Comic Con vs Comic Con-SD vs NY

So I'm looking to head to Comic Con in the 2013 season (which I know is a while off still but yeah gotta save up that money lol) and I'm trying to figure out which Comic Con I should aim to go for. I've heard/read good things about both the SD and the NY so I can't decide right now where I want to go. So I was just wanting some of you guys (preferably those who have been) opinions. Not saying my entire decsion will be based off this but its always good to get a little feedback right.


Where to go without a team?

Ok, so I AM on a team right now, but I always end up bouncing around whether it be b/c the teams dies, or b/c I want something new. Back in the day (when I first got here) there was alot you could do on your own but on this vine (meaning like alot has changed) I'm curious as to what you would do if you didn't have a team since open RPG's are scarce (which is good and bad in my opinion to much to go into now). I mean if your without a team it seems to me that your pretty much stalemate, you can either float around and do nothing or you can fight one on one (again which is good and bad in my opinion). Also what ever happened to a good o'le fashioned Team Vs Team rpg where there was story universe story. It seems like heres this team over here, and then theres that one over there, but they never cross, they each have their "own" type of universe where they do they're own thing. 
Ok well that was my rant, if I annoyed/pissed anyone off with it well.....sorry I mean there isn't much else to say. So the basis of this is really what all can you do without a team?


I'm back.....but its like a whole new place to me

Hey people, just stating to all of my friends (if they're still here) that I've returned to CV. Now I'm not sure if I will use this account for RPG's and such again or make a new one b/c I feel kinda new again since its been soooooooo long. Anyway glad to be back!


A Notice to all of my CV friends concerning this account.


OK so here's the deal after trying to figure out how I could change up Day Hunter I've come to a conclusion.....
I'm no longer going to be active with Day Hunter as far as forums and such. From now on I will only be doing movie reviews and wiki edits etc. I may pop up in the forums and talk but I will no longer actively participate in RPG's. 
Fear not however as like I said this idea donned on me as I wanted to change Day Hunter from now on I will be active in RPG's and such from my new account

My old Bio

A New Day....

 The Legacy
  "Day Hunter....a notorious, ever changing mantel. Now having been held by four people....the first cut down by an enemy merc, the second apparently slaughtered on a rooftop like his predecessor only he was then thrust from the building, the third...believed to be the seconds murder, nothing but a crook who stole what did not belong to him. And now the fourth, a female that was the lover of the Jeff Shaddix, aka the second to were the mantle. The last three wearing the mask, taking the mantel, and destroying everything that the once great hero stood for. The destroyed the name Day Hunter. Each new....Day Hunter worse than the one before them. They soiled the title, soiled the legacy, name!"

The Next morning...

"This is Jane Clark on channel 5 news at the scene were apparently a threat has been sent out to the Day Hunter Duo warning them to drop their mask or suffer the ultimate consequence. Now it inconclusive as to whether or not the DH Duo as they are known have seen this threat or whether or not they will react to this. The scary part of all of this that the message was written in blood which is not unusual in NYC but what is is that it was written in a mixed blood. Some of the blood belonged to the vigilante known as the original Day Hunter and the other belonged to the G-Bandit who was believed to have been the original Hunter's killer. Now it is still unknown who either of these two assailants are underneath that mask, if there is anyone truely under there. For all we know  they could be robots. Now back to my collage in the News Room Oliver James."
Robots funny Jane. Well in other news..... "
And with that a flash appeared followed by the black slightly reflexive screen of a large flat screen TV. "Yesss... robots. Ha we've given everything to them and they still can't accept us for who we are. Well DH Duo you stole my title lets see if you can defend it."

Later that night...

The team that had quickly become known as the DH duo walked cautiously into the building where this threat towards them had immited itself from. After entering the building the quickly made their way to the third floor where the message was reported to be written. Their eyes were shocked to discover that someone had the guts to actually threaten them. Now only one question racked their brains, who would have the balls. Then as the two turned to make their exit when suddenly the female member of the teams eyes widened. Her male counterpart put his hand on her should before asking the question..."Whats..." but before he could finish his eyes fell upon the same thing hers had. Explosives on the supports. Of course, it was perfect trap the duo in the middle of the 6 story building, no quick escape.
"Run." was all the male member of the crew could muster up to say, and with that his female companion bolted towards the stairs with him close behind. The timer had given them twenty seconds, the two ran when they heard the first one blow quickly followed by the others. The male Day Hunter lunged forward knocking his female counterpart out of the building just enough to save her from the falling debris of the two floors above them. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched him get crushed by the concrete and metal. 
"Thats more than he deserved." The sole surviving Day Hunter jumped up and spun on her heels to inspect the one that had just murdered her best friend, her colleague, her counterpart. Then when her eyes fell upon him she was stunned, finally after a few minutes she pulled herself together enough to speak... supposed to be dead. The man merely laughed to himself, she was unsure if it was that he laughed at the irony in the situation or at how pathetic and weak she had just sounded. "I guess that makes two of then, now your coming with me." She quickly pulled her deagle as the man began walking towards her. "I don't think so..." Suddenly he cut her off, "Yeah well to bad I don't give a rats@$$ what your thinking." Then like that he grabbed her and thrust her over his shoulder and the two vanished into the darkness, her kicking and screaming on his shoulder. 

The Next Day...  

I'm Jane Clark with news channel 5 on scene where last night there was a surprise demolition. The City major claims that the construction crew wasn't scheduled to demolish the building until next week but due to a paperwork problem the team thought they were supposed to demolish it last nig.... 
She's lying. The blank screen showed the reflection of a young woman wrapped in a yellow bath towel. Her long blonde hair flowed like a perfect river, and her dark blue eyes looked piercingly into Samuel's as the two starred at eachother through their reflections. "I know. Just like you." Samuel stood and looked at the woman herself and couldn't help but grin to himself as he remembered the nights they had spent in training together all those years ago. And what exactly am I lying about Samuel??   


 G' Bandit
G'Bandit-A master assassin that was at one time a major target for Samuel. After years of being W.A.R.'s errand boy he was finally given a chance to break free of their contract, all he had to do was kill G'Bandit. A simple task at sound, but preforming the act was much harder. Especially considering that half the men that were sent with him were planning to kill him and the other half were all to afraid to do much good. Samuel put up a hell of a fight but in the end the more experienced G'Bandit cut him down. The final words that Samuel had heard were "Mercenaries don't die, they just go to hell to regroup. See you there comrade." Those words still linger in his mind to this day, as he seeks the man the murdered him to return the favor.



  1.  Super Strength-Can lift a couple of tons, small cars and trucks.
  2. Healing Factor-Will heal after a long while about an hour to be fully healed, with the consumption of blood it will speed up. The flesh will heal instantly but the internal injury will take longer to heal. Exp-He gets shot point blank with a 12 gauge and its a through and through, the flesh heals instantly giving the illusion of being healed. Inside however the path that the bullets traveled will take slightly longer to heal.
  3. Night Eyes-His eyes adjust so he can see in the dark as plain as in daylight
  4. Weapons Mastery
  5. Agility-has a peak human speed which allows him to perform extreme moves, flips, kicks, splits ect...
  6. Intelligence-Thinks at a slightly above normal rate, often times can solve a puzzle within minutes. Exp-escape routes, traps ect....


