Star Wars and Speed: Common Misconceptions.

Okay this is my first blog like this so hopefully it decent. The reason I created this blog is because there is alot of misconception involving the speed of Star Wars EU characters so here is my attempt to counter some of those misconception,Now we shall begin.


Blaster bolts

Some overrate them,some underrate them I hear alot of people on the forum say "Ooh all Jedi are light speed because they block laser bolts that are light speed" But that is far from the truth the only Jedi/Sith that are close to light speed are (Luke Skywalker and Palpatine but I will get to that later on in this blog). Blaster bolts are not lasers neither are they anywhere near lightspeed,there are instead plasma particle bolts. That is where there overrated,they are underrated when people say they are much slower then bullets because you can see it moving slowly, and once again,that is false. It was stated in Star Wars:The Official Guides To Weapons and Technology, that the visible the visible light we see are only the tracer,the real destructive beam is invisible and is considerably faster then the tracer. That being said, there is no evidence that a blaster bolt is any slower then a bullet,in fact they may have evidence to support it is actually the other way around seeing as how bullets are obsolete in the Galaxy far, far away. Now that we cleared that up let move on to the next subject.....

"Jedi and Sith reflecting blaster bolts has more to do with Precognition then anything"

This,is false and far from the truth. It does not matter if you can read a blaster bolt before it happens,you need speed to deflect it regardless if you know it's coming or not take this for example:

A slight sideways tilt of his head invited Vastor to look around, which he did. Which was when he saw the full company of black-armored stormtroopers on a ring ledge about three meters above him, all with weapons aimed at his gigantic chest.

"I don't," Luke said. "Not if I can help it. Not anymore." He looked down at Han with a faint start, as though he'd been lost in a daydream and only now realized where they both were. Wearing a faintly bemused half smile, he flipped the DL-44 end-for-end and offered its grip to Han. "Here. You'll need this."

"For what?" Han asked, just as he was starting to realize that the shaft around the


had suddenly gone quiet. The stormtroopers had stopped screaming. "Uh oh."

He snatched his pistol out of Luke's hand and popped to his feet as blasters opened up on all sides to rain plasma upon them in a roaring flood. Luke's lightsaber flared to life and lashed out in invisibly fast arcs that sent bolts out and away in a fan, blasting into the rock of the shaft walls. Choking red-black smoke billowed out from the points of impact, shrouding them in gloom so dense that the


exterior floodlights only gave off a yellow-brown glow.

"Stick close." Luke's voice was tight with concentration. "I'm not used to having to cover somebody else."

"Don't have to tell


twice." Han squeezed himself into a substantially less-than-Han-sized space at Luke's back and had barely time to wish that he knew a Jedi who was just a


taller before the


bucked as if it had been kicked. The ship bounced off the shaft wall hard enough that Han had to grab Luke's shoulder to stay upright. "Chewie,



"Not his fault," Luke said tightly, still carving smoke with his blade to catch stray blaster bolts. "The ship didn't move. The shaft did. The mountain's breaking up."



! Any


good news?"

"Yes," Luke said. "We're being boarded."

Dark shapes hurtled down at them through the gloom—stormtroopers jumping off the ring ledge. Han snarled something wordless that expressed vividly how he felt about having Imperial boots touch his ship and slipped his blaster over Luke's shoulder, snapping off a pair of double taps that caught two troopers while they were still in the air. The bursts blew them backward far enough that they fell short and tumbled into the shaft below, but dozens made it onto the hull. There were plenty more where they'd come from, and Han had a strong feeling that a stand-up fight against a hundred-some stormtroopers was a losing proposition under the best of circumstances. Which these circumstances weren't.

"Make for the hatch!" Han fired twice more, dropping one dark silhouette and knocking another spinning off the rim of the hull, while Luke fanned away a flood of return fire. "Let's see how these sons of monkey-lizards like open space and hard vacuum!"

"You first," Luke said.



thing you won't have to cell me twice." Red-glowing spheres sailed in through the smoke: thermal detonators. Some bounced away, but four or five maglocked themselves to the hull. "Uh, Luke?"

