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@sparty_dbq: I'm sure a lot of people here enjoy the occasional sportsball. :)

Another great episode of AoS. I just hope they can keep this pace up the entire season. I think one of the problems with last season was that most of the time the show felt like it was going nowhere.

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My favorite this week has to be Dustin Nguyen's Poison Ivy. Honorable mention to Sara Pichelli and Philip Tan.

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Could not care any less for Amazing Spider-Man or Spider-verse. With any luck maybe we'll get a Spider Gwen ongoing from this.

@starbrand1 you know, all those pointless and uninteresting Spider-Man stories written by talentless writers like JMS and Mark Waid. Thank God Dan Slott came along and saved Spider-Man!

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I'm not a huge fan of Kris Anka but props where it's due, that Thor piece looks pretty good.

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Already way too much Bruce Wayne. The end of the episode with Bruce conquering his fear was a bit much. And the preview for next week's episode feels like this show is going to be young Batman in training. I hope the steer away from the Waynes and start investigating other crimes later on in the season. And please no more villains.

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Icon is stepping up it's game. Right now, loving United States of Murder.

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This book and All New X-Men have fallen to the bottom of the pile for me. This last Will and Testament of Xavier has dragged on for too long. And having the existence of some new uber mutant be the outcome just feels horribly retconned. And I think like everyone else, I'm tired of the X-Men whining about Scott murdering Xavier at every turn.

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^^^^ this guy is delirious.... bachalo is amazing, anka is okay, but im pretty sure if you take a look back at the last issue, anka didnt draw any faces on characters... kinda weird.... and lazy.

Bachalo art is messed up. You can't even see what's happening.

Bachalo is amazing + Awesome + Uncanny mixed with incredible, just saying his page lay out is unique and vivid, his art is a bit abstract but still alive it reaches out and pulls you in. You have to sit back and look at hte whole page not just panel by panel to take in how incredible Bachalo is

Agreed! I love Bachalo's art. It's just so much fun to look at.

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I've been a big fan of Bendis on X-Men, but with these last two issues of Uncanny I seriously feel ripped off. Two issues with absolutely no plot movement. As a whole I think the X-Men need to move past the death of Xavier. It's ridiculous given their past and everything they know about the Phoenix, that they would still blame Scott for Xavier's death.

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I think it's funny that Comicvine would ever be accused of being pro Marvel. No offense to the staff, but I always felt this site skewed way heavier towards DC. Just look at the ratio of Marvel/DC creators on the podcast and in videos. Just to clarify, this is not a criticism.