Dracula 2012: Chapter 2

Director Coulson stood inside the Lab observation room, watching as the scientist and doctors implanted the four Violence inhibitor chips inside the cerebral cortex of Dracula’s corpse. The reason they were implanting 4 instead of just one is the fact that Dracula is the First Vampire, predating the Originals by a thousand years. Yes The Initiative knew all about The Originals Elijah, Klaus, Finn, Kol, Rebekah and the Original witch Esther. Mikael and Finn were confirmed to be deceased, while the rest however remained unconfirmed. The Initiative even knew all about the Vampires of Sunnydale on account of having dealings with them most notably the Vampire known as “William the Bloody. “Or as he goes by now; Spike, there was little The Initiative did not know on about the Supernatural and it’s creatures on account of having S.H.I.E.L.D’s resources at their disposal. Coulson used to be an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D until he was killed by the Norse God Loki during the Chitauri invasion. However he was mysterious brought back by an unknown being to begin preparing for a new threat that was coming. However instead of returning as an Agent to S.H.I.E.L.D he was made the Director of a secret government organization that was about to be scrapped because of it having been compromised first by The Slayer, then by a Cyborg demon that almost destroyed the world. It was saved thankfully by funding from Tony Stark, in order to help out his friend who had recently returned from the dead. Coulson did not know anything about Dracula till security footage was brought to his attention upon his first week as Director of The Initiative. The footage was brought to his attention courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. security footage all over the world. It only showed when Mary and Simon battled Dracula and his three brides atop of the church and the eventual hanging and burning of Dracula by Mary Van Helsing. After learning this new information Colson began pondering on what to do with it. Should he leave the world’s first and most dangerous Vampire in the hands of the Vampire Hunting family whose sole purpose was to destroy Dracula or do what the Initiative did with Spike and plant violence inhibitor chips in his head to keep him from harming humans but this time use him to fight the very things Dracula advocates. Though it would be a tremendous risk Coulson decided to go with the second option of using the Prince of Darkness to fight against his own kind. So he approached Miss.Van Helsing only to have her at first deny it, but Coulson showed her the security tapes of her and Dracula. That in turn led to the previous night’s events.

The surgeons who were operating on the Lord of Vampires began to stich up his head after having finished implanting the violence inhibitor chips in to his corpse’s cerebral cortex. Seeing the charred corpse made some of the surgeons doubt whether or not he was still alive. After all, no normal vampire could survive being burned alive in the day. However if this vampire truly was Dracula then there is a good chance that he did. The surgeon in charge of safely cleaning and putting the operating tools away, was about to place the surgical knife in with the rest of the operating tools when he accidently dropped it. As the knife made it’s decent its sharp edge cut across the surgeon’s wrist. Blood began to seep out of. Even though he was a doctor the cut still surprised him. The surgeon clutched at his hand before holding it away to reach for a rag to use to stop the blood flow. The surgeon failed to realize that he was holding his blood dripping wrist over Dracula’s corpsy mouth. The blood dripped down from his wrist and in to the King of Vampires mouth. Blood was not food to vampires but life. So as those drops of blood dripped in to the mouth of The Impaler and down his throat and in to his stomach, Dracula’s body began to revive.

“Dr. look out!” The voice of Mary Van Helsing came over the intercom, but it was too late. By the time the Surgeon knew what he was doing, the corpse of Dracula shot up with fangs extended, it ripped in to the surgeons bleeding wrist and began sucking it dry. Though startled the Initiative Agents sprang in to action holding out their silver stakes ready to attack the Unholy Vampire. However Dracula’s senses seemed to have revived as well because he was now alert to all of his surroundings. His blood red eyes looked all around at the Agents surrounding him. Dracula knew the danger the silver stakes posed but he did not care. He needed more blood the fully rejuvenate himself. He could already feel himself turning from corpse to his chalk white hair looking self. Just a little more blood and he would be back to his full powerful beautiful black haired self. His vampiric hearing picked up the ound of someone moving towards him from behind. Dracula who still had a tight vice grip on the surgeon sent a right side kick to the stomach of the agent who dared approached him. The agent went flying in to the wall. He slumped down to the floor his body aching like hell. Dracula took another quick bite for even more strength. Just one more taste of blood and Dracula would be fully returned. However this time all the agents sprang at him in hopes of catching him off guard, but Dracula was not so easily fooled. He shot up in to the air causing the Agents to collide in to one another. Dracula floated in the air with the surgeon held towards him. The Surgeon looked in to the eyes of the Lord of Vampires, he was about to cry when the index finger of Dracula came to his lips.

“Dignity Doctor.” Dracula smirked as the Doctor let out a terrified scream. Dracula sunk his fangs deep in to the surgeons neck right in to a vein. He sucked in his life essence, Dracula felt himself transform back in to his beautiful human looking self. His power now restored. Dracula was about to finish the surgeon off when this horrific pain hot all throughout his brain. Dracula let go of the surgeon and clutched his head trying mentally to top the pain. Two of the Intiative Agents caught the falling Doctor and set him gently on the ground. They looked up at the lord of Vampires who was clutching his head in agony and roaring in pain. Finally Dracula dropped to the ground. Agents surrounded him as Director Coulson stopped in front of Dracula who was now on his knees at Coulson’s feet. “I wouldn’t try that again if I were you.” Coulson warned as Dracula looked up at him snarling.

“What have you done to me?” Dracula asked angrily wanting nothing more than to rip out Coulson’s throat.

“It’s called insurance Mr. Iscariot.” Coulson used Dracula’s true identity which was that of the traitorous apostle Judas Iscariot. Dracula snarled at Coulson for using his real name, the agents brought their silver stakes even closer to Dracula, daring him to even try to make a move on the Director.

“As long as we have our insurance planted inside your cerebral cortex, you cannot harm a single innocent soul, which means your food supply just narrowed down by a lot so I suggest you listen to what I have to say Mr. Iscariot.” Coulson explained while using Dracula’s human name once more. Dracula though still outraged that humans mere humans had found a way to keep the Prince of Darkness at bay. Even the single thought about harming them seemed to hurt Dracula. So seeing no alternative on account of being surrounded by humans armed with silver stakes, Dracula looked up at Coulson now more calm and answered.

“I am listening.”

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