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Honestly this book is only making me hate Beast and Wolverine even more, and now with this last issue I'm sadly adding Jean Grey to the list. The three of them act like a bunch of hypocrites, putting themselves on pedestals, like they're some kind of role models or something.

First, I can't really believe how little Beast planned all of this. He brought the kids to the future, gave Jean Grey a glance of what will happen and that's it, they're ready to go back, and hope they can change their lives... Even though he knows Xavier would mind wipe them the moment they return to the mansion, so... it would've been for nothing... Great plan.

Then we have Wolverine. Since the end of AvX, he's been acting like he has done nothing wrong in his entire life, making Scott looks like the Devil, and now he even considered killing young Scott? That's genius. He should apply that same logic and go back in time with the O5 to look for himself and slice his own throat.

And finally, Jean. I know she has been through a lot of shit in her life, and know that she has seen what awaits her, it's obvious she's confused or whatever, but the way she treated young Scott... It's like she didn't see her whole life at all, all the crazy shit she has done, and even though Scott wasn't the best husband, she herself was a crappy wife...

I don't know, the only reason I'm still reading this is because of current Scott's little bits, everything else is just boring, or a way to make Scott look more and more like a Villain, while putting Beast and Logan as the Heroes, and Jean Grey as the new Messiah.

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I still don't get the deal of everyone trying to make Cyclops looks like a villian when 90% of the fans agree with him and think Beast and Wolverine are hypocrites (both have done much worse than Scott in last year by the way... if we go by morals they would be condemned before Cyclops, Beast admited that as he doesn't believe in afterlife, he didn't care at all for the rest of the reality as long as he would see his wishes done... bravo Hank... the character I liked died like 2 years ago...).

Aditionally I don't like Hank new form, too monkey like, his shape was original now he's just another clever monkey... but as I can't stand him now I think he deserves that :P

I just read this comic today and i was ready to rant all over this review but i see im not the only one that share these feelings. Im so tired of marvel and everyone making scott look like the worst person on earth like give it a rest already. The fanboy crush marvel has on wolverine makes me laugh. This whole book really pissed me off. I still dont get why jean is mad at scott. she seen all the things she did and should be somewhat understanding of scott at least. but of course cyclops is still the hated one.

they're doing a great job building up this young cyke to prevent him from becoming the man he is now. -_-

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i thought i was gonna stop picking up batman and robin after the terminus arc but i decided to give this book a shot and boy did i love it. Im not sure if i agree with the critique on the last couple of pages. i was confused but that just makes me want to see what is gonna happen next. I dont think that should lower the grade at all. Just makes me more excited for the next issue. Definitely cant wait to see what happens next.

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I thought this issue was okay. I've been dying to see their new altered powers. Didn't quit like Emma's attitude in this issue though. And magnetos. Its like everyones taking turns to make cyclops look like the biggest douche in the world. I'm guessing people are calling it "b.s" when cyke says it wasn't him it was the phoenix. Jean gets a pass though. Like even Emma now? she cheated on cyke and was becoming somewhat of a dictator amongst the younger mutants. she even said the phoenix was taking control. They should have left her lol. idk i'm just tired of all the cyclops hate. I can't wait for the next issue though. young cyke v.s old cyke :).

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I was really into this issue. I wouldnt give it a 5 though. Im a bit confused. Didn't the avengers always have a huge roster? idk i thought the "big idea" would be a bit more intense. I really loved the art although some of their faces kinda looked funny to me. I also didn't like Abyss mind controlling or instigating the hulk to fight thor. I feel like i've seen that too many times already. Cap also seemed cheesy. its minor nit picking but i liked the issue. It really gives me a sense that something big is coming up. And yeah i guess they had to go with the movie roster.

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lol wonder woman made this story for me. It kinda felt like they all kissed and made up to quickly though. still thought the issue was pretty nice. I wish superman was more involved though. Him and aquaman seem pretty distant.

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namor was pretty sick in this issue. This story really pisses me off though. the whole p5 thing is pretty cool i guess but i feel like things are too out of wack now. avengers take hope. hope is on their side for whatever reason. x-men are of course the bad guys. cyclops is still of course the "jerk"... wanda has some type of connection to the P force. hope is I'm guessing destined to beat the P5. I'm slowly forgetting why they were fighting in the first place. What was the purpose of X-sanction? and prof x and cyclops going at it all of a sudden? the prof should be threatening the avengers or namor for fing everything up. idk. maybe i just want cyclops to win. we all know that wont happen. X-men were the underdogs and were going to lose right from the start.

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@EganTheVile1: its crazy cause i feel the same way. although i some what enjoyed the issue, it just doesn't feel right. i mean they have been split up before and I'm pretty sure banner didn't go all crazy and insane. i loved banner in world war hulks. he was so brilliant and under control.

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i really don't agree with the way scott is shown in this book. he is suppose to be a leader and a great one. this book just makes him look like a wimp. it also kinda sucks to see that his own family wont support him. maybe scott and havoc have their issues but i wish at least rachael would stay with him. i think logan is trying to take scotts life. first his wife, then his friends, then his family, then his meant to be role.