DCCR Review ; Star Wars :Red Harvest

I was supposed to do this days ago. But anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge on me knows I'm, quite honestly, one of the most laziness of all Viners. Now that I'm done with that irrelevant tangent it's time to get down to business. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you; Red Harvest.

Isn't he the most beautiful being you've ever laid your eyes on?

Publisher summary:

The era of the Old Republic is a dark and dangerous time, as Jedi Knights valiantly battle the Sith Lords and their ruthless armies. But the Sith have disturbing plans—and none more so than the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s fanatical dream, which is about to become nightmarish reality.

Unlike those other Jedi sidelined to the Agricultural Corps—young Jedi whose abilities have not proved up to snuff—Hestizo Trace possesses one extraordinary Force talent: a gift with plants. Suddenly her quiet existence among greenhouse and garden specimens is violently destroyed by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. For the rare black orchid that she has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula that promises to grant Darth Scabrous his greatest desire.

But at the heart of the formula is a never-before-seen virus that’s worse than fatal—it doesn’t just kill, it transforms. Now the rotting, ravenous dead are rising, driven by a bloodthirsty hunger for all things living—and commanded by a Sith Master with an insatiable lust for power and the ultimate prize: immortality . . . no matter the cost.

The plot

At the Sith academy Odacer-Faustin located on the planet Odacer Faustin, Darth Scabrous, (the main antagonist for this story) hire's the bounty hunter Tulkh to the Murakami orchid from the Jedi Agricultural Corps, for reason that is unknown to Tulkh. Tulkh then proceeds to steal the orchid but was surprised to learn he can not bring it back alive with out it's planet (Hestizo Trace Nicknamed "Zo" in the novel and is the main protagonist for this story) Tulkh then kidnaps her, along with the orchid and brings them both to Darth Scabrous. When their Scabrous mixes the orchid with a strange Sith alchemy device that pumps yellowish fluid through tubes. When said fluids was pumped into Wim Nickter (a Sith trainee) that's when things get real serious.

Wim is then turned into a un-dead cannibalistic zombie that is infected with the "Sickness" the virus caused when the orchid is mixed with the special Sith alchemist concoction mixed by Darth Scabrous, who, in-turn, learned it from his Sith Teacher Darth Scabrous. Scabrous is then attacked by Wim, who ferociously takes a chunk out of Scabrous's face, infecting the Sith Lord with "Sickness" [quote below] He then proceeds to infect the populace of the Sith Academy with the "Sickness"

Quote below :

The Sith Lord gazed upon his creation. A terrible, prescient smile crept across his face.

"Nickter," he said. "Come to me"

The thing shuffled another step forward, and Scabrous held out one hand beckoning it forth like an animal.

"Yes. That's right"

All at once Nickter sprang forward with entirely different kind of urgency, the tubes ripping of its spine. Reddish yellow stuff splashed and spewed from the open tubes, spraying out into the air. From his hiding place Jura saw the Sith Lord rear backward, his arms in front of his face, as the thing that had once been Win Nivkter landed on top of him and without hesitation sank its teeth into Scabrous's face.

Scabrous swung one arm upward, and the thing flew back across the lab, its body reduced to a momentary blur, flailing into a tall rack of unused flask and beakers not far from where Jura was still crouched.

The rack exploded in a deafening cacophony of shattered glass, the thing tumbling over the floor, and Jura saw it push itself upright, its cheeks and forehead glittering with broken shards like dragon teeth.

Astringent smells of alcohol and ammonia and carbolic acid filled the air.

Jura saw the girl stand up and run for the turbo lift. She never looked back, not even as the door sealed shut behind her.

A roar of fury shook the chamber around him, loud enough that Jura felt it reverberating in the hollow of his chest. On the opposite side of the Lab, Scabrous rose up. The right half of his hung down in a pale bloody flap. Above it, his eyes coruscated with anger so ferocious that looked like something entirely different, something dangerously close to madness.

The Sith Lord flung out his right hand, palm raised, in the direction of Nickter's corpse. The corpse jerked back again, tumbling like a thing on wire, and this time Jura Ostrogoth realized that he was the one crouched directly in its path.

