future story arcs

One of the coolest story arcs for comics is stuff from the future. I think it's because you can do more with the world the characters live in since it's all about what people imagine and ask themselves "What will become of our future?" this is why the 2099 series and the batman beyond saga are some of my favorites. 
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Why can't hollywood make a batman/superman movie?

Why can't there be worlds finest live movie?? Is it that hard for hollywood to get their heads out of bad xmen prequel ideas to actually try something so easy a toddler could do it. They wouldn't even have to write something different, just do a live action shot for shot version of the cartoon movie. If there is anyone out there who has been tired of dc getting screwed when it comes to potential good movies when they actually an okay set up please say so. Please god make the green lantern movie awesome?

Possible marvel ultimate alliance video game sequels.

From what I've played and heard from people , whether you liked 1 or 2, loved the marvel ultimate alliance video game franchise, however, what are they going to do for future game sequels since the civil war has already been covered? My idea is if they have a filler origins game of the 2099 era,since spider-man shattered dimensions was a success, allowing people to play as 2099 incarnations of hulk, ghost rider, doom, etc. then for the third sequel of ultimate alliance have all those characters come together to fight in the apocalypse saga and for the fourth sequel have the timestorm crisis, with a massive amount of characters to play as, could make marvel more popular by getting more people away from the mainstream and into some more underrated but good quality comics thus making them more money and more popular against D.C. . If anyone wants to add on to my idea or submit their own go ahead.