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Hard choise. Hush is really damn good story, it perfectly used Batman's rogues gallery and showed Batfamily dynamic. It actually one of the best choise for starting Batman books for new reader who familiar with characters. It has so many memorable scenes like Superman battle (unlike resent encounters , it was a good fight), Catwoman,Shiva,Talia scene, Joker and Batman encounter, Final revelations. It has an enjoyable reading.

As much as I love Hush, TLH is the story made me a comic book fan. It works with Batman's roots. It was a Detective story. Suspection is excelent, good crime materials and rouge gallery used well. And of course that awesome Two-face origin. I know many people didn't like the ending , godfather referances and artwork. But actually they are what I liked. Many peoples don't like Jeph Loeb , yes they have reasons (especially ultimatium ) but I think he understands Batman charecters and really good at working with them.

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"Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing, added, with the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her."

Hey Mrs. Kroll , you know DC is a company works under WB and makes comic books. Just go there and talk about a good WW plot with some writers like Gail Simone (please avoid Geoff Johns, he is a horrible WW writer) . Then hire a good screenwriter for making this plot for a movie. There you have a right script.

A JL movie confirmed, sorry but this kind informations started to bore peoples and every new cameo about Batman vs Superman kills my expectations for a good film. However Metal men surprised me. I like them and their concept but I don't have expect much for this movie. It will be either a CGI fest or WB will find a way screwing their concept. Only thing I hope a Captain Marvel movie could be work but I haven't any thrust for WB.

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I really enjoyed in this movie , it's way more better than JL:War garbage. Yes, it's not as good as some of the previus movies but at least they tried making original plot (I really hate direct comic adaptions , if I read them why should I watch ? ).

For Deathstroke , they made him really weak and uninteresting bland villian. But to be fair novadays he is to much overrated .

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Wow, that's actually an interesting plot. This title starts to interest me.

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@lvenger said:

Wow the hypocritical, anarchical, henious excuse for a 'superhero' and fallen angel that is Cyclops gets the vote on here? Really? That's made me lose a bit of faith in the Vine for picking one of the worst comic book characters as "the voice of right and reason." Did anyone actually read AvX? Or see what Marvel have made Cyclops into? Where even top ranking Marvel editors actively said Cyclops was in the wrong during AvX? And yet people still think he's a messiah of mutant kind? What idiotic decision making that has appalling reason and fallacious logic behind it. I could go on and on about how wrong Cyclops was but people have already done that so there's no need. Cyclops was WRONG when you actually look at what he did.

You know some of us voted him for what he was before...don't generalize,man.

And Cyke may not be at his best now but a favorite is a favorite, I still love him for the character he was back in New and Astonishing X-men.

That doesn't mean much, intention and final product can differ. Marvel didn't manage to show that Cyclops was wrong clearly, so people sided with him and the fact that he was right (even by coincidence) about the phoenix, only made him look better. Plus no one takes AvX seriously because it is an abomination.

I'm one of them. Cyclops was my favorite and he is still may favorite. Despite the fact that writers screw him over and over but he still survives , that's not an easy thing.

Marvel screwed X-men since House of M , after the M-day Marvel only cared Avengers. There were made so many damages to X-men like Schism and AvX is the last chain of this abomination.

Speaking of Wolverine, there was a time he was one of my favorite but he is not anymore. Actually one of my least favorite because over using him just ruined his charecter. Maybe it's movies fault , it tamed his image and Every X movie made for him and DOFP will be not exception. Marvel used him everywhere and made him more Avenger then X-men. And every new idea make for him just made him more hypocrite and less interesting. I couldn't belive when they made him profesor Wolverine , it's just a dumb idea. And when he betrayed X-men in AvX that was enough for me. After that Marvel not stop ruining him. That horrible Age of Ultron killed Wolverine. He lost all his charm for many comic book reader.

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Yes, Cyclops is in the lead. Respect the Leader of X-men! The sad thing is X-women lost their interest, just Kitty gets decent vote. To be fair only Magic draws my attention nowadays.

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@johnqestion: I give up man , it's hard to make argument with someone who never understand Clark/Lois relationship . Keep reading your twilight fantasy book but fans like you is the reason why companies give us disastrous comics like One More Day . And please not talk about sales , there are not big diffrences between pre New 52 and New 52 Superman sales . To be fair currently , only Superman Unchained made big sales and it's nothing about WW/Sup relationship.

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You compare the mature REAL way Soule is writing Clark and Diana to the almost Disneyesque versions of Lois and Clark who never really go beyond certain cliches and troupes and you can see imo THIS relationship (Clark and Diana) is way more layered, complex and authentic. You have two individuals who are written that way. With lots of contrasts and Soule goes for it. Lois and Clark's marriage was vanilla. They never had the balls to challenge the issues that would arise it like they are doing with this couple here. Lois petting Clark is basically how it is. It's a really watered down because it panders by never giving them anything but him protecting Lois and her listening.Yawn for me.

Ow, I couldn't belive what you said. You compaired this ridiculous series with some of the best Superman stories like Action Comic #775 , Camelot Falls, Last Son. Mature Real way, what, really? I really not saw any adult thing in this book , I just saw "We are different, what everybody thinks about our relationship, greek tragedy bla bla bla" cliche , forced romance and great villians turns emos. Marriage is real life and adult thing and it turns heroes more responsible and much more deeper character not makes them cliche or boring . But I know some writers not want to write real life conditions instead they prefer manchild fantasies. Now, I finally understand Why DC and Marvel hates married couples. Because fans like you demands this kind of fantasies .

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@lvenger: Yes , and dancing and flying scene that's what I call a powerful moment . You know that never work with WW coz she can fly herself :D . But seriously it's a perfect issue .