The realization came to late too save him. Nickter's corpse collided with him, knocking him off his feat and pounding the air out of his lungs, hurling both of them backward into one of the wide curved view ports that formed the tower's wall Jura's final impression-that the entire world was bursting apart around him in s brittle, deafening explosion-was not altogether wrong.

The he fell.

--Taken from Red Harvest

As he infects people the novel then takes a look at four (or is it five? I'm way to lazy to check) Sith trainees and the academies Blade Master. I can't remember either of their names for sh!t right now (hold on for a sec while I flick through the book......)

I found it! =P Their names are: Kindra, Hartwig, Maggs, Rance Lussk,Ra'at and the Sith Combat Master Xat Hraken. As they try to work "together" to survive but, they fail.


Being trained in the Sith philosophy they are incapable of working together even in a life or death situation. They don't trust each other for sh!t and their back stabbing ways hurt them in the end.

All the while this is going on Zo's brother, a Jedi Knight, founds out his sister is kidnapped and proceeds to rescue her from Odacer-Faustin.

Now back to the main story.

Tulkh and Zo have no choice but to work together and find a way to get off the god forsaken. All in the while Scabrous schemes on a way to get Zo in his grasp so he can get what he wanted the whole time, the reason all of this transpired from the beginning.


The Sith potion that was made was intended to grant Scabrous immortality but their was only one more ingredient he needed to completely his quest.

A freshly ripped out heart. The heart of a Jedi like Zo. He would need to cut it out of her chest and then eat it for him to increase his Midi-chlorian to high level so, his body, can balance out the "Sickness" and grant him immortality. :P

I'm not going to soil the story for those who may want to read it so I'm going to stop right here.

My thoughts

This is a great book in my opinion. The characterization is pretty solid, Scabrous is a truly mincing villain, Schreiber does a good job of not straying away from the story and giving detailed descriptions. the overall plot is solid and the chapters are short so you can easily read them in about 10 minutes(well the book is short in general it's only about 244 pages long. Compared to most EU books which are at least around 300)

Most of all you do not need to be a seasoned Star Wars EU fan to read the book. This is actually my second EU book I ever read (first being Episode IV novelization) it's not really important to the continuity and the events of this book has nothing to do with other EU works; meaning someone with little to no knowledge on the EU can read it and enjoy it just as much as I did.

Badass moment of the book

Just for fun here is the badass moment of the book for me.

Zo wrecks multiple Sith zombies before Tuhlk can even finish saying "get down" virtually viewing the world in slow-motion ^_^ [quote below]

She looked around again and saw the things crashing to the ground on all sides of her,raising their heads and opening their mouths.

And everything



"Get....." Tulkh was saying one arm sludging back to pluck a meter-long arrow from his quiver, moving slowly that he seemed to be underwater. Zo sprang up into the air like a woman moving through a gallery of wax figures. She came down just behind one of the Sith-things, grabbed it's greasy, partially decayed skull in both hands from the back and wretched it hard to the left. The cervical spine popped and gave with a crunch, the entire cranium coming loose as she ripped it free from it's shoulders. The head was still screaming as she threw it underhand into the next shambling thing, hitting it hard enough to knock it back into the side of the tower. A third she grabbed by the throat and crotch, hosting it up and pile-driving it strait upward in the direction it had come.

Behind her, she heard a twang as Tulkh's arrow finally left the bowstring. Without glancing back, Zo reached out and lifted the flying arrow out of the air. She did this effortlessly, without a thought, like someone taking a book from a shelf. Behind her, across the depth of motionless snowflakes, Tulkh stood with his lips still curling to form the last part of his first word while five remaining Sith-things perched like statues barely moving in various aspects of attack.

Spring forward, snapping the arrow in two, Zo buried the halves of the shaft in two of their skulls hard enough to impale them permanently together, face-to-face like horrific loves melded for all eternity. She grabbed the arm of the grinning, ,mossy-faced Sith acolyte who appeared to have gnawed through his own lip and the interior of his mouth up to his hard palate. Twist. Pop. The arm came free at the elbow and she swung it down like a club on a skull of the walking corpse in front of him. She sensed events moving faster now, her hold on the situation loosening again. The snowflakes were coming unstuck from the air, starting to confetti down in reckless profusion. The Sith-thing that she'd flung upward earlier was finally coming back down. As the last of the things shambled toward her, she heard a dull and whacking thump, the kindling-sharp crack of a dozen fractured bones.

