DC Comics Changing

Today it was announced that DC comics would be making some major changes to it's comics sure I find this to be exciting and a bit scary. Exciting because something new will happen but I afraid because I'm not sure how much characters will be changed especially with some of the younger character's because I'm afraid they may not be used or remembered but I guess they changes will be good aslong as nothing super major happens like Wonder Woman somehow ending up with Superman. I also wonder will recent events like blackest night and brightest day will even matter in this new DCU. I wonder if certain origins like Superboy's and Supergirl's and Power girl who has a super strange origin will stay the same.

Ray William Johnson

Has anyone ever seen Equals Three on Youtube with Ray William Johnson? Because I just watch his video and his background looks specially like some of the reviews on Comicvine.    
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Iron Man 2 Review

 What can I say it was awesome!!! I mean sure it doesn't really go togther with the comic book but what superhero move does? There was alot of action, alot of Robert Downey Jr. being funny and a better actor for James Rhodey ( hopefully Terrence Howard isn't a comicvine user). There was even what seemed to be part of Captain America's shield. Oh yeah if you are going to see the movie don't leave the theater immediatly wait until all the ccredits are done or jusst go on Youtube and search end of Iron Man 2, you'll be really happy you did. I give Iron 2 a 7/5, seriously though more like 4/5. 

Cartoons Save Comics

For my second blog I think I will actually write about something more serious, Cartoons. We've all watched them starting in our preschool days and in most cases never ending. I believe that cartoons based on comics are in some cases there to save and comic or in other cases a character. I mean to me all these comic book cartoons do is put up a lot of hype until it's inevitable cancelation ( did I spell that right). I really liked shows like Teen Titans & The Legion of Superheroes but when the season was over I was sadden. I started reading the comics only to find out that for the most part they sucked. I do not believe that production companies and comic book companies should make cartoons about comics that suck i.e Young Justice. I believe that they should either make their comic books better and make a cartoon or just not make the cartoon at all. Don't get me wrong I think Young Justice will be good but I hope the Teen Titans book will be better. Because isn't that the point of comic book companies like DC not to make good cartoons but good comics! Bye DavidKenneth signing off. 

Teen Heroes

I think teen heroes are great! I really enjoy the Teen Titans. I'm also kinda sad when they grow older. However I don't like pregnant teen heroes, or teen heroes with children. Also, I like you because you are reading my jibberish. I'm really only wrinting this to get more points. I have absolutely nothing to write about just more jibberish. I bet I could write nothing for twenty minutes. Are you still reading this? I thank you if you are but to tell you the truth I not writing anything. Oh, wait I just thought about something I also like the Young X-Men, one of my favorite characters is Gentle, even though he is not offically on the team, I also really like Armour and Indra, I like the diversity that the X-Men have; an Asian, Hindu guy- not sure what the proper term for that is  and an African from a make believe place can it get any better? No it cannot. Are you still reading? Wow, you are. Oh, I really really like Supergirl I that she's not really on a team and can be on any! Oh, one last thing Static is really really cool and he'd better not die!