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Congratulations to the creative team and to Superman and Wonder Woman!

A well deserved win!

(Obviously, there's a bit of sour grapes floating around ... Oh well, deal with it)

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Action Comics #42

Bob's Burgers #1

Mickey Mouse #1

Lobo #8

Punks the Comic CBDLF

Satellite Sam #15

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Whoa! I gotta check this out!

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Yeah! I love when Tony Daniel draws Superman and Wonder Woman ... too bad he's not doing the interior art as well :(

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It was an okay issue. I'm not sure if the constant contrasting scenes between past and present worked as well as linear narrative would have ... maybe it will read better in trade?

I think Aquaman has been struggling a little since Geoff Johns left. It hasn't been bad but it hasn't been quite as awesome either.

I like Cullen Bunn and I had high hopes for this issue but it kind of left me unfulfilled (especially when you compare this to his first issue of Magneto)

I've been reading Aquaman since the N52 launch, maybe this is a good time to jump off ... maybe I'll check out Green Lantern Lost Army ... it's another Bunn title and I've heard it's great.

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Fight Club 2 #2

Aquaman #41

Superman #41

Crossed Badlands #79

Donald Duck #2

Jem and the Holograms #4

GFT The Little Mermaid #5

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I like the idea of Superman and Maxima hooking up. That old Armageddon story from an Adventures of Superman annual in 1991 where Superman leaves Earth and hooks up with Maxima is a classic IMO.

Since they live on different planets, I don't think their relationship would be very long-term. But there could certainly be a few cool stories to tell.

If I were to keep Maxima as a villain, I'd like to do a story where she seduces Superman while keeping secret an ulterior motive (ie colonize earth and enslave humanity or drain our oceans or something epic like that) so Superman is sleeping with the enemy, so to speak. Eventually, he looks behind the curtain and sees what her sinister plans are and realizes he has to stop her and her armies by any means necessary ...

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that was so awful, Tomasi can't write tham as a believable couple. Only shippers think it is a good relationship and writing

Wrong. Since the launch of the comic, the SMWW fan club has grown significantly in numbers, including when the new creative team (Tomasi and Mahnke) took over the title. Nice try telling untruths but you'll have to do better than that.

I have noticed, however, that the only people who seem to hate it are shippers for other couples and are looking for any excuse they can to talk it down (even resorting to lying)

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Don't forget, SMWW #1 made the top 10 ... the birth of Clois baby (which would have to be one of the biggest things to happen for that ship) didn't even make the top 20

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@benk111: I do not think, that the Convergence affected sales. Comics about the original couples were successful because people want to see them. Even in the New 52, comics with Clois sold much better, than comic SM / WW.

That last sentence you wrote is 100% bulls**t