".......down!" Tulkh finished, only then seeming to realize that the arrow was gone from his bow and that the Sith-things were all on the ground now, torn apart. His nostrils twitched.

"leave any fro me?"

--Taken from Red Harvest

And people say Star wars characters "aim dodge" blaster bolts....

All in all I enjoyed this book very much and I give.....

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it. xD


A Darth Vader (EU) Tourney respect thread

Okay as you all know (or you may not I mean who really cares?) I enter tourneys frequently on the battle forum and when I entire said tourneys majority of the time I use characters from my one of my favorite universe; Star Wars. being as such it is really a pain to have to constantly up-load the same scans and scavenge for the same quotes every time, thus I am creating this thread. For one I will like to credit @silver2467 for some of these scans (not all though,lol I am not that much of a thief)

Vader is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe and he is someone I plan to use frequently in the battle tourneys, so that is why I'm creating a mini respect thread I will not gather every scan/quote for every power Vader has, I do not have the time to do it, thus that is why this is a mini respect thread to highlight Vaders best feats. I will leave the real respect threads to the real experts such as Silver. After taking me hours to gather these scans/quotes, I hope you respect Vader as much as I do.


Vader has several notable speed feats

Here he reacts to a turret emplacement and blocks it with his lightsaber:

Here Vader reflects/dodges several blaster bolts fired by multiple troopers on several occasions:

Various examples of Vader creating afterimages/blurring motion/blurring trails of light with his lightsaber:

He has moved so fast he seemed to have teleported behind his foe while also evading a blaster bolt at point blink range:

Showing great jumping and sprinting speed:

Shryne fired a quick burst, then sprinted for the doorway. Behind him, his humanoid accomplices were also in motion, stunning the guards to unconsciousness and racing for the open gate.

Angling his blade, Vader deflected the bolts with intent, but by jinking and jagging Shryne managed to evade each parry. Vader leapt, his powerful prosthetic legs carrying him to the top of a broad but short flight of steps in time to see Shryne sprint across the bridge at Jedi speed, motioning to his accomplices to move Zar through the gate.

Vader leapt again, this time to the bridge, and to within only a few meters of Shryne, who spun about, dropping to one knee and firing repeatedly. This time Vader decided to show Shryne whom he was dealing with. Holding his lightsaber to one side, he raised his right hand to turn the blaster bolts.

Clearly astonished, Shryne remained on one knee, but only briefly. In an instant he had passed through the gate and was shouldering his way through the crowd outside the wall.

Vader's final leap landed him just short of the rampart. Over the heads of the milling beings, at the forward edge of a landing platform, a woman with gray-laced black hair was gesturing frantically to Shryne and his cohorts, who were already hauling Fang Zar up the platform steps.

--Taken from Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Roan Lands before he could even react:

"He is a former associate, yes, but --"

It happened before he could get out another word. Faster than an eyeblink. Faster than he'd seen anyone move, anyone except Yoda.

The lightsaber hadn't been there, and then it was, and the lightsaber was a blur. Vader moved without seeming to move, and the lightsaber sliced into Roan, straight into his chest. Straight into his heart.

-- Taken from Star Wars: Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon

More showing of Vader moving his lightsaber as blurring trails/after images:

Vader waves his lightsaber in a blur and moves it fast enough that the blurring motion appears to be nothing but a "blurring blue circle"

He draws and swings his lightsaber faster then the human eye could dare follow.

Faster than a human eye could follow, Vader's lightsaber was up, activated and moving. Grammel's slashed form pitched wildly, stumbled backward and tumbled over the side of the crawler. There was a lull as the stunned driver looked on in terror.

--Taken from Splinter of the Mind's Eye

He waves his lightsaber in a blur and swings it fast enough that the blurring motions appear as nothing but a bright circle.

"No," Vader assured him, "no. You overestimate yourself, child." The Dark Lord drew himself up to his full, awesome height. "I have finished playing with you."

Swinging his saber until it was no more than a blue blur in the dank air of the temple, he leaped straight up into the air. It was more than a jump, less than levitation. Out of the blue circle of energy he flung the saber.

--Taken from Splinter of the Mind's Eye

A caught off-guard Vader, draws his lightsaber faster than thought, waves it invisibly fast, and deflects over a dozen blaster bolts. Albeit, one breached his armor but as mentioned before he was caught off guard, he also destroys the blaster torrent with a gesture afterwards because he's a boss like that.

