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@M.S. Feather:

Thanks! Aaaaw Feather, no matter how blue I can get you always have the words to make me smile! : D

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Having a new profile limits me to 5 comments a day. I have waited and still cannot post through my new profile and wanted to answer you guys. I guess DavidR will be resurrected for the moment until my other profile catches up. : )

@Decept-O: I agree, hope you add your talents to this one!


I leave free reign on creativity to the artist, as always I just ask that you use the characters provided and that it's a story layout. Other than that you can create your own story and use both characters in it. Or as you suggested if you want to practice both pages. That will be valid in the voting stage as long as it's part of a story and not a splash page.


Creeper entry from you? : )

@M.S. Feather:

Don't want to impose but I would love to see your take on this, I made sure the contest was tailored towards you. Hehehe....

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WoW! Love it!!!

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Thanks man, a little luck my way may make it come true. :)

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@ARMIV2 said:


Seriously, how are you not working on any books?

Hey Buddy, thanks, things are falling in place. If I was ever at the right place at the right time I have to be sure and have everything ready to undertake the rigors of being an artist with deadlines. The big two demand a lot from an artist and you have to be ready. To me it is a product as well as a labor of love. I am polishing my art and trying to get faster and maintaining a level of art that is professional enough for print.

I hope to catch the eye of both Fans and Publishers at the same time. Hopefully I luck out and get an opportunity one of these days and I will try my best not to drop the ball. That's where preparation can pay dividend. : P

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Maaan, I am so glad you mentioned it, I was pretty tired and missed it in the process, sorry Keroga and thanks for watching out Raven!

What a Dumbass I can b, I knew he had posted and was wondering why I hadn't seen his entry while I was setting the voting up. Duuh!

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Holidays are over and voting seemed to swoop all the December contests leaving I believe, this one as last for the Viners votes.

Saturday the 7th is the deadline.

Thanks to all who entered for their quick efforts to make this contest a contest! :)

Chudd decided to wait this one out and join us on the next one, so his entry is not included as per his request.





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Glad u approve Buddy!