Top 20 Comic Characters

This is my list of comic characters that I feel give a lot of life and interest in the world of comics. Some of them have more potential than they were given (such as Deadgirl). I did want to have others in there but there is only room for so many.

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Posted by fbdarkangel

oh come one! x-23 is totally great! she kicks Ass! she even kicked wolvie's ass!

Posted by HellionVulcan

Archangel is now what he should be ,the bringer of death to the weak & i love how he gutted wolverine & beat up x-force so easy as im rereading x-force .
Sabretooth is up there for sickest character of all time the things he has done i don't think many can match it but it made me a huge fan of him .

Posted by CRACKERMAN92

A very interesting set of characters.

Posted by CRACKERMAN92

great characters

Posted by Deadman Wade

I just had to change it up.