent down picked the books up and began to walk out.
Then I heard one of them call out to me and call me a dirty "red man".
I'm not going to lie at this point I was broken because I've never encountered anything like this. 
Me being the pacifist that I am though I turned to go, a man walked up to the boys and began to tell them off. 
I'm happy that there are still some decent people in this world.


Should there be a Justice Leauge live action movie?

I have been thinking about it the last couple of days and I keep coming up with the same answer.  But before that I'll give you some of my thoughts.
First of all we've already got a new DC movie coming out this year (Green Lanten) and next year we have 2 more (The Flash and TDKR).
 So DC could decide to do what Marvel is setting up.  If you don' t know what I'm talking about it's a "Team Movie" featuring more than one hero.
I like the idea of a JL movie but I just don't know.  It depends on how the GL and Flash movies turn out and how they make those characters out to be.  
It also depends on how they do Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter (I think with good actors these characters could turn out well).
But as a child I love JL and I don't want to see it ruined by a terrible movie (I'm talking to you X3).   
So my answer at this point is no.  I'll just wait to see how the GL and Flash movies turn out and then make another opinion.
What do you guys think of a JL movie?


Who has had the best decade?

I mean in quality of comics, story arcs, and popularity. 
I think the Green Lantern series (Green Lantern, GL Corps, and Emerald Warriors) has had a great decade.  Green Lantern is more popular than he has ever been.  Plus he has some amazing storylines (Hal Jordan: Wanted, Revenge of the Green Lanterns, The Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night and Brightest day were all amazing.) 
Who do you guys think has had the best decade?    

I am Number 4 (My review)

I went and saw I am Number 4 tonight and I would like to share my thoughts with you guys. 
Well, the theater wasn't very full (and I went to a 7:20 showing).  But the people that were in the theater really seemed to get into it.  The visual effects were great, some of the things looked extremely realistic (maybe better than Avatar).  The acting was strong (actually believable unlike certain movies).  The plot is was really good (may not seem so to some but it is to me).  My only real problem with this movie is that it deviates from the book on some things.  
If I was to rate this movie it would probably be 3.5/5. I would reccomend it to just about anyone. 
If you have any other questions about it just reply. 
 DeadpoolvIronFist :D


Starting a new Review channel on youtube.

I just made this blog to let everyone know I'll be starting a new movie/comic/book/television reviewing channel on youtube.  So just send me things to review and I'll get to it as quickly as possible. 
Thanks :D,  


Spiderman vs. Spiderman 2 vs. Spiderman 3

Which of these three is the best? 
Well I'll just go ahead and eliminate Spiderman 3, I mean it was decent but it was trash compared to the first two.
Spiderman was amazing when it first came out, I can remember coming out of the theater when I was younger acting like I could shoot webs from my wrists, and could climb walls and such.  But alas I was a sad little boy when I realized I couldn't.  But that was one of the first times I ever saw a movie and wanted to watch it over and over again.  And I still love this one to this day. 
Now for Spiderman 2.  I saw this a couple years later when it came out and I was just as blown away if not more than I was with the first, the character development was amazing for Doc Oc, I actually liked him before he went psycho, and I really felt sad at the end (not as close to as sad as I was when Uncle Ben died) but I was thoroughly pleased with this one.
Now if I had to choose between the two.  I would have to go with the second one.  It has so many emotional moments in it, and I would say it's the greatest superhero movie of all time (Dark Knight is good, but not that good).
Thanks :D,


My favorite DC character?

I like DC a lot, I think they make pretty great comics (except Superman).  But I really really like Flash and Green Lantern.  I mean they have to be the two coolest DC Characters. Well Hal Jordan and Wally West (the others are alright).  But if I had to choose between the two I would go with......well I just don't know.  They are both amazing characters so for now it will have to be a tie between the two.


Ultimate team of heroes?

The Pathfinders (like the X-Men):
Human Torch 
Iron Fist 
What team would you guys like to see?


My favorite Comic book writer?

In a world of hundreds of comic book writers I would have to say that my favorite would have to be Mark Millar, I mean he's written The Ultimates, The Ultimates 2, Civil War, Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men, Wanted, and much much more.  
Civlil War was amazing! Wanted was amazing! The Ultimates 1 and 2 were amazing!  Most writers aren't that consistent but Mark Millar sure is.

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