"I've got them." With his left hand, Luke swung his lightsaber in a dazzling flourish to spray blaster bolts randomly through the smoke, while his right hand stretched out toward the dets. All of them suddenly jerked themselves loose and flipped over the edge of the ship. Multiple detonations bounced the ship off the wall again. "Go, Han! Go



Han took three steps, then threw himself into a flat dive that became a belly flop and sent him skidding and scraping over the lip of the hatch. He pulled himself in with his free hand and pivoted around his grip to land on his feet on the deck below. "I'm in! Luke, come on!"

More dets went off and lit the smoke with bloody flame, and there came no sign that Luke had any intention of following him. Han scrambled back up the gangway. "Luke, don't be an idiot!"

"I'm going after Vastor." Luke leaned into the gale of blasterfire as he worked his way toward the ship's edge. "Go. Save Leia! Don't wait for me."

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

In the quote above Luke deflects blaster bolts from and entire company of Storm Troopers a company = 128 troopers

Company (128 troopers): A company consists of four platoons, led by a captain.

--Taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare

It does not matter if he has precognotion or not, you have to be able to move very fast to react to 120 Storm troopers shooting at you simultaneously.

I could also post several other examples but.........*Yawns* I just got lazy again. I will finish this later when I get some more time, as a wise women once said " I didn't choose the Snorlax life, the Snorlax life choose me" xD peace out folks I hoped you enjoyed reading my meaningless blog =P

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I enjoyed it and it wasn't meaningless, lol. Please @ me if you add anything more. :)

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@lykopis: Thanks ^_^ No problem I will make sure to notify you the moment I update it =D

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Star Wars is underrated here on the Vine.

I wouldn't be surprised Yoda could take out the Hulk if he went to the Darkside like in one book with Count Dooku.

- Nice blog btw ;)

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@dccomicsrule2011: That is the one thing SW has on the Trek, better done aliens. But we are talking movie vs tv and SW more copious EU hehe

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@dccomicsrule2011 about the force users being close to light speed, you should add Darth Bane. In Dynasty of Evil (if i remember corectly) He blocks every single rain drop from touching him in a rain storm. (BTW, in what star wars book do you see Grievous at his prime?)

PS: Nice blog Btw

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@rexorr: Boards don't strike back and neither do rain drops. They would evaporate on contact with the blade without any resistance. Laser swords are at least a meter in length, and speed is not an issue for beings such as Grievous to spin the blades in circular motion, covering their entire body. While there are many rain drops, they aren't as quick as blaster bolts. Deflecting fire from a company of troopers is probably more difficult for an instant than evaporating rain for ten minutes. The former requires precision/skill and speed while the latter requires endurance and enough speed.

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Very informative

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I completely forgot about this blog......I definitely have some touching up to do with it.

Very informative

Thanks dude. ^___^

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@dccomicsrule2011: This is great, especially for those who underrate Star Wars feats and the general capabilities of characters.

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"@dccomicsrule2011: This is great, especially for those who underrate Star Wars feats and the general capabilities of characters." Courtesy of @rogueshadow:

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@dccomicsrule2011: How many things must you take from Silver -_-

Nah, kidding. This thread would be useful for some guys out there.....

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I'm A SW noob, are Jedi or Sith or anyone who can control the force the only one who can use light sabers?

Does welding a light saber require force manipulation?

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@overlordarhas said:


I'm A SW noob, are Jedi or Sith or anyone who can control the force the only one who can use light sabers?

Does welding a light saber require force manipulation?

Yes, I think you do need the power of the Force to control a Lightsaber but I'm not 100% sure, even if it was stated somewhere their have been a few exceptions, such as Orman Tagge, Pres Viszla, General Grievous ;etc are all pretty adroit with a lightsaber despite have zero talent with the Force.

Edit: I just checked a couple sources and it said nothing about someone needing to be a Force sensitive to master a lightsaber, it only said you have to have a lifetime worth of training to master one:

Mastering the lightsaber requires a lifetime of training. Before the Emperor's violent Jedi purge, the youngest members of the Jedi Order began training in lightsaber combat as soon as they were old enough to hold a weapon.

--Taken from Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

--Taken from Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

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@deathstroke19: @rogueshadow: Thanks guys. ^__^

@dccomicsrule2011: How many things must you take from Silver -_-

Nah, kidding. This thread would be useful for some guys out there.....

xP The real reason I made this because some were calling Star Wars characters aim dodgers in the Battle Forum so I felt I had to set the record straight.