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OMG I love this question!

Most definitely Injustice OMG! Injustice is going to be awesome, so apparently Batman steals Wonder Woman from Superman and they create their own sides and have a war! can't wait to play as Green Arrow! wow what about Slade Wilson ! Deadpool would not exist without Deathstroke. Yuck on Lego Avengers as usual DC has the first Lego Batman yeah but Marvel always copying DC anything DC does expect Marvel to do I hate Marvel but not so much that I wont get the game I like Spiderman and Thor and stuff and Captain America but yeah cant wait for Injustice Gods among us!

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I'm Batman

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OMG I cannot believe someone gave Robin a 6, every Robin is awesome and deserved at least 8, I like Robin,anyway I give Santa a 9 since he is a DC character ,also theres some cool stories with hinm and Constantine,they find out Santa is of mythological origin and stuff,really interesting, I remember reading on a website.

my hero:

The Comedian from Watchmen.

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DC Comics is better than Marvel comics also Marvel characters are rip-off from DC characters such as Deadpool, Thanos, Quicksilver, Moonknight, hawkeye etc etc also DC made the first Superhero mega teams with JSA and JLA so in a sense I believe Marvel owes a great deal of their success to DC, just my unpopular opinion no offense.

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I love your Username DC Superman is awesome.

OK firstly: Do you think DC is the underdog compared to Marvel? I do thats why I like DC better.

2.Do you think Marvel characters are rip -offs from DC e.g.Nova,Sentry,Deadpool,Moonknight,Quicksilver,Thanos etc etc,I can name more that DC had these types of characters first.

3.Are you on PSN?

4.Are you excited about GTA 5?

5.Why do you like DC?

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I cannot wait for this either I love DC Comics as they are the underdog, seriously only one movie next year compared to Marvels four! Thor 2, Captain America 2,Wolverine 2 and Iron man 3,what is wrong with DC make more movies please DC please ! GO Underdog DC! Also i wish they put Superman's theme in this Man of Steel but maybe they don't want it to seem corny?Superman the Legend among Superheroes the one and only love you supes.

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Batman wins! why? Because he's Batman!

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OMG I hope people take me seriously but I am very excited as I just overcame my Katsaridaphobia(fear of cockroaches) ,this was my biggest fear ever, I would never be in the same room as a roach! I basically thought of the Green Lantern and how willpower can overcome fear so I put on my toy Green Lantern Ring and sprayed the Roach head on, this was my first time I ever did this,its not a joke this fear use to cause me panic attacks , my advice to any one with any phobia is to confront it but don't put yourself in danger, draw inspiration from Superheroes,I love DC Comics, I got a videos of this cockroach encounter and me overcoming my fear with the Lantern Ring on but it has alot of swearing from me to the roach lol,it's very silly I know but we all have silly fears.I was saying the Green Lantern Oath while overcoming my fear!

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I am not from The United States of America but I love Barrack Obama he is a great President and man.He is one of the best most intelligent ,I like him alot just as people all over the world do.

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9 because I can somewhat sympathize with her and understand her issues and whole plants are better than humans thing,I somewhat agree,there's no jerk and moron plants but plenty humans are jerks and douches,It's in our Nature to be Bad and selfish Poison Ivy sees this. I like Poison Ivy and her "babies."Not to mention shes very hot!