Power Thieves

These heroes and villains can replicate, steal, or remove other superpowers, in one way or another.

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Posted by Leliel

This a great list very original idea

Posted by SwingsetTragedy

Wow I really love this list it is alot more helpful than just searching the Power List on here cuz it only contains like 95 characters from random Comics and not All....But I still have to give this guy some props.But  I wonder if All of them had an All out battle who would win?

Posted by Zeraphyne

Hi, Deacon!
I just stumbled over your list, while creating my own, quite similar list "Useless alone". So I wanted to ask if it would be okay with you if I would use some of your entries in my list?

Posted by deacon11

sure, have at it. i just got most of these from the site's main list anyway.

Posted by BattleHeiz

Add Pulse

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he is Flash, Superman Batman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter all together
also he ist she and have two kids

Posted by bittenbyaspider

Add Kaede Kaburagi. from tiger and bunny