Dracula: 2012

(In the office of Mary Van Helsing

Carlfax Abbey; London, England.)

“Absolutely not!” Mary Van Helsing daughter of the famous Dr. Abraham Van Helsing protested in outrage.

“You cannot be serious about reviving that- that monster!” She exclaimed now standing out of her comfortable office chair. Her hands were placed flat on her rectangular office desk. Her knuckles were showing white in agitation. The man seated across from her remained calm, he sighed standing up. He adjusted the buttons on his suit before placing his hands on the desk across from her while looking Mary stone faced in the eyes.

“That is exactly what I am suggesting Miss. Van Helsing.” Director Phil Coulson of the UN sanctioned supernatural agency known only as The Initiative, spoke with authority.

“In case you haven’t noticed but the world around you is changing. Meta’s and Mutants are coming out of the woodwork and on top of those monsters from fairy tales are increasingly being spotted all over the world. It can only mean that something big is happening and we need to be prepared for it.” Coulson finished with his speech. Mary sighed in frustration.

“Mary you can’t be considering this?” The voice of Simon Sheppard, the man who helped Mary defeat the Prince of Darkness spoke up.

“We are talking about awakening the greatest evil of all time with no means of controlling him.” Simon protested.” Can you not find someone, anyone else but him?” He walks over to Mary. “Thank about all he has done and all the lives he has ruined.” He looks in to her eyes. “Do you really want to risk it? Risk all the countless more lives if their solution their way of controlling him does not work?” Mary thought about Simon’s words. Could she live with herself if they were truly able to revive him but could not control him? She looked around to her eyes fell on the framed picture of the Jesus sign that Mary had taken as a reminder of why she chose to carry on her father’s work. She turns back to face Simon.

“It’s what The Lord would want.” She turns to face Director Coulson. “You and your team may retrieve the coffin at sunrise tomorrow.” She says in her business tone. “But any innocent blood spilled will be all on you.” She warned before holding out her hand for a handshake. Coulson nodded and shook her hand.

“Thank you and believe me when I say this that he won’t be able to harm the hair on any innocence after we are done inserting the chips. But as a precaution we will have our best agents equipped with silver stakes for when Dracula awakens.”

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@davidearlhutchinson: Interesting set up