The Dark Lord stepped into the room, scanning it. There was something here...

The faint click of metallic weapons reached his ears. Faster than thought, Vader drew and ignited his lightsaber. In the same moment, small openings appeared in the walls and ceiling, and hidden blasters fired. Energy beams rained down on the Dark Lord and his soldiers. Stormtroopers cried out as blaster bolts shattered their white armor.

At least a dozen bolts streaked toward Vader himself. Moving faster than the eye could follow, Vader's lightsaber blocked them all.

Except for one.

The last blaster shot slipped past his saber and glanced off the Dark Lord's armored shoulder. Circuits snapped and sizzled. Looking down, Vader saw that the energy beam had sliced a thin hole in his armor and reached his skin. A tiny stream of blood trickled down his armor and dripped onto the stone floor. The Dark Lord let out a low growl and covered the wound with his gloved hand. The wound itself was only a scratch, but he relied on his armor's power to keep him alive. Now that it had been punctured, he would have to have it repaired.

More blasters fired.

"Retreat," Vader ordered, backing out of the building. Only then did he realize that all his men were dead.

Angrily, Vader waved one hand across the room. One by one, the hidden weapons exploded and sputtered as if struck by invisible lightning. The blaster fire stopped.

The Dark Lord walked over to the wall and studied one of the small openings. Inside, the remains of a ruined blaster smoldered. By the looks of the device, the blaster weapons were as old as the building itself.

--Taken from Galaxy of Fear: Clones

He also has the speed to battle and defeat several Jedi simultaneously (who are all sporting peak human to superhuman speed, precognition and clairvoyance) :

Vader beats a Jedi while weaken

Vader takes on two Jedi simultaneously:

Again Vader shows great leaping prowess:

And people say Vader can't move.....

People who pick on Vader's mobility have no idea what they are talking about


Vader is very powerful in terms when it comes telekinesis he has feats that put him in the 20+ ton range easily he has casually lifted up Y-Wings (Y-Wings are over 15 meters long)

Vader has crushed robots the dwarf him in size:

Vader has crushed flying Tie fighters:

Blew a hole through a very thick fortress wall with ease:

Vader destroys a blaster turret with TK:

Angrily, Vader waved one hand across the room. One by one, the hidden weapons exploded and sputtered as if struck by invisible lightning. The blaster fire stopped.

The Dark Lord walked over to the wall and studied one of the small openings. Inside, the remains of a ruined blaster smoldered. By the looks of the device, the blaster weapons were as old as the building itself.

--Taken from Galaxy of Fear: Clones

Caused and Avalanche and blows through a durasteel door:

Vader pushes a man to a wall.......HARD

Makes create a big hole in a huge metal wall:

Destroys an entire room just because he's angry:

Casually lifts up a huge builder:

Collapse a ceiling very casually:

Vader has collapsed a cathedral:

Show excellent precision with TK as he uses it to crush the hear of Jedi:

Uses TK to pimp slap the sh!t out of this behemoth....With a tree xD

Pushes monster aside with TK:

How can anyone forget.........Tha Force Choke! >=P

Vader uses the Force choke multiple times:

Shows lightsaber on multiple occasions:

Vader threw his scintillating blade—it sliced through the supports holding up the gantry on which Luke was perched, then swept around and flew back into Vader's hand.

--Taken from Return of the Jedi

Understanding as much, the Emperor's executioner was moving faster now. A jump carried him to the rampart, just short of the lowering shield, where he did something so unexpected that it took Shryne a moment to make sense of what was happening.

Vader hurled his ignited lightsaber through the air.

For a split second Shryne thought that he had done so in anger. Then, in awe, he grasped that Vader had


Spinning out from under the lowering security grate, the crimson blade sailed high over the crowd, following a trajectory that took it north of the landing platform; then, on reaching the distal end of its arc, it began to boomerang back.

Shryne flew for the top of the stairway, his gaze frilly engaged on the twirling blade, his heart hammering in his chest. Calling on the Force, he tried to influence the course of the lightsaber, but either the Force wasn't with him or Vader's Force abilities were overpowering his.