  1.  Extreme amounts of light-during anytime if their is an excessive amount of light it hurts his eyes, if its dark and there is an excessive amount of light it can drive him near blindness
  2. Normal Human-If not given enough time for his healing factor to work and hes is attacked to much he will be unable to continue. 
  3. Moral Code/Compassion-due to his own compassion and choice he will avoid death to most people he runs into. The exceptions to this are certain villains, and women or children.

Stolen Mantel

 Heal From That!

The city that never sleeps, considered one of the busiest cities in the world...New York . It happened on Saturday November 21 at 9:30 pm. A typical day in New York that became a typical night, thieves stole purses or broke into cars or stores, teenagers smashed mailboxes in suburbs or raced cars in the back streets, children ran hurriedly through the streets to catch up with their parents or older siblings that knowingly or not left them behind, everything was normal, normal until 9:30 pm. At 9:30 on the dot not even a waver for a mere second an armored truck pulled to a stop in front of the New York City Bank of North town, simultaneously a body, a body in a white suit with a white cape and white combat boots smashed into the roof of the truck causing it to become slightly dented.
      "This Lisa Moore here with channel 6 news, we are on scene where not ten minutes ago a body was dropped from the 20 story Whitt building across the street from the New York City Bank of North Town. It is believed that the body is the body of the infamous Day Hunter. Now there is no conformation yet as to if this is the real Day Hunter or not as this is the second time Day Hunter was believed to have died only to return. We'll be h......"   
    HEY! Whats that?! Hey thats a person, I think they're gonna jump!! "Quick you idiot get a shot of this." The camera man quickly turned attempting to get a good shot whatever the crowd was yelling about as he was commanded by the lead reporter. A silhouette marked the sky as fine as the moon appears in the sky. The silhouette stood in the shadows making it impossible to tell anything about it. Suddenly the reporter tapped the camera man on his shoulder and directed him to put the camera back on her.
  "We are now getting shaky reports that the body dressed as Day Hunter does indeed match up to the descriptions of the infamous vigilante after his first return, however neither body matches the original description. Is it possible that the man who has been running around not only New York but the world was a mere impostor in the first place? We'll be sticking with this story until more information is realeased, until then I'm Lisa Moore with Channel 6 news."

Sunday November 22

     Jon Whitt, the owner of the rising Whitt corporation stood staring out the window down to the street where just last night the body of apparently Day Hunter had been found. Mr. Whitt. The representative from Stark Industries is on line three. He was wondering when the two of you could meet. Jon stood there for a minute longer before speaking, "Schedule a lunch date two weeks from today, let the representative choose the time." Yes sir, oh also investigators with the NYPD are here to see you.  "Send them in." Yes sir.
   The secretary left the room and a few minutes later two detectives entered the office. Mr. Whitt I'm detective Jenane, this is my partner detective Rombong. Jon turned to face the detectives before he walked to his desk and sat in the chair. "Please have a seat. How may I help you gentlemen today?" There was a slight moment of tenseness as the two detectives tossed each other cautious glances before sitting in the two chairs across from Mr. Whitts desk. Well Mr. Whitt we're just her to clarify some things. Such as do you know the body was thrown from your newly built building or how or why the victim and the unsub were up on your roof to begin with? At first Jon said nothing as he thought over what was being asked. "Well I'm not certain on any of those questions but if the victim really was this Day Hunter character he was a mercenary correct? Perhaps his murderer was a job that went wrong?" 
     Hmmm thats an interesting view Mr. Whitt, and your sure you don't know anything about what was going on? Jon didn't say a word he simply shook his head as the two detectives stood up. Well then I guess we're done here, sorry for disturbing you. "Detectives, is there one thing you can tell me? Is it really him?" The Detectives stopped and again glanced at each other before Detective Jenane spoke up. Well, yes we believe so. Though we can't be certain we haven't processed any DNA or anything. Suddenly Detective Rombong spoke up, Hell we haven't even taken his mask off yet. Everyone at the department was too damned scared to touch him.
  "Wow, I never would have thought that a vigilante powered like Day Hunter would be killed on my building." The two detectives grinned..Welcome to New York Mr. Whitt, you never know whats gonna happen. Have a nice day now. "You to detectives...." 

Later that night.... 

  "This is Lisa Moore with News Channel 6 at the NYPD station were the NYPD has called for a press conference where they will confirm whether the body found last night was in fact the infamous Day Hunter.....LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WE ARE JUST GETTING REPORTS THAT APPARENTLY THE BODY OF THE VICTIM HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM THE MORGUE! Unconfirmed reports state that a masked man walked into the morgue mere minutes ago heavily armed and shot seven police officers before picking up the body and disappearing. It is unconfirmed as to what condition the officers are in at this point. Officers are apparently are searching the building in search the assailant. Wait a minute. OH MY GOD!!!" 
      Suddenly a black 68 GTO soared around the corner of the police station before disappearing into the traffic of the New York street. OH MY GOD! QUICK SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!! The crowd ran around the corner of the building and the camera man flipped on his camera as Lisa wanted, when they got around the corner of the building everyone paused. "I'm ah, Lisa Moore live at the police station and it appears....Jesus Christ what is that?" Everyone was puzzled at the grizzly scene, Looks like guts and blood, and Jesus look at the lamp post...thats...thats a head. 

The New Face of Day Hunter

 I killed him, what makes you think I won't kill you?
Almost immediately after bloody massacre that was the NYPD station the black 68 GTO pulled into an old rundown looking shack type building. After turning the car off the driver opened his door and stepped out before shutting the door and leaving the body of Jeff Shaddix, better known as Day Hunter in the back seat of the car. The walked to the passenger side of the car and pulled the body out. He gently leaned the body up against the rear tire as he shut the and locked up the car before tossing the body over his shoulder as if it weighed little to nothing. The man walked to the far end of the building slid his free hand into a small slot in the wood. A strange of array sounds could be heard coming from the small slot but the easiest to identify was the sound of a syringe piercing the gloved flesh of this mystery man. The man let out a small grunt as he pulled his hand out of the slot and watched as a high security blast door slowly slid open revealing a dimly lit stair well....    



  1.  Technology
  2. Combat
  3. Agility
  4. SSS
  5. Tough Skin
  6. Agility
  7. Venom
  1. Human
  2. Radiation
  3. Strong Mental attacks


Chapter 1.

The Back story

It all started with his father......Samuel Shaddix. When his father, known better as Day Hunter, was betten badly by a sentinal during "The Storm" he was taken by a man called Dr. James and his assistant Lindsey. After Dr. James had fixed Samuel up and made him a "better assassin" Lindsey was in charge of keeping tabs on Samuel. Eventually the two fell in love, but the love was forbiden so Samuel was locked away in solitary. Day after day Samuel was sent out to kill different targets and everyday he argued for his freedom. Finally he got his chance........all he had to do was fight and kill the assassin known as G-Bandit. Dr. James highly doubted his ability to do that because he had already druged him to near insanity. In a was a sucide mission. Before Samuel was locked in solitary Lindsey had a child....she named him Jeff. She knew no one could find out, not even Samuel, not anyone. So she took baby Jeff to people she could trust to protect him. A man who had been a former employee of hers a man who had had not only her training but military training.......his name was Marco. Although Marco wasn't as trustworthy as Lindsey had believed. 


