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Yes Big-Head needs to come back from the dead! I love "The Mask" the comics were great!
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Oh my gosh I love the comic! This movie is going to kick some much ass! I bet alot of people who don't know who Kick-Ass is and see him get his ass kicked alot are going to say his a sucky superhero, but he sure can take a freakin' hit an dhe never gives up that's what makes him awesome!
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So is this going to be a Batman and Conan crossover or does he mean the Image reminds him of Conan?
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It's going to be weird seeing someone else as Spider-Man I think Tobey did a good job.
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James Bond is so gay! I hate James Bond! Why another movie?
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@ARMIV said:
"Screw the critics!Harshing him before it's even done...shame on 'em!"

I agree! Roger Ebert doesn't know what the "F" his talking about! Can't he just sit there and enjoy a movie, instead of looking at all the flaws of a movie and looking for a good reason to say the movie sucks, when will he just kick over and die?!
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Roger Ebert pisses me off! I hope that fat bastard dies! That was a great movie! I didn't see anything wrong with it.

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I don't like reading comics on the computer! I want to own the comic not see it on a damned computer.

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@Vance Astro said:
" If I wanted to get technical your explanation wouldn't fit.It's completely bogus.
The Punisher also beat Taskmaster so and so did Moon Knight who is a worst fighter than Deadpool.Beating Taskmaster doesn't give you a win over the Punisher.
Deadpool isn't out of Taskmaster's league.Even if Deadpool beat him,Taskmaster is still the better fighter.
The Punisher has also fought Wolverine and Hulk
He has not been trained just as much as Frank.That's made up.
He's also not an incredible tactician.That's also made up.
Daredevil isn't even considered an incredible tactician and he outsmarted the Grandmaster an Elder of the Universe with superhuman level intellect.

I'd have to go with Vance there, Deadpool was hired to kill Frank, but he failed to do so. I mean Deadpool is bad ass but he isn't as well trained in weapons as Frank, I mean if you read "Punisher: Born." he killed over a dozen Viet-Congs with a shovel when he ran out of bullets for his M-60 machine gun. I mean the guy has killed the Marvel Universe and has out smarted even Dr. Doom. But that was a different univere but did Deadpool do that? No. Now when it comes down to hand-to-hand combat I think they are about the same, Punisher did stand against Batman in a fist fight and got some good licks on him. He has also had a stand still with Daredevil. But I think Frank could beat Deadpool not kill him.
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They did met in "Batman and Punisher: Lake of Fiery." They teamed up and fought one another. Punisher beat beat 'em.