The blade was whipping toward the landing platform now, close enough for Shryne to hear it whine through the air, and spinning so swiftly it might have been a blood-red disk.

Passing within a meter of Shryne's outstretched hands, the lightsaber struck Fang Zar first, ripping a deep gouge across his upper chest and nearly decapitating him; then, continuing on, it struck an unsuspecting Jula across the back before completing its swift and lethal circle and slamming into the upper reaches of the fully lowered rampart gate, where it switched off and plummeted to the paving stones with a metallic clangor.

--Taken from Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Don Much

Vader can also use Don Much, which he can use strip others of there concentration during battle:

Vader uses the Force as he tempts Luke toward the dark side.

The wind picked up, and Vader's black cape rippled at his back. "Luke—you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny." He opened his left hand end held it out to Luke. "Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son."

His voice is so hypnotic,

Luke thought, and he felt part of him falling under Vader's spell.

--Taken from

A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker


Vader installs fear in others:

But the Force, of course, was quite real—and the black tentacles of its dark side had hardened Palpatine and his new pupil, Darth Vader, into evil incarnate. They shared its horrible energies, and used them to fill the minds of their subservient military minions with fear.

--Taken from the Technical Journal of the Imperial Forces

He drains knowledge from Luke's mind:

“Give yourself to the dark side, Luke,” he entreated. “It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you, son. Your feelings for them are strong, especially for—“ Vader stopped. He sensed something.

Luke withdrew further into shadow. He tried to hide, but there was no way to hide what was in his mind—Leia was in pain. Her agony cried to him now, and his spirit cried with her. He tried to shut it out, to shut it up, but the cry was loud, and he couldn't stifle it, couldn't leave it alone, had to cradle it openly, to give it solace. Vader's consciousness invaded that private place. “No!” screamed Luke.

Vader was incredulous. “Sister? Sister!” he bellowed. “Your feelings have now betrayed her, too... Twins!” he roared triumphantly. “Obi-Wan was wise to hide her, but now his failure is complete.”

--Taken from Return of the Jedi

Uses the Mind trick

Controls Imperial Officer:

Force Absorption/Deflect

Various showing of Vader absorbing/deflecting blaster bolts:

Vader leapt again, this time to the bridge, and to within only a few meters of Shryne, who spun about, dropping to one knee and firing repeatedly. This time Vader decided to show Shryne whom he was dealing with. Holding his lightsaber to one side, he raised his right hand to turn the blaster bolts.

Clearly astonished, Shryne remained on one knee, but only briefly. In an instant he had passed through the gate and was shouldering his way through the crowd outside the wall.

--Taken from Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Again he repels/absorbs multiple blaster bolts:

Vader seems to block a lightsaber blow via absorption:

The blade might have gotten past Vader's guard, but instead it glanced off the back of his upraised left hand, smoke curling from the black glove.

--Taken from Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Their are various other showing of Vader using this, but honestly I'm far too lazy to dig them up now. =/

Alter Environment

Vader summons and controls winds in his duel with Luke on Bespin.

Another large piece of machinery glanced off Luke’s body and crashed out the large window, letting in the screaming wind. Suddenly everything in the room was blown about, and the fierce wind lashed Luke’s body and filled the room with a bansheelike howl. And in the very center of the room, standing still and triumphant, was Darth Vader.

“You are beaten,” the Dark Lord of the Sith gloated. “It is useless to resist. You will join me or you will join Obi-Wan in death!”

As Vader spoke these words, a final piece of heavy machinery soared through the air, striking the young Jedi and knocking him through the broken window. Everything became a great blur as the wind carried him, tossing and rolling, until he managed to grab hold of a beam with one hand. With the wind subsided a bit and his vision cleared, Luke realized that he was hanging from the gantry of the reactor shaft outside the control room.

He didn’t want to believe Vader, tried convincing himself that it was Vader who lied to him—but somehow he could

feel the truth in the Dark Lord’s words. But, if Darth Vader did speak the truth, why, he wondered, had Ben Kenobi lied to him?


His mind screamed louder than any wind the Dark Lord could ever summon against him.

The answers no longer seemed to matter.

His father.

With the calmness that Ben himself and Yoda, the Jedi Master, had taught him, Luke Skywalker made, perhaps, what might be his final decision of all. “Never,” Luke shouted as he stepped out into the empty abyss beneath him. For all its unperceived depth, Luke might have been falling to another galaxy.