Accelerating his age
After a few weeks Marco was contacted by Dr. James. James wanted Marco to get Samuel to trust him so he would take hm on the Los Angelous mission to fight G-Bandit. Marco saw an opportunity that neither man could afford not to take. Marco offered a secret about both of Dr. James' precious creations. The secret child, that he doubted even Samuel knew about. He offered their son for whatever Dr. James wanted to exchange James would leave Marco alone after the Los Angelous mission. The "good" doctor agreed and Marco presented the baby to him. James allowed Marco to leave and put the baby in a crib, Dr. James had already made plans for the baby........he would accelerate his age. Make him older and then use him like he had used his father. Three weeks before Samuel was to find G-Bandit Dr. James aged the baby. Dr. James aged the boy to the age of 25.

Born of accelerant  

Jeff awoke in a white room, no windows, nothing but a door. He had no memories.........nothing. After about five minutes a man walked into the room. Good evening Jeff. Sleep well..... Jeff looked around for a moment unsure before speaking........"Where am I? No who am I? Who are you?" The man only grinned for a moment then said....I am Doctor James....and your name is Jeff. You are my son. You were viciously attacked and hit on the head pretty hard you probably don't remember anything.  No need to worry though my son all of your questions will be answered soon enough. Now I must go, in a few minutes a nurse will come in here give you a shot. This will be to help you. Ok? Jeff had no idea what to say......after a few minutes he simply nodded. The man walked out of the room, and Jeff simply sat against the wall. About a half an hour later a woman walked into the room just as the man had said. After she locked the door and looked around the room she ran over and hugged Jeff. He had no idea what was going on. Oh my God Jeff what have they done to? At first he only stared then he spoke...."umm Who......who....who are you?" The woman began to cry as she hugged him again. Please forgive me....I didn't know he would give you to them.."ummm..." Jeff was confused now, more so than he had been before......the woman grabbed his shoulders and slightly shook him repeating herself over and over and over.....Just forgive me. Please tell me you forgive me......Please....After a moment Jeff did so...."Ok I uh I forgive you." The woman wiped her eyes before pulling a file out of her coat. Don't believe anything they've told you. It's all a lie. This whats in this file right now, this is the truth. I'm going to hid this.........when you wake up find it and read it. Don't let them find it and don't allow them to control you. DO you understand? Jeff shook his head yes as the woman continued.......Tomorrow at nine o' clock pm there will be a power failure, it will be a thirty minute window. Follow the map in this file after you've read it all and go to the storage room. After that get out of here. Can you remember that? "Umm yeah........yeah I think" The woman again shook him.....NO! You must know this. Remember everything I have told you. I'm so sorry.....The woman pulled out a needle and stuck in Jeff's neck. The drug was a sedative, she gently laid Jeff on the floor before hiding the file behind a small mirror and exiting the room.

Finding the truth

The next morning Jeff woke up on the floor, he sat up and looked around. His memory was fuzzy, but suddenly it all rushed back. The woman, the file, her instructions. Quickly he looked around the room and noticed a small mirror that wasn't there before. He remembered....."Nine thirty....." Jeff jumped up and ran to the mirror. He pulled it off the wall and grabbed the taped envelope off it. He put the mirror back up before going back to where he had been sitting and opening it. He pulled a file out and began to read the papers. The papers were filled with information that Jeff couldn't believe. One said that the woman who had been in his room the day before was named Lindsey and she was an experiment of Dr. James......the man who was there who claimed to be his father. Three pages talked about Lindsey and the experiments. Next were pages that discussed a man that Jeff had never seen before.........his name was Samuel, next to his name it said he had an alias Day Hunter. There were pages and pages this Samuel discussing a team called Veritas, lead by a man called Kurrent. More an more names and information that Jeff had never heard of or seen before were on these pages. Jeff had no idea why he was given this file. After pages of things he didn't understand he came to pages of notebook paper. Jeff realized that they were pages from a journal or a diary or a logbook something like that. He began to read them, unaware of what time it was or if this power failure would really even happen. As he read he realized that it was journal kept by the woman.....Lindsey. She discussed the man the Day Hunter, she spoke of falling in love and of having a son. She wrote of having to give up her son because her and Samuel's love was forbidden. Next she wrote about the man she gave her son to......a man named Mairo or Marco something like that Jeff couldn't tell the page was smugged. On the next page was a small note a message......Keep this file and code 151896

 Escaping a false world

Time seemed to pass either really slowly or really quickly, Jeff was unsure. He sat there with the file in his arms.....waiting, for something, anything to happen. Jeff was begging to doubt what the woman had told him, he began to wonder if she was someone sent in to feed him false information or she was a spy for someone who didn't like him or the other man.........the doctor. Then like clockwork the lights went out and Jeff heard the door unlock. Slowly he stood up and walked to the door still holding the file. Unsure he opened the door and peeked around the corner. He looked down the halls both ways......there was nothing and nobody. He slowly walked into the hallway and again looked around.....then he remembered the map. He grabbed it from the file and followed it down the hall, to the right, then straight for two more halls, then a door on the left. He opened the door and walked into the room.....he was amazed at the sight, the room was filled with guns and knives and armor. At the back of the room Jeff saw some kind of box with a paper taped to it. He walked back and grabbed the note it simply read...."Take this with you it can help." In side the box was a robe, some knives, a sword, and at the bottom of the box was a flash drive. Suddenly he heard an alarm go off, and the sound of armed men running through the halls filled the air. Quickly he through on the robe and tied the knives to it, as he began to walk out he saw something that caught his eye......a sawed off shotgun. He grabbed it as hell and strapped it to his back. Before leaving the room he through up the hood and then began down the hall. Quickly he made his way through the building occasionally having to hide in rooms to avoid the armed patrol men. After what seemed an eternity he was close the exit, he only had one more turn to make and he was
In the beginning....
done. He ran down the hall and burst through the doors, he was overjoyed that he had gotten out, but his joy was quickly ended as he was met with a small force of the facilities armed goons. Jeff froze, not knowing what to do or worse what they would do. Suddenly one of them stepped up.....Stand down! We know who you are...take off the robe and get down. Jeff didn't know what to do..........suddenly it seemed his body took over. He slowly reached behind him and grabbed a few of the knives. He threw them at four of the guards and was amazed as they all fell dead. Next he lept into the air as the goons began firing he landed behind the one who had stepped up and grabbed him around the neck and grabbed his gun and gunned down the rest of the men before snapping the final mans neck. Jeff turned and ran as fast as he could down the courtyard as more men began filling in the places along the walls to attempt to gun him down. As Jeff got closer and closer to the gate he began to wonder how he would get through it, then again his body took over as he lept into the air. He grabbed the edge of the wall and pulled himself up, Jeff grabbed the sword out of its schieth and cut the legs out from under the armed guard standing there before kicking him in the side of the head. Jeff lept from the top of the wall and smashed into the ground. He felt the tarsals in his feet crackle as they were crushed into dust from the high jump. He started going as fast as he could in an attempt to get to the wilderness were he would be able to lose the men. He reached the edge of the forrest as fifty cal. rounds shot through the back of his legs. Jeff fell to the ground and began to drag himself forward by grabbing anything he could. Before he even had his upper body drug into the forrest his legs felt better he looked down and they were completely healed. He quickly jumped up and ran into the heart of the forrest.

