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The point is, the last fight was a very respectable high end for Peter, but it really low balled Green Goblin.

This guy.

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I am bored.

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Team 1, because Colossus gives them a bit more edge oover the other team.

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Pre Retcon Dr Strange, Thor, Alan Scott, The Beyonder, Ghost Rider, etc.

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Well, Ultimate Reed Richards created the comic cube and he is the father of a race beyond all the current biology and technology.
In the other hand, classic strange is really powerful, he can summon the power of Cyttorak, or use god-like spells.

If Reed is allowed to use his Children of Tomorrow and his City, he would have a huge advantage, also because the Cosmic Cube.

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I haven't watched arrow, but Nolan's Batman is not such big deal.

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I have big hopes for this movie...

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@jwalser3 said:

Everyone loves the edgy characters.

Maybe is because relate with them, or also, want to be related to them or fing some imperfection that they relate to, so they want to be like the characters.

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@wolverine08 said:

Batman is taken more seriously because of his grim persona.

That could be something, as kid I liked him because he created fear in the hearts of the villains, he was fear, and that was cool enough when I was a kid.

Having good villains helped differentiate Batman from characters like the Shadow or Green Hornet.

Having good media exposure cements in people's minds why Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine are awesome. Aquaman is still stuck with the Superfriends stigma. Once Aquaman gets a live action movie, that stigma will probably go away.

It would need to be a really good movie, but yeah, that could be also true.

Now I have only read a bit of Green Hornet and none of The Shadow. But I think what makes Batman more popular than other "normal human" heroes is the vast mythos he has created. He has dozens of unique and interesting rogues, support characters who themselves are quite interesting such as Alfred, Gordon, Bollock, his entire Bat Family etc. Gotham as a city is a fantastic metaphor as to how the urban environment can be corrupt and malevolent. Add to that his own accomplishments, the gadgets, the cars, the martial arts, the detective work, and Batman There's a reason he's been in the public eye pretty much non stop since 1939, he's more than just a hero, he's an icon and a significant member of American pop culture.

Thats a thing, but I also wonder why he got such chance and the others not, golden age Batman wasnt that spectacular, maybe Bill Finger design was what had such impact, Batman seemed more like a villain that the good guy.

Perception of the character by other people.

Well, that is also a thing, peole tend of belive what a character is from the first person they heard of.