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agreed. prime's just too damned strong!!!!!

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I know, I know. I am behind on comics when I start trying to collect a series after the sequel series is already started. Call me lame. But I am trying to collect all of Blackest Night. NOT prequels or semi related stories. JUST blackest night. The 8-part miniseries is gonna be made into a graphic novel soon, so I will probably get that so as not to spend 4 bucks an issue for them individually. But what I want to know what other comics to get to complete the story. Here is what I have already (BN = Blackest Night)
BN # 1. 
BN Catwoman # ? 
BN Titans # 3 
BN Wierd Wild West # ? (Is that title wrong?) 
Here are the ones I know I still have to collect: 
BN # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 
Adventure Comics # 7 Starring Black Lantern Superboy  
BN JSA # 2 
BN JSA # 3

BN Flash # 2 
BN Flash # 3 
BN Wonder Woman # 2  
BN Wonder Woman # 3 
BN Green Arrow # 30 
BN GL # 50 
BN GL # 51 
BN GL # 52 
BN GL Corps # 44

BN GL Corps # 45 
BN GL Corps # 46 
That's quite a few comics. But I'm wondering; are there any I'm missing? Any other blackest night issues I don't know about? 
Oh, and I'm also looking to collet Brightest Day. So far they've only got BD # 0.  

Any info you have on issues  don't know about, how you'd advise collecting, or whatever would be reeeally helpful. Thanks.

Also: How much are these comics each? $ 4.99? $3.99?

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i completely agree. those comics bring out the coolest in superboy. in those comics, they invented the whole 50/50 supes and lex luthor dna thing. they had superboy save the universe in infinite crisis. he developed more of his namesake's powers, etc.  
modern superboy is so cool! 
but anyways, back to the topic. superman is not gay. he's damn close, but if you were married to lois lane, and worked closely with wonder woman, i don't think you'd be gay either. and i still am not convinced that they are brotherly friends.

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couldn't agree more. although they do have their moments. darth spidey will remind you ad nauseum that in hush, batman said "what are friends for" about supes but line in one story. you can't base your whole idea about characters on things like that. not to mention, on the back of "Batman; Dark Knight Returns", stephen king remarks "quite possibly the finest piece of comic art ever published in a popular edition". that's saying a lot. and in the end, superman and batman beat the shit outta each other. so i wouldn't say they're the best of friends.

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Yeah i guess.....but they don't ALWAYS trust each other. but okay....

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Different writers render the two's relationship differently. Some make them friends. Others make them enemies. It really depends. Personally, I like Frank Miller's redition of them; bitter aquantices. They're not quite enemies, but they are definitely not friends. But I would like to hear other people's opinions on the two. So I opened this forum.
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darth spidey, you almost know me too well. but i wont shoot yer ideas down cuz they seem pretty sound. oh and i take back what i said earlier about d-day. doomsday could kill prime. he's unstoppable. who the @#$% is king hyperion? and darth spidey? try not to use yer advantage of knowing me in person to gain the upper hand in discussions on comic vine. cuz i, the goose hunter, will shoot you down. (inside joke).  
(and i do read marvel comics. just not ALL of them. cant always keep up with all the comics keeping up, okay?)  
sman prime is still kickass. despite my thoughts on his near invincibility being shot down. oh well. :P
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yeah. but freddy is pretty cool. AS CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. He sucks, i repeat, SUCKS as captain marvel. if he's gonna take over the mantle, and go by shazam, he needs to have a more original story, costume, etc. and superman being at his weakest right now doesn't matter cuz technically cap marvel is stripped of his powers and is just plain ole billy batson. so obviously this is i guess is when they are at their prime. (no pun intended. we are not talking about superman prime :P) at their best.
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from what i know about black bolt, his little "nuclear scream" would certainly affect prime, but he is probably not as powerful. however, the anti monitor could finish him. as could genis vell (depending). and the watchers? they'd be annihilated. maybe if they had a freakin army. like a jillion of 'em. but one would die easily. my friend says just four or five could take him. but while he knows more about some aspects of marvel, i am inclined to disagree. haha. but i think some of my earlier posts make prime out to be an undefeatable force. and he is not. but i think people underestimate the power of new earth superman. he is unimaginably strong. and therefore so is prime. superman could kill you with his finger. prime could kill you with his nose. so there. :P 

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Really? Huh. I thought Batgirl slit her throat and killed her in "Titans East". Not to mention; she did work for Deathstroke and try and kill the titans. Why did they give her membership after that?