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Here are listed people with some imagination, that thy might not have a great style, but their creations are awesome, or they have an interesting and recognizable style for everybody, here are my favourite ones:

The number 1 (Steve Ditko) is there because his unique Art Style and Imagination in his creations.

The numbers 2 to 10 are artists that have a remakable style, unique and recognizable.

The numbers 5 to 10 are artists that also have an art that work perfectly with certian writing style.

The number 11 (Jack Kirby) is just someone that has a lot of imagination but all his creations look alike (Unlike the number 1).

The numbers 12 to 14 FIGHTS SCENES!!!.

The number 15 personal taste.

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This is a really awesome list.

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WOW, thanks for the recomendations to my lists, that means a lot coming from you =).
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great list

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Wow, cool, thanks...