Chapter 2

Highway Robbery

After Jeff escaped into the heart of the wilderness he stopped and had to rest. He found a downed tree and jumped behind it to rest. Without even meaning to he fell asleep. Hours later he awoke because of the cold night air which bit at his flesh like a starving man introduced to a buffet. As he inhaled the air stung his throat and lungs. It felt almost as though he had swallowed an entire beehive of bees. Slowly he stood up, he felt the joints in his back pop into place, he let out a grunt before beginning to somberly walk through the forrest. He walked all night, by the time morning had come he had found a rode. Jeff walked down the road attempting to hitch hike but each car that came close simply drove by. Then after he had walked nearly eight miles a truck stopped. As he jumped in the man began to drive, after about thirty minutes the man pulled a gun out of his coat......Alright man I don't know WTF your deal is but give me everything you've got before I empty my f*cking gun into your head.....  Jeff slid his hand onto the knife strapped to his leg...."Listen man you don't want to do this...." The man cocked the gun....I know what I want to do, don't try to f*cking control me you little freak. NOW HAND OVER EVERYTHING BEFORE I............  Jeff didn't let the man finish his statement, he grabbed the gun and the man shot wildly as Jeff pulled the knife out of its schieth and thrust it into the mans throat. Warm blood sprayed like a fountain covering everything, the window, the inside of the truck, and Jeff. The truck swerved out of control, and flew across the road. Jeff grabbed the wheel and tried to steady it, he was barely successful but he
somehow managed to keep the truck on the road. After a few minutes Jeff was able to bring the truck to a stop, after a brief moment of catching his breath Jeff got out of the vehicle and walked to the drivers side. He made sure there were no cars coming before opening the door and dragging the body of the driver into the woods. Quickly he ran back to the truck and pulled off the robe he used it to rub the blood off of the inside of the window before pulling himself back in and starting the truck. He drove down the road, past a sign that read........300 miles until Sacramento.

Finding a Brother

300 Miles later Jeff arrived in Sacramento. He drove through the city until he found an alley where he could hide the truck. After getting out of the truck he looked around and then walked out to the sidewalk. Slowly he walked throwing the keys to the now locked truck into a storm drain and looked for a hotel or motel, anywhere he could stay for a cheap price. When he took the truck driver into the woods he also stole the mans wallet and check book, once he was back in the truck he was able to find an additional hundred dollars. After walking about 8 city blocks he found a hotel 8. He quickly walked into the building and ordered a room, it wasn't the worst room but it wasn't penthouse either. The next morning Jeff "scouted out" the city. He found an Italian Restaurant that he decided to make a lunch reservation for. After lunch he continued to explore the city, while doing such he stumbled upon an older gentleman being mugged. The man cried for help but people just kept walking, Jeff was about to continue walking when all of a sudden one fo the gang members harassing the old man turned to him....*What are you looking at pretty boy.* "Uhh nothin man look I don't want any trouble."  The gang began to laugh as they surrounded Jeff, he swallowed the lump in his throat as the had fully surrounded him. As many of them pulled knives suddenly the old man came to life. He grabbed a near by trash can and threw it at a few of the gang members knocking them to down as all of them turned to the old man Jeff lept into action without even thinking. He tackled the man who had been talking the man he presumed was the leader. The gang turned back to them and the old man grabbed his walking stick and smashed one of the men on the temple. The man whom Jeff had tackled suddenly got the upper hand and managed to grab Jeff and kick him in the crouch. Next the man smashed Jeff up against a dumpster as his gang watched the man lifted the lid and was about to smash it down on Jeff's head. The old man ran at him and smashed his walking stick and thrust it through the back of the mans head. The gang members panicked as their leader fell dead. Jeff watched as the old man pulled his stick out of the mans head, slowly he began to walk away. He turned and looked at Jeff.......suddenly Jeff fell to one knee holding his side as blood slowly streamed from his mouth. Jeff watched the old man turn back and begin to walk away as he passed out next to the dead gang member.

A little introduction

Slowly Jeff's eyes slid open and close and open and close over and over, his vision at first blurred then with each open it got clearer and clearer. Finally after a few minutes his eyes were able to hold themselves open and his vision was completely clear. Slowly he sat up and looked around, his eyes fell upon old stone and dirt. Simply by judging by what he could see he guessed this building, if thats what you wanted to call it, was likely underground. The light wasn't the greatest but it was sufficient enough for the run down looking place. Only a few minutes passed before the man......the man from before the old man suddenly appeared from behind a curtain. "Good your awake I was about to presume you were dead." Jeff rubbed his side before speaking. "Uhh dead? Ho....." The man suddenly cut Jeff off seemingly annoyed. "Dead? DEAD?! You ask as though you have never heard the word before. Dead ya know meaning not living, without life, what you and I are not!!" The man continued grumbling as Jeff spoke up again...."Uh yeah sorry I guess that was kind of dumb of me......" "Alittle dumb......Jesus kid, I think a mentally restarted person wouldn't have ask a question like that." "Wow.....uhh.....Ok? Umm who.....who are you?" Just as the old man turned to speak again a beeping rang through the small room or whatever it was. The man walked to the far side of the room and went back behind the curtain, after a few minutes had passed the man reappeared carrying a tray. As he grabbed a chair from the corner and walked towards Jeff he spoke......"Names didn't know how you like your coffee so I just brought everything." Jeff paused a moment, not knowing what to say....... coffee.....he searched his mind attempting to figure out what this black liqiud was......suddenly everything went black again and Jeff's body fell limp on the bed again.

Seeing The Face Of Beauty

A solid day pasted before Jeff began to show any sign of life............


  1. Two Samuri style swords
  2. Multiple knives including switchblades, butterfly knives, and schiethed knives, and grenade knives
  3. small bombs
  4. Two Hidden Blades-one hidden in his shirt sleeve the other in the sole of his boot
  5. Two Semi-Automatic Hand Guns
  6. Two Deagles
  7. One 12 Gauge Sawed Off Shot Gun

Other Equipment

  1. Grappling gun
  2. Sonar Binoculars-with thermal imaging

The Garage

 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

 1970 Chevelle SS
*more to come*



The Birth of who I am today.

              It happened when I was 21. The dreams still haunt me. It all started with one bad date. I was finally able to to drink and I was going to do just that. I was at bar when I saw them. I was with a couple of my buddies we were all there drinking and joking around. My buddies saw me checking them out and made a bet that I couldn't get them to go back my place with me. I was so damed buzzed that I took the bet. I walked over and used a couple of pickup lines bought us all some drinks and before I knew it we were hoping in the car and getting ready to head back to my place. My buddies were watching dumbfounded. I told the girls to wait a second that I would be right back. They got in the car and waited. I ran over to my buddies and collected the profit from our little bet. After we got back to my place they said they needed to go to the bathroom. I showed them were it was then told them I would be in the bedroom and told them were it was. A couple of minutes later they walk in and before I know it they are they were tearing chunks out of my chest. They held me down and right before they were about to put two holes in each side of my neck the door bust open. A women, that I would later discover was Abigail Whistler, runs in and they turn around and hiss. The blonde takes a bite out of my neck then they leap at her and she pulls out a gun and blast two holes in the blonde's head, the other one catches her off guard and tosses her into the wall.I reached into my nightstand and grabbed my gun, I fired off a couple of rounds and the vampire tried to jump at me. Abigail fires a couple of rounds into the vamps head then stands up. She walks over to me and sees that I've been biten. She tells me that the only reason she is going to walk away is because I'll die in 24 hours anyway. I lay there staring at her as she walks away. I grab my neck and feel the blood running down my neck as well. I get up and grab a shirt, I stumble out to my car and drive myself to the hospital. They ask me what happened. I knew that they wouldn't believe what really happened so I told them a dog bit me. They gave me some antibiotic and bandages the holes in my neck and on my chest.

