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Great, I'm going to be a little poorer now.

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@danie_0 said:

@deadpool: I believe your translation might also be a mistranslation. You seem to have confused the word for morning and seven. To a non-Arabic speaker it is very easy to do. Pretty sure the literal translation is "The Morning Light" especially since I've seen him also called Son of the Morning Fire.

Thank you for your input. I gotta say though, the actual translation is reminiscent of "The Morning Star." Are they trying to connect him with Lucifer?

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I've heard that it's supposed to be Egyptian for "The First One," but it's actually a mistranslation meaning "The Seven Lights."

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She is pretty cool, I'm also enjoying her connection with Deadpool.

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I'd worry that he'd end up being a frequent member like Spider-Man and Wolverine have become, giving traditional members and/or new, lesser known recruits less panel-time.

Well with Deadpool, the Avengers wouldn't need Spider-Man or Wolverine anymore.

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1. I love that cover.

2. This is my favorite series from Marvel.

3. I like Agent Preston a lot but I do agree with everyone else that her stay has run it's course. I'm not going to be mad if she stays in his head for a few more issues at all but I do think she needs to be back in her body and with her family. And I'd like to see what other voice in Deadpool's head we'll get after :P

4. Can't wait for this issue.


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Perhaps it's time to update the list? There are quite a few good ones (and a lot of bad ones, maybe we'll ignore them):




Golden-Age Deadpool

Pulp Deadpool

Deadpool MAX

Future Deadpool (Battle of the Atom)

Death Mask

Kinda seems pointless, now that they're all dead.

You can still like dead characters.

Some of them may not actually be trulydead either.

I also don't think Deadpool MAX died.

Yeah, and Watari is still alive. I wish 5 Ronin would be expanded upon...

You guys obviously missed the part where Dreadpool said to 616 Deadpool that they were the last two Deadpools in existence. That Dreadpool killed all of the remaining Deadpool's in the multiverse to flush out the true Deadpool.

Than 616 Deadpool killed Dreadpool, and it was revealed that Evil Deadpool is still alive since Deadpool failed to to use any of the anti-healing factor weapons on him.

So technically, only Evil Deadpool and Deadpool exist now.

But didn't Deadpool, after killing Dreadpool, consider the possibility that more Deadpools yet exist?

There yeah go ladies and gentleman, an updated list of as many of the alternate Deadpool's I could find. Obviously there are more, but I have no pictures of them.

Sweet, thanks.

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First X-Men, now Avengers. Is this working towards an ultimate direction, or are they like "Hey, this made us money... let's do it again"?