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deadpool 63 0

I thought this was one of the best issues. but it was sad what Deadpool finds out about himself. He also fights two old enemies ones you would think that are already dead. And Wade comes to a terrible realization. a FBI agent also takes revenge on our good buddy Wade....

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deadpool past 0

We get to see what Cable and Deadpool life was before they became what they are today. We learn cable had to kill comrades to get things done.Deadpool talked about how he was a delinquent and caused trouble. How one of deadpool's stepfather mistreated him and saying that his father would always get in his way....

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Deadpool Musical 0

This issue of Deadpool was very random. I did not expect deadpool to start singing, i really couldnt follow it too good but i still think it was really funny. There were a lot of Marvel Characters in there i was surprised Cable wasnt in there but Cyclops was, also didnt see Ghost Rider either....

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deadpool 0

i dont want deadpool to die he is trying to do right. I can tell but i guess he just wants it to end. I mean he really as come a long way. he helped stop the scrolls. He tried to be a hero. he tried being a pirate. he tried to learn from captain america, spiderman and the x-men....

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