The Turn begins.

             The day after my 21st birthday I felt a burning on my neck. It was were I had been biten. I remembered what the woman said "The only reason I'm not going to kill you now is because in 24 hours your going to die anyway." I thought maybe this was it, maybe this was the begging of my death. Suddenly the burning stopped. I decided that I had to find this woman who saved me. It was when my buddies called me. They wanted to go to lunch and talk about my "score" last night. I said sure and asked where they were at, they said Subway. I was hungry so I figured what the heck. I took a quick shower and when I looked down all of the holes in my chest were gone. I was amazed and puzzled at the same time. I couldn't figure it out, how had they possible healed. I mean first I was supposed to be dead and now not only am I alive but the holes in my chest are healed. I shook it off then got dressed and drove to Subway. When I got there my friends said they already ordered and threw a sandwich at me. I grabbed it and asked what kind it was and they said meatball with lots of garlic powered. I smiled and sat down. I unwrapped the sandwich and suddenly the burning started again. It was more furious then ever. I took a bite and suddenly I couldn't take it. I got up and ran to the bathroom and barfed. My friends were once again dumbfounded at the site of this. A few minutes later when I stumbled out of the bathroom I said I had to go and threw down 12 dollars and walked out to my car. The pain was enormous. I grunted with pain as I opened the car door and got in. Impressive usually people are dead by this time. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of her voice..."What the hell is happening to my why are you here?!" Just checking up on you...well I will see you later. With the blink of an eye she was gone. "What the hell is up with this crap!" When I was finally back at home I stumbled into my room and passed out on my bed The next morning when I woke up I felt alot better then the night before. I walked into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth when I noticed canines had become exceptionally sharp. "What the he..." The phone rang before I could finish my sentence. I walked over and answered it. It was my grandmother. She wanted to have dinner with me. I told her I would be there at six but I had to go. I hung up and walked over to the computer. I tried to search for any kind of information on what was happening to me. I found nothing.

Dinner of Blood.

             I arrived at my grandmother's house at six like I promised. She was cooking a pot roast when I arrived she ran over to me and hugged and kissed me. She put the roast into the oven and then we went and sat down and talked. The timer went off and she got up to go get the pot roast. I followed behind her and helped her carry in the food. We had a pot roast and carrots and mac n' cheese and..........garlic bread. I never touched the garlic bread and stayed as far away from it as possible. All through the meal I could feel something deep deep down in the pit of my stomach and it was weird unlike anything I had ever felt before. After diner my grandmother went into the living room and watched some television while I cleaned up. Her cat watched me the whole time. When I was cleaning the carving knife  I slipped and cut my finger. The blood slowly ran out of the cut and for some reason I had to urge to drink it. I inhaled and loved the  smell.  The bleeding quickly stopped and the cut healed before my eyes. I was astounded. I finished the rest of the dishes and walked into the living room and found my grandmother asleep. I covered her up and kissed her forehead. I turned off the TV and turned off the lights. The cat rubbed on my leg and then ran to it's food bowl. I grabbed a can of food and put it in the cat's dish. That feeling had grown suddenly I grabbed the cat and bit into its neck. Blood squirted in a small stream and hit the wall. I sucked the animal dry. Suddenly I realized what I was doing and spit out the animal. I knew I could not let my grandmother know about this. I wiped the blood and fur from my mouth and took the cat outside. I wrapped it in a bag and through it in the trashcan. I then went back into the house and cleaned up the blood. I left my grandmothers house and drove home. When I got there I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

Abigail Whistler


Abby and me
   It had been days since the events that conspired at my grandmothers house. I had moved up from cats and dogs to cattle. Then from there to people. It was a late night and I was stalking my prey...a young woman. When I jumped out at her she swung around and kicked me away. I jumped up and saw that it was the woman that had saved me or tried to anyway. I could tell she recognized me. I lunged at her again and again and again. Each time she step out of the way. She looked at me and said "I can help you. I can teach you to control it." I looked up at her and said "Control what you no nothing of me." "I can assure you that that is a false statement. I know alot about you and just like my father took in Blade I will take in you." I didn't like it but I knew she spoke the truth. So I went with her. She taught me how to fight how to use weapons and how to fight the thirst. I fought by her side for a year. I finally broke away from her and went out on my own. Now I hunt vampires but I will strike down all evils that cross my path.

My First and Last hunt with a team.

           The dream of my first hunt haunts me probably more than any other thing. That was the day the 5 of us died only to have 6 more of us killed later that night. We were on the hunt for a clan called Sabra. They were one of the stronger clans and Maria our technical person wasn't sure if I was ready for such a strong clan. Abigail was so sure I could handle it that she brought me anyway....a decision she would soon regret. We quickly cut through the front door security and infiltrated the base. We left two members behind to watch our backs and warn us of any more reinforcements that were headed our way. We split into teams. I went with Abigail and two others. We slowly walked down the corridors looking for Jacoby, the leader. We was told to be the strongest of any of the team members. He was rarely seen anywhere other than the safe house. His clan would bring him people so he wouldn't have to do it himself. We were almost to his room when walls shot up and separated us. Abigial gave us all instructions through our radio. I walked down the hallway with my gun drawn slowly and cautiously when I saw him. Abigail told me to hold my position and not to attack. I was being hard headed and told her I wasn't going to let him escape. I threw the radio down and took off after

Jacoby. He spun around and grabbed me. He had me by the throat. I tried to shoot him but he twisted my arm around and snapped it. Jacoby was a hideous site. His skin grey his lips oozing of black slim. He laughed in my face then said mmmmm I would bite you right now but I see your already one of us. So why do you hunt us? "I am nothing like you. You feed on the innocent." He threw me to the ground. We do what we were meant to do and nothing more. What about your precious humans. They slaughter animals to feed we slaughter humans...we both do what is needed to survive. Don't you see Samuel you and me we are the future. We were made to replace the human race. "No thats not true." Fine you want to fight and argue then they will die. Suddenly a tv screen blipped on and it showed that 3 of our members had been captured. Jacoby told me that the two members who were watching our backs had already been killed. I watched as they ripped apart my colleges. Blood splattered on the cameras, that was the only thing that hide the massacre from my eyes. Abigail had been watching from the ventilation duct above. She nearly cried at the site of our colleges death. She wiped her tears away and jumped down and drop kick Jacoby. She turned and helped me up. Jacoby lunged at us this time I kicked him. He grabbed my arm and I felt a sting. I shot him twice and he let go. Abigail and I took off and managed to escape. When we got back to base Abigail was sad and furious about what happened. She couldn't even stand to look at me. She went up to her room and locked herself in.

Deadly Hours.

