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Abin Sur aka Satan, look at the red skin.

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Underestimating both Shuma and Doctor Strange. You can say what you will about his "weakened" state, but it had nothing to do with his might, Galactus lacks the mental willpower to contend. Doctor Strange made Galactus look like the scrub he is.

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Black Bolt was in love with Reed! Interesting...

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Thor has been proved to dent adamantium although very minuscule. Yet if he was able to hammer Wolverine's skull over and over again, he would eventually make it so his Wolverine's brain would not be able to  properly regenerate in his skull, making  unable to live, permanently retarded, or a monster who has a brain grow outside his skull (brain would have to burst out of the eye sockets). 

Here is a pic for all the nay sayers, and yes the dent would be so small Thor would have to hit him a million times, but still it is possible.
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@coolbeans said:
" I liked Ultimatum simply because it was something that is hard to be undone and brought a more gritty feel to the world. When you think about it it was more realistic in how things would turn out if there really was all these super powered heroes and villains running around on the planet.  Even though i did like Ultimatum tho because of the way it ended i dont think they can really build on it. "
It was just excessive. If Dr. Strange isn't protecting the world from all the extra-dimensional beings who is?
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Loeb ruined the Ultimate universe, and I think he did it on purpose. Ultimatum blew IMHO, I hope that spoiled it enough for you. 

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He's funny I like him, suit looks way better IMHO. I hate the big helmet thing ant man wears...

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Hank has more of back story and he is the original, but I am definitely a O'Grady fan, how many red heads are out there that could play him?

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I am leaning on the no side for Brody...

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@Loki9876 said:

" when do fox lose their rights on daredevil? i think if marvel should make a new film it would be about his origins and his training it should also be cool if it featured the hand but maybe iy will look to much like batman begins then. "

Fox renews the contract for 10 years as long as they make a movie within those said 10 years. So basically that can have them indefinitely.  This contract is the same for the Fantastic Four and X-men franchises. Which is why we will be seeing a Fantastic Four Reboot in due time. 
This is just like the contract Sony has for Spider-man and Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider and Spider-man film coming out soon thus renewing the contract). But the sad thing is they don't need to actually make a good movie. When Fox was about to lose the rights they made the 1994 Fantastic Four which was made on a 4 million dollar budget and they had no plans of making it a theatrical release (which the actors and director did not have knowledge of). The movie bizz is cut-throat.
Also funny trivia is that Fox owns Kingpin so you won't see him in a Spider-man film, and  Marvel owns Electro and Chameleon so don't expect to see them in a Spider-man movie anytime soon. Electro and Chameleon were sold as character for Captain America for whatever reason to the previous owners of the rights that made the 1990 film. 
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