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Deacon power grew up in a small Manhattan town near the water.All he ever dreamed of was money,and a nice car.That would come to him soon enough,he was drafted into a special project for average men,the project would promise the men wealth and power.Deacon joined oly to be surprised by the experiments being pefromed on the men.Deacon tryed to back out of it,but was subdued and taken in for testing.During the testing,the facilaty was being attacked by super powered thugs lookin for a quick buck.Deacon managed to break out of the testing tube and proceeded out on his way out he meet the Power pack,which was there in response to the attack on the facilty,He saved Jack power from a gun shot,but was fataly wounded.The Power pack brought him to there Hq,where he was brought back from near death,with the combined powers of the team.This gave Deacon the combined ability of the Power pack.