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570488 Sakura Haruno Character Overview hasnt met this person 11/21/14 08:04PM 2 Approved
532742 Shiklah Character Overview she is married to Deadpool at the moment. 09/19/14 09:08AM 2 Approved
532741 Shiklah Character Overview after Shiklah found out Dracula killed her brothers she despised dracula and chose to marry deadpool instead. 09/19/14 09:06AM 3 Approved
435469 Deadpool Character Overview its in the deadpool vs carnage miniseries 05/17/14 01:46PM 2 Approved
424755 Shiklah Character Overview happened in deadpool gauntlet and new deadpool issue 27 05/03/14 06:59AM 10 Approved
424754 Shiklah Character Overview the word is did not make any since 05/03/14 06:58AM 16 Approved
424752 Deadpool Character Overview happened in deadpool gauntlet and the new deadpool issue 27 05/03/14 06:54AM 2 Approved
409337 Deadpool Character Overview deadpool has never met this person 04/10/14 06:10AM 4 Approved
305555 Sasuke Uchiha Character Overview This is happening now in the manga 12/17/13 07:01AM 9 Approved
287605 Riku Character Overview this was confirmed in dream drop distance. 11/25/13 08:16AM 6 Approved
287604 Deadpool Character Overview it was in the recent Deadpool issue 11/25/13 08:14AM 4 Approved