Darth Vader moved to the end of the gantry to watch as Luke tumbled away. A strong wind began to blow, billowing Vader’s black cloak out behind him as he stood looking over the edge.

--Taken from The Empire Strikes Back

They stared at him. He used his good foot to leap across the grate, and hit the lever with his bad ankle, forcing the lever back despite the pain. As he did so, he used all his strength to pull the blasters toward him. A huge wind blew up and yanked them toward him. It sapped him, made him weak. He wondered vaguely if the same thing had happened to Vader when he had made the same move in Cloud City.

--Taken from The New Rebellion

Vader seemingly controls the wind in the comic Star Wars: The Will of Darth Vader:


Vader is a excellent duelist and is easily one of the best in the Star wars Universe.

Here he defeats Dark Woman:

He also has the speed to battle and defeat several Jedi simultaneously (who are all sporting peak human to superhuman speed, precognition and clairvoyance) :

Vader beats a Jedi while weaken

Defeats a clone Darth Maul that is just as good as the original and is seemingly amped on darkside energy:

Was stated to be a perfect equal with Luke skywalker:

The fight this time was far more balanced. Vader discovered that Luke was his match, and, once again, the Sith Lord found his thoughts straying to an alliance between them against the Emperor.

Luke had indeed grown powerful since Bespin, and he was an equal match for his father.

--Taken from The Official Star Wars Fact File #111

Sorry about the Vid guys, I seem to be missing some of the scans from my gallery and I'm not scanning them again. Q_Q

Well that's all I'm doing tonight. I hope to finish the rest by the weekend.


Star Wars and Speed: Common Misconceptions.

Okay this is my first blog like this so hopefully it decent. The reason I created this blog is because there is alot of misconception involving the speed of Star Wars EU characters so here is my attempt to counter some of those misconception,Now we shall begin.


Blaster bolts

Some overrate them,some underrate them I hear alot of people on the forum say "Ooh all Jedi are light speed because they block laser bolts that are light speed" But that is far from the truth the only Jedi/Sith that are close to light speed are (Luke Skywalker and Palpatine but I will get to that later on in this blog). Blaster bolts are not lasers neither are they anywhere near lightspeed,there are instead plasma particle bolts. That is where there overrated,they are underrated when people say they are much slower then bullets because you can see it moving slowly, and once again,that is false. It was stated in Star Wars:The Official Guides To Weapons and Technology, that the visible the visible light we see are only the tracer,the real destructive beam is invisible and is considerably faster then the tracer. That being said, there is no evidence that a blaster bolt is any slower then a bullet,in fact they may have evidence to support it is actually the other way around seeing as how bullets are obsolete in the Galaxy far, far away. Now that we cleared that up let move on to the next subject.....

"Jedi and Sith reflecting blaster bolts has more to do with Precognition then anything"

This,is false and far from the truth. It does not matter if you can read a blaster bolt before it happens,you need speed to deflect it regardless if you know it's coming or not take this for example:

A slight sideways tilt of his head invited Vastor to look around, which he did. Which was when he saw the full company of black-armored stormtroopers on a ring ledge about three meters above him, all with weapons aimed at his gigantic chest.

"I don't," Luke said. "Not if I can help it. Not anymore." He looked down at Han with a faint start, as though he'd been lost in a daydream and only now realized where they both were. Wearing a faintly bemused half smile, he flipped the DL-44 end-for-end and offered its grip to Han. "Here. You'll need this."

"For what?" Han asked, just as he was starting to realize that the shaft around the


had suddenly gone quiet. The stormtroopers had stopped screaming. "Uh oh."

He snatched his pistol out of Luke's hand and popped to his feet as blasters opened up on all sides to rain plasma upon them in a roaring flood. Luke's lightsaber flared to life and lashed out in invisibly fast arcs that sent bolts out and away in a fan, blasting into the rock of the shaft walls. Choking red-black smoke billowed out from the points of impact, shrouding them in gloom so dense that the


exterior floodlights only gave off a yellow-brown glow.

"Stick close." Luke's voice was tight with concentration. "I'm not used to having to cover somebody else."

