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Umm, Red-Shirts (Essential walking dead) Vs. Stormtroopers (Constantly missing shots). I actually don't know if you'd even be able to call that a battle...

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My Dad was an alcoholic, kind of abusive. My mom was his second wife, I was his second Son. (My older brother was basically raised at others' houses. I don't think he was ever prepared a meal at home past the age of 6) Anyways; my parents went splitsville when I was 3 (he offered my Mom $100,00 to stay with him for another year, that's how desperate he wanted to stay with her). I saw him on and off past that as he was usually away, doing what I've no idea. I think he was in Russia? Then when I was 15 I stopped seeing him at all anymore.

I've no idea where he is now, I saw him a little bit on and off later. Haven't seen him for like five years.

Alike to the other "Fathers" in this thread, he found religion after I stopped seeing him (Judaism).

Actually, I don't believe I've answered the question, haha. I feel as though if he was there through my childhood I might like him more, but he was never there. I think it would have been better to have no father at all, rather than have half of one. I often wish that things had gone a different way, but, what's said is said. I just hope that I may be able to turn things around.

My condolences to others in this thread (The ones with negative fathers, not good ones [I'm sorry you've got a good dad.~]). May you find joy in other things, and be the father you want to be to your children!

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This thread isn't "What Avengers would beat WW", This thread is "I'm gonna come up with a random, fake version of Wonder-Woman, and then not listen to anything anyone says the whole thread (Then, post a crap-ton of scans)".

Obvious troll is obvious, you guys are wasting your time. Give up.

(Just gonna say @evilvegeta74 that you were calm and reasonable in this thread, with solid and factual points. I respect that)

Imma go eat cereal, now...

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I think that it is excellent! It will bring both profit and popularity into this form of media. That without such attention, very well might have of died off years ago. I myself first started to read comics, not because of another person; but actually because of the video game: Ultimate Alliance.

I actually encourage my friends to read mini-series which i own in hopes of getting them into it.

As for the video, I completely agree with every point! One of my "Pet Peeves" are actually what you mentioned: people thinking they know it all when they don't. Though, one point that I would like to add is that it is not so much that there are "Fake Geeks" but that everywhere you look, you see Avengers, Batman, and Superman logos plastered over t-shirts and other product, which just the average schmuck wears. It's not that they are "Faking" it, but that they mean nothing by it.

Maybe I'm completely crazy, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for the fun watch, and the brain teaser!

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@m3th: Technically, up to now it's been all speculation (assuming that this does, indeed prove the films existence).

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@monarch_chronicle: I'll prove you wrong! I'll prove you all wrong! *Maniacal Laugh* I'm not crazy!!!!

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No one finds this interesting? No one at all? I thought this was big news! Well, I guess the community has its interests...

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I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere else; but I was anxious to share it with you guys. Just ignore or close the thread if it's already been mentioned.


Marvel just shared this this morning on their facebook, and website. All I can think of about this news is that it might not just be something wierd, it may also be something Strange?

I'm an immense Doctor Strange fan, so this might just be my imagination running wild. (There was news that he was going to be in Thor 2: The Dark World).

But anyways; what do you guys think? Is it just a comic project? Is it a movie project? If it's the latter: who could it be?

(Man am I excited to find out!)

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Dormammu literally just....murders Doctor Strange (Ultimates universe, and c'mon. We knew he had this coming to him...).