      Hours went by and Abigail still wouldn't come out of her room. I sat outside of her door just inside of my own bed room. The thirst was great and I knew I would have to get the serum. I heard footsteps coming up of the stair and I jumped into a hiding spot. Maria was the one who appeared. She looked in my room and then I jumped down behind her. She was frightened at first but then she saw it was just me. "I brought you up your serum and a cup of coffee." I took it and injected the serum into my arm. I then took the coffee and said "Thanks babe." She smiled and sat next to me. I put my arm around her we sat there together staring at Abigail's door. "She will forgive you eventually darling just give her time." I nodded my head and said "I know she will. I can't stand to see her like this though. She is like a mother to me." “Honey I have something to tell you...I’m pregnant." I looked at her in shock. I didn’t know what to think. I hugged her and my eyes filled with tears of joy. “That’s that’s amazing! Oh baby how long have you known?” “For a few weeks. That’s why I got bigger cloths. I didn’t want you to know until the time was right. Honey it’s a boy. Your gonna be a daddy to a baby boy.” I still could believe it. I wrapped her in my arms with tears of joy running down my face I looked at her and said: “What should we name him?” I rubbed her belly and felt my son kick. She looked at me and said: “I was thinking Samuel the second. And for short we call him Sam” I hugged her again and said:” That’s a great name baby. I love it.” I sat that with my arms around her and I still could believe it. This was the greatest moment in my life. Suddenly the alarm went off and Max shouted up to us that there was a breach in the ware house. He said that they were Vampires. Before I could react I heard a bang in Abigail's room and then a thud. I told Maria to get out of here. She got up and ran down the stairs.  Something hit me from behind. I heard a laugh and then someone talking. I couldn’t understand it. I blacked out right as I heard the voice that would haunt me for years to come.  I woke up half an hour later.

Bound by the Sabra clan
My arms were bound as were my legs. Abigail was next to me and she was in the same state. I saw Jacoby and then realized that it was the Sabra clan. They had the rest of our members across from us and they had Maria. Thank you for leading us here Samuel. That little sting you felt when I grabbed you was the injection of a tracking device. You see when you shot me and tried to kill me you really PISSED ME OFF! So now your gonna watch the rest of your team and the love of your life die. I looked up at him and spat at him. “You so de lecous betch! You touch them and I will kill you!” You think you intimidate me boy. “I don’t need to intimidate you. I just need to kill you.” He smiled and kicked me in the side. I spat up some blood. Listen here boy. I am sick of you and your attitude. Lets see who we should start with. He walked up and down examining each and every member of the team. He stopped in front of our youngest member, Max. He grabbed him and Max tried to hide his fear but he didn’t do a good job at it. The fear was clearly printed on his face. What about him Samuel? I am going to do you a favor. I am going to let you choose which order they will die in. So whose it gonna be Samuel? I looked up at him. “Hmm my choice is you die then your guards die then the rest of you blood sucking bastards die. How’s that sound?” He smirked at me then said: Even in the face of destruction you don’t let your guard down do you. They trained you well but not well enough. Did you think I wouldn’t notice the glances to Maria. He inhaled. Oh how touching. Little boy Sammy and Maria a supposed to have a baby. So nice. To bad you will never see him. Men take her to the car. “No let me go…” “Let her go you so de lecouse betch! Leave her alone.” MUUUHHAHAHAHAHAHA groveling like a dog. Disgusting! He ran over and kicked me again and again and again in the head. “You son de lecuose betch! I will kill you!” He looked at me with a smug look I don’t think you’re in a position to be making threats boy. Now lets finish this party. He walked over to Max and grabbed him. He then drove a knife through his heart. Max screamed in pain all the while. The only reason his screams still don’t haunt me today is because of the screams I would soon hear. He slowly cut the others throats and let them fall to the floor. Each soaking a pool of blood. The site was horrific. It looked like a massacre no it was a massacre. Jacoby shot me in the leg and then in the arm. The blood seeped out and puddled on the floor. He walked over to me and bent down next to me. Next time make sure you kill me before leaving. Now I am going to kill you and Abigail. Lets start with the lady…. A spike shot through the head of one of Jacoby’s body guards and he fell to the floor and turned to ash. Suddenly the lights flipped on. Jacoby hissed and took off. His body guards tried to follow but were shot with silver and fell into piles of ash. Suddenly I saw a man and he cut me and Abigail loose. Abigail was still out cold and I was fading fast. The man asked if I could walk and I shook my head. I tried to stand and then every thing went black. When I woke up Abigail was standing over me. “Easy there stud. We’re safe now so just relax. You had us really worried.”  “Where is Maria?!” She looked at me with saddened eyes and said: “He got away and she was with him. I’m so sor.. “I cut her off and got up. I ripped the tubes out of my chest and walked over and picked up my shirt. “I cant let him hurt her. I screwed up big this time Abi and I can’t let her down.” You can’t take him alone stay with us and… “And nothing. If I stay he might come looking for me and kill more of you. Look at how many of us he has already slaughtered. I can’t deal with that grief. I won’t let him kill Maria. Even if it means killing myself to save her.” “Think about what your doing here. If you go after him alone he will kill you, slowly and painfully. You need to think back to your training.” I slammed my fist down on the table putting two huge dents in it. “Forget that damned training this isn’t a training simulation! This is real. This is Maria and my son.” She looked at me with widened eyes. She didn’t know. “That’s right. Maria is pregnant with our son. I won’t let him kill her or him.” I turned around and picked up my guns and other weapons. I started to walk out of the room when Abigail said: “Here take this.” She tossed me a shotgun. “Thanks.” “If you ever need anything you know how to find me." I nodded and turned around, I walked away that day and vowed to fight any evil until the day I find Jacoby.


Eventually Samuel would find solitude with a team known as Veritas.  While on the team he was reunited with his friend Midnightist. The two immediately hit it off again. Samuel also became good friends with two other men, one named UnAmerican Hero and the other named The Wondering Spider. The team worked for the government and ensured safety to all. The team had an allie with a company called NATO that later turned on them bringing forth The Storm. When the super hero registration was put into effect in the beggining supers where given the choice on whether or not to registered. Eventually that was all changed and supers were being forced to register, when Veritas and all its members refused the government, NATO, and a superhero team known as Ice Dragons who were working for the government all began arresting Veritas members. The leader of Veritas, named Kurrent, was arrested and put into a superhuman prison and was later set free by a free agent named G'Bandit. Finally NATO turned on Veritas and tried to aid in having each member of Veritas arrested and during the events Samuel was locked in a building and later saved by The Wondering Spider. Veritas now tries to lay low until the right moment to rise again, never shall they register, and never shall they fall!