"Don't have to tell


twice." Han squeezed himself into a substantially less-than-Han-sized space at Luke's back and had barely time to wish that he knew a Jedi who was just a


taller before the


bucked as if it had been kicked. The ship bounced off the shaft wall hard enough that Han had to grab Luke's shoulder to stay upright. "Chewie,



"Not his fault," Luke said tightly, still carving smoke with his blade to catch stray blaster bolts. "The ship didn't move. The shaft did. The mountain's breaking up."



! Any


good news?"

"Yes," Luke said. "We're being boarded."

Dark shapes hurtled down at them through the gloom—stormtroopers jumping off the ring ledge. Han snarled something wordless that expressed vividly how he felt about having Imperial boots touch his ship and slipped his blaster over Luke's shoulder, snapping off a pair of double taps that caught two troopers while they were still in the air. The bursts blew them backward far enough that they fell short and tumbled into the shaft below, but dozens made it onto the hull. There were plenty more where they'd come from, and Han had a strong feeling that a stand-up fight against a hundred-some stormtroopers was a losing proposition under the best of circumstances. Which these circumstances weren't.

"Make for the hatch!" Han fired twice more, dropping one dark silhouette and knocking another spinning off the rim of the hull, while Luke fanned away a flood of return fire. "Let's see how these sons of monkey-lizards like open space and hard vacuum!"

"You first," Luke said.



thing you won't have to cell me twice." Red-glowing spheres sailed in through the smoke: thermal detonators. Some bounced away, but four or five maglocked themselves to the hull. "Uh, Luke?"

"I've got them." With his left hand, Luke swung his lightsaber in a dazzling flourish to spray blaster bolts randomly through the smoke, while his right hand stretched out toward the dets. All of them suddenly jerked themselves loose and flipped over the edge of the ship. Multiple detonations bounced the ship off the wall again. "Go, Han! Go



Han took three steps, then threw himself into a flat dive that became a belly flop and sent him skidding and scraping over the lip of the hatch. He pulled himself in with his free hand and pivoted around his grip to land on his feet on the deck below. "I'm in! Luke, come on!"

More dets went off and lit the smoke with bloody flame, and there came no sign that Luke had any intention of following him. Han scrambled back up the gangway. "Luke, don't be an idiot!"

"I'm going after Vastor." Luke leaned into the gale of blasterfire as he worked his way toward the ship's edge. "Go. Save Leia! Don't wait for me."

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

In the quote above Luke deflects blaster bolts from and entire company of Storm Troopers a company = 128 troopers

Company (128 troopers): A company consists of four platoons, led by a captain.

--Taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare

It does not matter if he has precognotion or not, you have to be able to move very fast to react to 120 Storm troopers shooting at you simultaneously.

I could also post several other examples but.........*Yawns* I just got lazy again. I will finish this later when I get some more time, as a wise women once said " I didn't choose the Snorlax life, the Snorlax life choose me" xD peace out folks I hoped you enjoyed reading my meaningless blog =P


Priscilla respect thread

Well here we go....

Priscilla is my favorite Claymore character and is one of my favorite characters in all fiction so to me she deserves a respect thread.After going through all this I hope you respect her as much as I do.

(To be continued)


Priscilla kills two guys so fast it seems she never moved:


Priscilla is able to easily catch arrows shot by Isley:




Priscilla was able to cut of Irena before she could even notice (Irena is incredibly fast she was able to swing her sword faster then Clare and Ophelia could see ):




Priscilla was able to destroy half of Eisley body in "One Split Second":



Priscilla is able to easily dodge a blitzing Clare:



Priscilla is able to blitz Riful from a seemingly long distance in a short span of time (Riful has ran so fast that she was able to disapear in the eyes of Clare Galitea and Jean):




Priscilla is able to catch a spike thrown by the Destroyer (these spikes have been able to reach vast distances in a short span of time)



Priscilla is able to fight a battle and still catch up with Helen and Deneve who started traveling the when she started her fight (both of whom are very fast):



















Priscilla, while fighting Teresa causes major damage to the landscape which they are fighting on while at the same time causing high pitched screeches with the sound of there clacking swords:





Priscilla is able to Destroy half of Esley's body with one hit:




Priscilla is able to crush spikes shot by The Destroyer (this is and impressive feat the Destroyer spikes have been able to punch holes through mountains):



Destruction cause by said spikes: