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How can i insult one of the smartest charcters!?. well he is a Geek..

Rick Caslte.

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@TheMess1428 said:

They said they have 5 movies in the works but only announced 3.

1. Iron Man 3

2. Thor 2

3. Captain America 2

4. Unknown

5. Unknown

Candidates: Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hulk 2, and Avengers 2.

Sidenote: I read an article (and can't remember where) that said that Marvel claims they won't use Hulk for anything other than a member of the Avengers in the Avengers movies from now on. Which kinda sucks.

theres a rumor of a Guardians of the Galaxy moive too. +its understandable why they dont want Hulk to play alone.

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@Gokujam: of course they are when they do things right, without vacation they wont be able to do their jobs, but ask yourself who says what they do is justice, what is true justice.if you say justice is the law and the law was made up by men, so justice was made up by men. just some food for thought.

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@Gokujam said:

Even cops and soldiers get vacations and leaves of absences. Heroes need a break and time to relax just like everyone else.

I'dd agree, but evil doesnt take vacations and neither does justice (Batman said it once in Brave and the Bold lol).

Being a Hero isnt easy, "With great powers comes great responsibility"-Uncle Ben.

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@Rixec said:

@fodigg said:

@Rixec said:

@fodigg said:

@Rixec said:

@fodigg said:

You're objectively wrong that the bible was written by eyewitnesses. A great deal of it (for example, the entire New Testament) was written decades--a full generation--after the events that they portray supposedly took place. This is not something theologians debate, it is accepted fact (see this timeline by a Christian organization dedicated to rational defense of Christian beliefs). Whether the story of David and Goliath falls explicitly into this category is irrelevant, because the fact that so much of the bible is not eyewitness account is enough to raise questions about its historicity--to show that it clearly has cultural and mythic qualities as well.

You are free to believe one way or another about its historical truth, but I object when you make a blatantly false claim and then, when responded to (politely and intelligently I might add), state that simply because you each hold different views that you should both be silent. This is an attempt to silence objective fact and endow your blatant falsehood with equal prestige. It is ridiculous and I feel compelled to point that out.

Decades after is still WITHIN the lifespans of people who saw them.

50 years AD is the earliest figure given. Early 90s AD is the latest. Maybe you're unaware of what the average lifespan was back then, but you can hardly say it was an eyewitness account. And even if by some miracle it was, a 50 years of embellishment still make for questionable historicity.

And Jesus died in the 30s AD.

But the new testament starts even before his birth, but with his conception. Was that all eyewitness accounts?

Actually, yes. Mary, Joseph, the three kings, & shepherds were there and they could have informed those who would write the Bible. The Bible was written by many people.

the new testament is just trying to copy from the old testament...the first Bible, it was given from god , if he wanted to add anything to it he would have done it then with the old one, the new one is just a fake.

@Mbecks14: now about the killing, i think if there is a terrorist you need to kill him, killing isnt good but thats the only way..if u lock him up either he'll break free,kill prisoners,or set free because his terrorist freinds have kidnaped some people and make a trade. if someone trys to kill you and you end up killing him that is justice. the world isnt roses and rainbows there is evil out there and the only way to end it is by ENDing it.. sad but thats life.

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Cool, loved the movie!

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@fps_dean said:

Thank god. Avengers was awesome.

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lol ! at the Nick Fury part! (from battle scars)

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Agent coulson? or sould i say son of coul? lol

Alan Scott aka Green Lantern.