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Who matches me best might be old school Joe Kelly Deadpool.

Orion is a close candidate too, particularly New 52 Orion since he actually has a sense of humor.

I try to act like Superman though.

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@shiryu said:

Definitely Obito Uchiha for me. As someone on Outskirts Battledome said, he became the "Narutoverse's New God. And it's because he was friendzoned."

Orochimaru had so much potential to be a great villain, and was built up to be the main antagonist of the series, but once Kishimoto starting focusing on the Uchiha and their Sharingan so often I knew something was changing. The same thing happened to Neji. All this talk about "genius of the Hyuga clan," and then it suddenly doesn't matter because he's not cursed with some "Hate of the Uchiha" BS or whatever it's called.

As a Naruto fan, it sucks to know that our final villain is a guy who had no motivation for all the crazy stuff he did besides the death of a girl who didn't even requite his romantic feelings for her. It's pathetic.

I have to defend Obito here.

Rin was the catalyst, not the cause. There's also nothing saying he was friendzoned, Rin showed more feelings towards Obito than Kakashi.

Think about it:

1. Obito was the black sheep of the most elite clan in Konoha.

2. His parents died, leaving him heart-broken and alone, and sought comfort and love from others.

3. He sacrificed himself for his teammates, suffered a traumatic near-death experience where half his body was crushed, and his eye was removed from his face to further help his friends.

4. He was locked in a psychotic warmonger's basement where he was brainwashed for months, hearing about how cruel and unfair the world is by an old, bitter, and cynical man. He also taught Obito that the problem with the world is the ninja system, and that to destroy the ninja system is to make it so that it's not needed anymore. The old warmonger's plan was to brainwash everyone into being happy, so that there would be no more need for fighting and bloodshed.

5. When he finally got out, it was just to see his best friend kill his quasi-girlfriend. Why was she killed? She sacrificed herself because the enemy basically strapped a bomb to her and wanted her to return to her village and destroy it.

That's when he finally snapped. Rin would still be alive if it weren't for the ninja system, his parents wouldn't be dead, and he wouldn't had been crushed half to death. So he embraced the warmonger's goals, wanting to brainwash the world into being happy, but a few eggs needed broken to make that dream a reality.

About Orochimaru and Neji though, I agree 100%. The manga really went downhill once it started to focus on the Uchiha, and pretty much when Nagato was introduced the whole manga started to feel like a giant fanfic. Yet, after 13 years, I at least want to see how it ends.

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Itachi from "Naruto."

Story: He knows the main villain framed his clan which led to distrust between them and the village, his clan got tired of it and wanted to take over the village, but Itachi was loyal to the village and killed his clansmen in an ambush... with the help of the man who he knew framed them and didn't tell anyone.

He couldn't kill his baby brother though and would actually betray his village for the sake of his baby brother, so he started manipulating his baby brother in order to drive him to get strong enough to kill him as a form of poetic justice. It all started when he mindraped his baby brother, forcing him to helplessly watch his entire family and clan get murdered over and over again for 3 days straight, and left him a drooling mess.

Since then his baby brother started to become a mental case, suffering from anxiety, anti-social tendencies, and an inferiority complex. But when his baby brother started to break out of his shell, to make friends and finally start to be happy again, Itachi stepped in and broke his arm, his ribs, and mindraped him into a drooling mess again, telling him that he didn't have enough hate and told him to murder his best friend, the star of the series, to unlock their clan's inner power.

This drove his baby brother to flee the village and join one of the village's worst enemies to get more powerful and attempted to kill his friends on numerous occasions, making him a wanted criminal; preferably dead. Then Itachi was finally confronted by his baby brother, which led to Itachi's death. But Itachi took a dive, and it's revealed that Itachi knew he was turning his baby brother into a psychopath and it was his plan to mindrape him one last time with a brainwashing spell to turn him into a good guy which would had made his baby brother a target for the main villains who were more powerful than Itachi.

His baby brother then learned the truth behind Itachi's actions and decided to get revenge on the village. Eventually he ran into a zombified Itachi that ignored him, lied to him, and told him that he isn't his problem anymore, before finally saying that he loves his baby brother even if he destroys the village. Now that Itachi is finally gone for good, it's currently unknown what his baby brother will ultimately do since the series isn't over yet.

Character: Itachi through other people's comments is described as a highly intelligent and insightful candy-loving pacifist that doesn't act without a reason and overall saint, but his actions depict him as cruel and merciless, an "ends justify the means" type, and just so happens to be one of the most efficient assassins in his village, and for being a genius his plans aren't very well thought out. He also has the personality of a rock, being stoic, monotoned, and doesn't say much but does gloat from time to time. Again, other characters' opinions of his personality contrast with his portrayal. He also, in my opinion, has one of the most generic character designs. I'm not one for flash and flair, or something that comes out of Lady Gaga's closet, but his plainess is perhaps the most unique thing about his design.

Abilities: Itachi's highly impressive, easily one of the top 20 characters power-wise. Although the series does a semi-decent job placing his level in the series by comparing him to a few other characters, he always gets plot hax on his side in fights which makes his powers ambiguous.

He's basically a horribly done marty stu and/or black hole sue type character that sometimes crosses the lines into god mode sue territory.

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Wonder Woman.

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All of them.

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I dislike Deadpool's cross-dressing just to get a laugh. But, I suppose I dislike Deadpool's overly obnoxious tendencies in general.

@juiceboks said:

Not that I hate or dislike this particular moment(I actually think it's pretty funny) but it's the fact he thinks Bea Arthur is sexier than Halle Berry that rubs me the wrong way..

In the last issue of Cable & Deadpool, Deadpool revealed he was joking about Bea Arthur. Also, he doesn't really like Chimichangas, he just likes saying it.

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Isn't Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider going to be in Thunderbolts? So I have no idea who or what this is, but it looks highly dubious.

2nd pic looks significantly cooler. I wonder if they are trying for a Ghost Rider 2099 spin, or if he's somehow connected to the spirit of vengeance?

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I was wondering that myself.

All of the original 5 X-Men have gotten naturally more powerful over the years, so shouldn't Mimic have as well?

We should omit any outside forces, such as Archangel's metallic wings, but his enhanced mutation regarding the healing and such is still his power, and by extension Mimic's. Same with the retcon of Cyclops' eyes being conduits to an energy dimension, etc.

I could understand Mimic not being as well trained in his mental powers as Jean is, and never having possession of the Phoenix Force either.

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The original Deadpool written by the likes of Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, and Fabian Nicieza were the best. To be fair, Deadpool is a very complex character that's hard to write, but these guys had it pegged.

Rick Remender was a great Deadpool writer, but during X-Force he mostly played Deadpool as the comic relief and voice of reason. He did have some great moments to shine though when the book wasn't being focused on Wolverine, Psylocke, and Fantomex, where Remender's excellent Deadpool writing skills really shined through. I wonder how he'd do on a Deadpool solo book?

I had some issues with Daniel Way and he gets a lot of slack, but he was honestly better than some previous Deadpool writers and I thought he wasn't too bad.

The current guy, Gerry Duggan (with credit to Brian Posehn), I was a 50/50 on him at first, but he has shown to be a great Deadpool writer! I may have to start including him amongst the greats, we'll see.

Also, I think the artist also contributes a lot to a writer's stories.

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I think this one:

While I like zombies and it's cool to see Deadpool looking like Night of the Living Dead, reinforcing the idea of him being undying and unkillable, but story-wise Deadpool has terminal cancer all over his body and this depicts that.