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Revan drains his Life Force.


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I don't expect a whige dominated site to vote for a nigga rapper over a white one....neither do I expect them to know anything about black music. ^_^

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Don't be arrogant Swords, no one is immune to my trolling. :3

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Wreck = win. So unless she lost, which, she didn't, yes she did wreck them. Magnaguards isn't anything special, they present a decent challenge in numbers before going down at most, and get Fisto'ed at least.

Also, it's common courtesy to actually use the reply button. If you have something to say to a user, at least have the decency to hit "reply" otherwise, it's just rude. :3

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The fact that Anakin, struggled with far less weight when he was in his prime, proves otherwise, TBH. My point of consistency was to illustrate, that Anakin, at normal levels, shouldn't have pulled off that feat the way he did at that point in time. In terms of normal consistency, Vader operates at a higher level than Anakin in regards to their average showings. And Vader feats are flat out superior disregarding the Dreadnought showing, and even with it, I would debate that Vaders overall showing are more superb.

Also, I never said it was "impossible" for Anakin to be equal or more powerful than, Vader - I simply said I don't see it.

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I stop taking Magnadroids serious, when a just turned Padawan Ahsoka, wrecked three of them.

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Anakin isn't an equal for Vader in the power department. Besides, that incosistent feat with the Dreadnought, what has he done that surpasses, or equals: collapsing a Cathedral, tearing a room apart simply because he was angry, casually tossing around 1 ton + plus- builders, Crushing a droid that dwarfed him in size, tblasting a hole through a Rebel Base wall, casually crushing flying TIE Fighters in the Vacuum of space, moments after he deflecting their fire, TK'ed Starkiller, held a TIE Fighter in place while it's Thrusters were in full effect, etc, etc. I simply fail to see Anakin as being an equal or superior to Vader in terms of aw Force power. Surely he's close, but I find the difference to be notcible, at least, to me.

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Jacen Solo after a decent fight.

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Not sure.

Vader raw power showing have impressed me more on a consistent basis, he also knows more Force abilities (such as Force absoprtion and Alter Enviroment,) while Anakin's skill and speed would be above Vader, if only slightly. Vader is obviously more durable, physically stronger and sporting the superior pain tolerence. As I've said before, it could go either way.

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Jaina Solo stomps. Without the nerf, one could make a case for Jaina taking a majority, based upon them being nealy identical in dueling skill ( Jaina: Taking down high ranking Vong while hindered, chopping down ordinary Vong warriors on numerous occasions stalemating Kyp Durron, defeating Voxyn, taking down multiple Sith, slaying multiple Yuuzhan Vong Slayers Vs Vader: Beating Shroan, besting Maul, besting Dark Woman, taking down multiple Jedi Knights, holding an advantage on Stakiller, all of which done before his prime. Where, in his prime, he actually stalemated the soon to be G.O.A.T Jedi - Luke Skywalker in combat) Vader is obviously more powerful in the Force by a decent margin, while Jaina is enjoying a comfy agility advantage, and maybe a slight speed advantage - though that's entirely debatable.

That being said, I would give Vader the slight edge when he's not considerably hindred for comedic effect; like what is obviously being done in this thread, but it's very close. Simply put, Jaina is more or less equal to TCW Maul as a whole, while, I have Vader, a tad bit above that mark.