The Storm

The Storm Has Come!
When NATO turned on Veritas and broke off its ties with the team all together "The Storm" was launched. This was something that Veritas had known would come. Veritas first came to the realization that the storm had come when Kurrent tried to access one of the many safe houses and it rejected him, then the computer asked him to stay at his location until authorities got there. Unfortunately Samuel had already entered a NATO building after his return from England. It wasn't until Samuel was at the back of the safe house that he received Kurrent's message..."The Storm has come..." Everyone on Veritas knew that they were in trouble, normally that would mean go to a NATO safe house but since NATO had cut off all ties with Veritas the safe houses began locking down in order to make sure that no Veritas member got in or out. Samuel dashed as quickly as he could to get to the door and get outside but he moved just a half a second to late. That meant the only safe house was the Loners Club which was currently serving as the teams base of operations. The only problem was each safe house was designed to be able to withstand even a nuclear war so that meant there was no way Samuel would be able to break out. Knowing that not even his super strength would be able to break down the doors he radioed everyone on his team reporting his situation. He quickly became frustrated with the fact that he couldn't help his new team mates he started punching walls and trying to find his way out. Even though he knew it was impossible he searched the building. After being stuck in the safe house for around an hour and a half Samuel had begun to loose hope when suddenly some kind of webbing slid between the crack in between the doors and ripped them off of the hinges. Samuel couldn't help but grin, he knew it was The Wondering Spider. As he heard something above him he turned and looked up. He saw that a team of special ops were propelling themselves into the building. Samuel ran up the stairs and hid in a small room waiting and watching the special ops. As The Wondering Spider battled some guards below Samuel stepped out of the room and walked up behind a guard he wrapped his arm around his neck and caused him to pass out. Other guards spun around but Samuel was to quick he dashed at them and brought them all down non lethally. When one guard was on the top floor with him he walked up behind the guard and kicked him the back of the legs and grabbed the guards repealing line as he bounced the mans head off of the metal hand rail. Samuel quickly threw the man over the railing and made sure he stopped before hitting the ground. After the guard stopped Samuel turned around and saw The Wondering Spider. The Wondering Spider tossed Samuel the keys to the zoom tube as he turned and shot an acid webbing to create an exit for them to escape through. I call shotgun! Shouted The Wondering Spider as he ran and jumped into the passanger seat of the zoom tube. Samuel jumped into the driver's seat and shot away from the location. He turned and headed for Gotham City to help handle the situation with Arkham break out. When they got just inside of the city limits The Wondering Spider said that that was his stop and jumped out of the zoom tube. As Samuel set the auto pilot something hit the zoom tube causing it to jump downward and then back up. When Samuel tried to get out of the zoom tube the door shut. This happened multiple times but he finally managed to get out. Once on top of the still moving zoom tube Samuel discovered the cause of the trouble was Bane. In
a matter of seconds the two where flying towards the ground, thanks to Samuel's wings he was able to save himself from smashing into the ground, Bane was not so fortunate though as he smashed into the ground creating a crater. Once on the ground Samuel thought it was over but Bane was resilient. After a long and grueling battle that resulted in Samuel eventually having to pull a protruding broken rib out of his chest Bane was finally beat. Samuel broke into a butcher shop and stole some blood in order to heal most of his wounds. As Samuel walked passed a parked car he heard that Andferne, the leader of Ice Dragons, was going to hold a press conference in Washington D.C. Samuel rushed to D.C. and took the place of a guard and listened to the man's speech. The speech was good but speeches wouldn't help him or Veritas....

Crimes Of The Past

Veritas hardly had a chance in the begging. Two of the members were MIA and Samuel was getting pounded on by a sentinel. Samuel quickly broke away from the sentinel and snuck back to the Veritas HQ. Samuel was pleased to see that many familiar faces had filled the room along with many new faces. Kurrent soon walked into the room and introduced everyone to the new members before explaining the problem. He explained the problems, Alpha Guard and Midnightist were missing, a man named Mr. Dare had been murdered and that meant the sentinel act had been passed almost before his body hit the ground. Samuel knew that things wouldn't be easy, he quickly decided that he would go and look for Alpha and Mid. Kurrent began to give his orders, he sent UAH to France to handle things over there and himself and a new member named Crazy Pan down to check into something secret. Samuel didn't know what it was but he didn't think about it much either as he himself was doing something secretive as well. As soon as Kurrent dismissed the group he left. He ran down the stairs and exited the building. In a few minutes a young boy drove up in an old crappy car and the two spoke  for a short time before a sentinel appeared. Samuel was so mad, he was sick of running from the law he was sick of all it and he was going to vent on this giant machine. The battle only lasted a few minutes before the machine crushed Samuel's foot into dust. Some how Samuel dug down deep and blinded the machine. While it tried to recuperate itself Samuel drug himself into a hiding spot. After he was sure the sentinel was gone he started following another sentinel back to where ever it was headed for, Samuel just knew that Mid and Alpha were there. Finally he reached his destination, his body was drained of energy and he quickly found a hiding place and passed out to refuel himself. After about a half an hour he woke up at first unknowing of where he was, but he quickly remembered. He peered out to the facility and was amazed at the large numbers of army men guarding the place. Samuel quickly dragged a soldier back into his hiding place and took the uniform. He marched into the small militia and attempted to sneak into the militia, unfortunately Alpha sent out a message and it sounded through his communicator. All of the men stopped and turned to face Samuel, he acted quickly and grabbed the commanding officer. The men had no idea what to do and listened to what Samuel wanted. The militia got Samuel through the front door but also tried to warn the guards that he was there. Samuel again had to fight his way through the militia and a few extra guards. Samuel searched the building for Midnightist but never found him, at one point he was close he knew he was because there were piles of bodies stacked along the hallway. Before Samuel could react yet another sentinel appeared. Samuel wasn't surprised because he was at their base after all. Samuel quickly sent a message to Alpha before engaging in battle with the sentinel. Alpha responded after a few minutes and suggested trying to have the two sentinels they were fighting destroy each other. Samuel gratefully agreed and was incredible pleased when Alpha appeared and it worked. Only his victory party was cut short as another sentinel flew towards them. The sentinel launched a rocket at Samuel and it completely blew his stomach away. The sentinel nearly ended Samuel but the roof colasped and continued. Samuel sent a message to his fellow Veritas members. His message was hard to understand as he bled buckets of blood and held his guts in as much as he could. Eventually Samuel said goodbye before laying his head back and being completely burried beneath the ruble. His body was buried and layed there bloody, broken, beaten, lifeless.

The Discovery

The area was cold and dead, lifeless, no one and nothing around. Not a soul stirred, no sound nothing.......nothing but darkness. A line of lights broke through the darkness a few miles off, slowly moving closer and closer to the site where a short battle had taken place not but hours before. The building, once beautiful and well
The Building
structured now destroyed and lay in ruins. As the lights pulled closer and closer to where the once great building stood the area was lit up, piles of ruble could be seen dotting the area. The lights were fixed on one pile more than any of the others. As the lights got closer and closer it could finally be made out that the source of the lights were vehicles. Cars and vans filed slowly into the lot near the building, each slowing more and more until finally they came to a rest with a quite squeak. For another few minutes all was silent again, then one of the car doors opened and a tall man got out. He had on a pair black sunglasses, he wore a tuxedo and black leather dress shoe, his hair was dark black, darker than his suite and glasses put together. The man looked around for a moment then walked to the back of the car and opened the back door. Almost instantly an older looking man got out of the car and stood there for a moment as other men began getting out of their cars guns loaded and ready for fire. The older man was balding and he to wore the same dark sunglasses as all of the other men. Put them away, we're not here to kill him we're here to ensure his survival.....said the man as he waved his hand to the others who held the guns, he walked towards the pile of ruble that the cars lights lay upon as the men did as they were told, each securing their weapons in holsters or behind their backs using straps. Once the man reached the pile of ruble he held his hand out to the tall man who drove him there, the man quickly reached into his coat and pulled out a small scanner like machine and handed it to the older man. The man knelt down and activated the machine, he slowly moved it across the pile of ruble, in a matter of seconds a small skeleton appeared on the right side of the screen soon followed by a heart rate. The min grinned a grin unlike any other, it was like taking a kid to mall and telling them they could have whatever they want and not have to pay for it. The man stood up and nodded.........He's here, we've found him! Like clockwork the men turned and walked back to their vans and cars, opening the trunks and doors and pulling out jackhammers and pick axes from the cars and wheel barrels from the vans. The men went to work moving the rock and metal as the older man watched. Finally after hours of working a man began to yell.....AEH I find sumtin.... The old man quickly made his way to the pile of ruble where he pushed the young man out of the way. He looked and grinned with rejoice......It's his hand, we've got him! MOVE YOU FOOLS! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE MORNING AND WE'RE NOT LEAVING UNTIL I GET HIM! IF WE'RE STILL HERE IN THE MORNING YOUR ALL DEAD! The men sped up their work without a single word, if nothing else they knew their boss was a man of his word. Around thirty minutes later the men had done it, they had completely dug up his body. The man in charge knocked them all out of the way so he could get a look at his prize possession, the possession that he had been tracking since the begining, the possession that would prove that he wasn't a quack, that his work was what they should all be doing. The men peered around him and looked down on what they had been working so hard to get to. Amazing isn't he? Although he should have died immediately he's still alive, he's perfect, the perfect subject. Get him NOW! We must go, the sun is rising quickly and that means clean up crews will be here shortly. MOVE IT!! The old man was irate as he quickly began walking back to the car. The driver ran to the car and went to open the door but the old man knocked him back with his cane. The men grabbed the body of the man they had been searching for gently carrying him on a stretcher to make sure they didn't do him any more harm. As soon as the body was loaded the cars left in the same manner they had before, and dissapeared into the horizon.

