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If you don't have netflix just buy the seasons when they are inevitably released on DVD or blu ray. This is awesome news.

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I really enjoyed it. We all should know it's going to be watered down a bit for prime time tv, but should all be happy that our medium is really gaining such entry into other media. I liked that it tied into the movie verse so well.

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Logic says green arrow, but it's frank castle, man. He's gonna find a way.

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I guess I'm right in the middle. It is a big change and I am bothered, but does it matter? Probably not. I do hope that the idea of Ultron being created by an avenger (likely Tony) stays. The allure of Ultron to me is that he's a product of the Avengers. He is their (Pym's, really) fault. They own a piece of the destruction he causes. I also think that that piece is very vital to Hank Pym's development.

I do think that a story about tony creating ultron in an attempt to do good for mankind would make for a great character arc-we've seen him convicted by the realization that the weapons he made were being used by terrorists, and as a result he dedicated his work to making the world a better place through innovation. If the innovation, in the form of Ultron, became a vehicle of terror, he's basically failed to better the world in everything he's tried. I could totally see that being valid and powerful and sticking with themes already established in the cinematic universe. If ultron is created by some nameless dude in a lab and the Avengers just have to fight him, big whoop. I can't see Whedon writing that anyway though.

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Can't wait. I almost don't care how they bring coulson back.

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I forgot about this and caught the last half flipping through channels and found it fun. Teen titans go came on afterward and I thought it was fun as well. I don't really dig the art direction of BtBatman but I understand the need to differentiate from previous iterations.

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Ill take an X-force film with either roster if Fox will start making comic movies for comic fans rather than radically changing the material to be what they think will make a blockbuster.

Also, unless Days of Future past reeeeally shakes things up and retains the The Last Stand, major modification of the source material is in order. The original x-force came alongside a thriving x-men team , and as it goes now in the x-movie universe most big name mutants are dead. The newer iteration came about as a black ops version of the normal team. There is really no normal team now. It could be cool, though, if they had storm create the black ops team to protect what's left of the school as it stands at the end of the last stand. That would be somewhat consistent with the theme of the remender team.

Also, forget "Psylocke" from The Last Stand and just throw her in as she is in the books. What an awesome character she would be to see if properly done on screen.

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Really enjoying @missj on the podcast. Sad to see Sara go but @missj brings an awesome enthusiasm to the podcast. I really hope we can get her on a podcast with James Robinson.

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Deadpool-he can just take more damage. He'd probably just blow himself (and the turtles) up and wait until everything grew back.