The New Awaking Pt. 1

Doctor James
Men swarmed outside of their workplace to see if the man they were waiting for was really there, to give themselves a self reassurance that their boss wasn't crazy. As the vehicles came to rest men quickly filed out of the vehicles and moved to one van in particular. As a man in a suite got out of his car and rushed to the back to open the door the other men had already began to unload the possession that they had spent the whole morning working for. Before the man in the suite could open the door it swung open hitting the man in the legs, the men fell to his knees as an older man climbed out of the back of the car. The other men stopped and waited for the older gentlemen.........What are you fools waiting on?! CHRISTMAS?!! MOVE D@MMIT! The men rushed the precious treasure that they had spent hours digging up into the building followed by their boss. As the men walked down the hallway a young woman stepped out of a room. Put him in this room. "Yes Miss Walker."  The men did as she said, they listened to her better than their own boss. All of the men drooled over her, she was beautiful, her red hair tied in a pony tail, her beautiful brown eyes that had a look of innocence, but the men knew that underneath all of her beauty was a hardened shell, she could strike down any of those men before they could blink, she was the first of her kind, born human but she was changed by Doctor Jame's magnificent experiments, she was an example of what was to become of Samuel.

The New Awaking Pt. 2 

  Doctor James stared down into the room through the glass window watching as the scientist examined the body. Each man knowing that they couldn't screw up, knowing that not their jobs but their families life and their own lives were on the line. Doctor James had spent years attempting to create a working "soldier". When he was shunned from the science community he decided to continue his hard work underground. The scientist and doctors began the operation, they injected Samuel with in human doses of Super Soldier Serum in order to make sure his healing factor would heal him from nearly everything. Next they took mutant genetics and inserted them into his DNA ensuring his body adapted, with the new DNA he would be given the power of telepathy. Next they built a type of wall in Samuel's brain as long as he wasn't reminded of his past he wouldn't remember. Finally the men inserted the final piece of the puzzle, a fail safe that Doctor James himself had designed......experimental nanites. If things went right then they would be able to remotely program the nanites and tell them to eat away what part of Samuel they needed to get rid of. If things went wrong the nanites wouldn't stop and they would ultimately eat Samuel away from the inside out. After hours of injecting him with drugs they finished. Samuel's eyes slowly opened but his vision was blurred he could hear voices but he had no idea where he was or what had happened.........

Meeting the Doctor

 Samuel awoke in a small white room, there was nothing in the room except a small sink in the corner and a mirror in the wall. Slowly he sat up and looked around. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his chest and held his hands there. Then he lifted his shirt and looked, his eyes met a rather large scar with stitches still in...he looked around once more, unaware of what was going on. For some reason he couldn't remember a thing. He stood and walked to the sink and mirror. He turned on the water and splashed some in his face. Suddenly a door opened and in walked the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.....or atleast he thought he had ever seen. Ah good your awake. Follow me.....  Samuel at first looked around, unsure. Then as the young woman began to walk out of the room he followed. "Who are you? What is this......who am I?" The woman only grinned as they kept walking.....All in good we are........    


  1. Two Handguns
  2. A Sawed Off Shotgun
  3. High Powered Sniper Rifle with grenade attachment
  4. 2 Uzi's
  5. Automatic machine gun
  6. A Shield
  7. Grenades
  8. A small pistol
  9. Special "tracer" bullets

Each gun (excluding the sawed off shotgun and the two uzi's) is equipped with a miniature scanner where the red dot sight would be.  The function of this scanner is to gather as much physical data upon its target. This data is downloaded in nanoseconds to corkscrew shaped armor piercing "tracer" rounds. These rounds can follow a specific target based upon the data it receives. The scanner will track where these bullets go until the function is canceled. The more data gathered the better the bullet works.


69 Dodge Charger

The car is outfitted with multiple weapons ranging from mines,to small rockets. There is a shotgun and a high powered machine gun strapped to the roof of the car as well.The car is completely armored and bullet proof. On the back of the car is a 8 inch steel plate called the tombstone by dropping this off of the car the car is more vulnerable but it is still highly armored. 
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Notice to anyone who reads my reviews

Ok so anyone who has read my reviews (I mostly review movies on here and actually haven't done alot as far as reviews on CV) knows I use the 5 star rating system. Well after some thought (and after reading some other reviews for movies I reviewed) I realized that the 5 star system can be tricky to some people. For example some people percieve 3 star ratings as it was ok but I doubt I'll watch/read it again and some people take it as, it was pretty good alittle rough but I'll probably buy it.... etc etc. So then someone mentioned a 4 star rating system. And at first it didn't appeal to me but when you think about it its pretty great theres not real confusion in it. I mean if something gets 3 stars out of 4 thats like saying you got a B on a paper. So thanks for reading guys, hope I didn't bore you to much. Peace

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Ever want to restart you character?

Well I may know just the place. Now if your like me you've wanted to do something fresh and new but then just couldn't figure it out once you decided to. Now your problems could range from powersets to pictures to backstory or whatever else there is. Well check this site out here. And its actually run by some familiar faces, so you won't be there having to make all new friends. While its not quite as strong as CV right now many of us have faith that it will take off. It's only been running for a little under a week and its already grown quite a bit along with having frequent news/reviews and a couple of rpg's up and running.


Goin to a book store and I need your help!

Ok so as it says in the title I'm (hopefully) gonna be going to a bookstore today and I'm planning to buy some graphic novels or something, but I can't decide what to buy. I was considering perhaps marvels Civil War book b/c I have yet to read alot of it. Or perhaps I was going to get the second League of Extordinary Gentlemen. So what you guys say, which one should I get? Or are there some other comic books (or books in general its a big store lol) that you guys think are a good read that I'd enjoy? Thanks for any help. 


The Crimson Demon returns!!

Ok so this is basically saying I have finally (officially) come back to the vine. Life was hitting me pretty hard for a while now but things are finally clearing up. 
Now to address any noobs, if you feel like being jack@$$es and posting something stupid as a comment don't. An example would be "Why would you post this I don't care that your back" well if you don't care then...
A) Don't read the post 
 B) Don't comment 
And to all my friends I thoroughly give you permission to make fun of noobs lolz ahh it feels good to be back.